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Beautiful, wild flowers of crimson spread quickly through the long elegant walls, capturing everything thing in its path from the velvet curtains to the priceless photos and memories, and quickly twisting it into cold black ash.

The sound of constant flickering could be heard, yet the ravishing hues of deep scarlet moved though out the large estate quietly-the situation becoming ever more deadly. Thick black smoke loomed above and below the marble tiled ceiling and wood floors, shorting the air supply to a dangerous all-time low.

Sounds of cracking wood pierced through the silent air, and the fire alarm screamed loudly-awaking the residents and alerting the assistance that was needed. Floorboards creaked in agony, and support pillars from all around the estate came crumbling to the ground.

The continuous tapping of tiny feet against wood flooring was heard and a small, innocent child was running as fast as she could-for she knew her life depended on it. A flood of tears rushed down red cheeks and her brown eyes were swollen and wide with terror. Tiny bruised and blood stained arms were outstretched out in front of her and her left hand tightly clutched an important leather bag, clearly not letting it go anytime soon.

Her blonde hair was stained with black ash and tarnished-flipping wildly behind her fragile body and the heart shaped sliver necklace around her neck went back and forth with every step she took. Her body shook violently at the scene that occurred just moments ago, the memory repeating itself over and over again.

Suddenly, a large chunk of debris from the ceiling came crashing down, the wood pieces shattering everywhere. Before she could react, she screamed in pain and agony and clutched her injured side tightly. A piece of the destroyed ceiling had come in contact with her, slicing through the soft skin right below her left side and right below her ribcage-for sure leaving a scar.

"There you are you little brat! Get your ass back here! Let's make this quick and easy-only one of us are going to die today…and it's not going to be me!"

At the sound of the loud, threating voice, the horrified girl manages to stand and run once again, looking for an exit. Her small body cried out in overwhelming pain and she ached and burned all over, because of the blaze. She coughed violently, the acrid smoke had gotten thicker and was burning inside her tiny lungs, breathing becoming more and more difficult with each step.

This kind of feeling wasn't meant for a child such as her age and it was a miracle that she hadn't collapsed in fatigue-her willpower to live was strong and well beyond her years. She used this to continue to move on, and to make it out alive.

Stopping to a halt, the young girl stopped and looked around-not seeing any more doors to run though. Her eyes widened in realization when she noticed the lonely window was the only possible way out now. Any thoughts of turning around was quickly ruled out when the loud footsteps of the attacker was approaching quickly.

Quickly moving towards the window and opening it, she takes a weary step over the edge, hissing in pain when her side cries out once more. Looking down, she noticed the blood was seeping out, and knew that was a bad sign.

A gun shot rang out through the air, and she knew that time was not in her favor. So gathering all her strength, she takes the second step out to the black rooftop, stumbling but quickly regaining balance.

"I don't mind if you fall to your death, but it's either that or I shoot you, Hun!" The sinister voice shouts from further inside, and laughs. "Or, you could hand over those keys and maybe I will let you live! We just need all the magic power we can get. After all, you don't want your pretty face eaten by the Tamashī no shūshū-ka right?"

Her stomach drops at the mentioning of that name, and she turns back around to the man chasing her, and her horror stricken face turns to a cold unrecognizable expression. He now stood at the entrance of the door, and the flames illuminated his ugly smile.

What he failed to realize was that in that moment something snapped inside the young girl, and she had become something that you didn't want to mess with.

"I-Is that what you're after?" Her brown eyes dilated in his direction, and flickered an evil red color. "Y-You hurt my parents for m-magic power?" Her tiny, bleeding fists clenched and her teeth were grounded together.

He frowned and shook off the momentary shock at her change of expression, a cocky smirk back on his face. "Well, they had the money we needed-we need ones like you…you possess powerful magic you know-"

He didn't to finish his sentence before the ceiling above him became unstable and started dropping pieces. He jumped back to avoid getting hit and she took this as a chance to escape. But before leaving, she got a good look at the man to remember his face-for she knew she was coming back for him in particular.

She then turns and without hesitation, jumps off the roof and aiming towards the bushes. Luckily, she landed with minuim injuries; her left leg only landing in an awkward position-but it wasn't as painful as her injury below her ribcage.

Shutting her eyes tightly together in pain, she struggles to stand and blinks her eyes rapidly when she felt lightheaded. Then quickly limping away from her home, her tears start to fall at the memories that she had lost-her parents, her home, the help-everything.

Turning around once more, she looks at her house for one last time. The red blaze had over taken the light tanned house and black smoke was pouring out though the windows. Everything was on fire.

Her mother's once beautiful garden was covered in flames, and her father's cars we're on the verge of explosion very soon-for they were also engulfed in flames. The sound of coming fire trucks were heard in the distance, and the little girl turned away.


Tonight had been a life changing moment for the young girl-as it would be for any child. For in an instant, she had lost everything that she had. Everything was gone-she was now an orphan. She had nowhere to go.

For all everyone knows, the Heartfilla family is now gone.

And so is she.

Finding a clear space in the woods, she collapsed to the ground and just cried. The tears kept pouring out and her body shook. She cried out into the nothingness of the forest, and clenched her blackened blonde hair. Tonight was the night to mourn her loss and what she didn't know was that this would become an annual thing.

The night she had lost everything.

The tiny orphan slowly opened her eyes, and was awoken by a small shake. It had been days since she had known where she had been going-just pointless wondering for a while.

She squinted her eyes to see another girl around her age, smiling widely and sticking her hand out. She had strange blue hair, and large glasses, but overall she appeared to be a nice girl.

"Hey there! I was walking and I saw the strangest thing-you we're sleeping on the ground in the middle of the forest. I thought you we're dead, but then I saw you breathing-what are you doing here anyways?"

She only gets a saddened look on her face in response, and the blue haired girl immediately feels guilty. She rubs the back of her neck awkwardly, and slightly smiles."Uh, never mind that-I'm Levy Mcgarden!"

She hesitantly takes her hand and she helps her up. "I-I'm Lucy. Lucy Hear-I mean, Lucy Ashley."

Levy smiled at her newfound friend, but immediately gasps when she noticed her injuries. "Oh my god-you're hurt! Uh, here-you seem harmless, let me take you to back to the guild, we have some med kits."

Lucy was about to object before Levy silences her with a defiant shake of her head. "Uh, bup-bup! I'm not taking a no for an answer."

She took Lucy's arm and swung it over her shoulder, slowly matching her pace. "As long as you're not a guy and not a stupid Fairy-Tailer-you can come with. Besides, Erza would have my head if she knew I left again-but I have a good reason this time! I have you! We can be best friends! Oh and don't worry about 'fitting in'-the Lady Legions don't bite…much." She laughs, and for the first time, Lucy smiled too.

"Oh," and Levy adds, looking straight at Lucy with her eyebrows raised. "Since we are going to be best friends, I'm telling you straight up-you need a shower. Badly!"

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