Summary: Oliver is in Hong Kong, an unwilling guest of Amanda Waller. What does she want of him? A drabble based on several scenes in the Comic-Con Arrow season 3 trailer.

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. All characters owned by CW/WB. I have taken some dialogue straight from the Comic-Con season 3 trailer, but otherwise I expanded on these ideas for my own creation.


A word he never thought would become so important to him.

A word he had not even heard of two years ago.

When Tommy first suggested they take classes in it, Oliver had laughed at him. Why work up a sweat without a woman involved? It seemed like such a waste of energy to him at the time. Even though he ended up being quite good at it.


A word that he would never have thought would mean life or death for one snot-nosed millionaire's son.

On a beautiful autumn day, Oliver found himself running through the streets of Hong Kong, with an assassin hot on his tail. All he wanted was to get home, to be with Laurel. If only he could return to her, he would never be unfaithful again. He would settle down, be the son and brother he was meant to be. Work in the family business like his father had wanted him to.

As he ran, he could not believe how quickly the Parkour lessons had returned to him. He was surprisingly holding his own, the distance between him and the assassin increasing bit by bit as he flew over obstacles in his path on his way to freedom. He gained speed as he leapt over various carts, wagons, and such.

Oliver looked desperately for any government building that could assist him as he made his way through the streets. As he dodged carts and pedestrians, he struggled to hold onto only one thought: get to safety. He had no specific plan, taking advantage of an opening made available moments before he took it. The only chance of escape he had seen in the past month.

Just when he thought he might actually be successful in eluding his pursuer, his world became dark. Seemingly out of nowhere, a fist connected with his face and successfully knocked him out. Unconscious, he was then picked up by two men and dragged into a van that had pulled alongside them.

Oliver came to in another unknown building. Sitting in a chair. Then he heard it. Those blasted heels she always seemed to wear. They approached him from behind, then circled to the front of his chair.

He rested his arms on his upper legs and wearily raised his head to met Waller's eyes through his long hair that had fallen into his eyes. He did not say anything.

They stared at each other in a small battle of wills . After several minutes, Oliver decided it was no longer worth it. He no longer cared as he broke the silence.

"You should know that I will never stop trying to escape."

"And you should know that it is extremely easy to kill someone the world already thinks is dead," Amanda Waller, the woman in charge of some unknown agency of espionage, said so coolly that it sent a shiver down Oliver's back.

They continued to stare at each other for several seconds. Then Amanda smartly turned and walked out. A man with Japanese features, short black hair slicked back, walked out of the shadows.

Maseo Yamashiro, newly assigned the position as Oliver's handler, said, "I warned you, kid. There is no way out of this. Not until she releases you."