Follow–up romance route for the series "Wonderful Wonderful Science". So it's recommended to read that.




-"So… this female fought AND defeated the unfrozen Jabberwocky and that's why the castle's patio is destroyed?"- The white queen of the castle of Diamond, Crysta Snowpigeon, asked her prime minister.

-"Yes your majesty"- Sydney Black, said prime minister answered diligently.

-"And this foreigner somehow managed to trigger the restoration of the country of Diamond. Including it's inhabitants?"- Crysta was still somewhat confused. She had been dead, turned into a clock when she froze the dodo's time in ice in order to slow down the disappearance of this country. Yet, she had woken up alive at the museum, right where she had died, and had come back to the castle to find the aftermath of a really brutal and destructive confrontation.

There she had found her prime minister; whose time she had frozen along with him into a block of ice, and he had explained about a strange foreigner appearing in Diamond when it was supposedly separated from the rest of Wonderland after it had stopped moving forward in time.

Apparently this foreigner had unfreeze him and had set impossible things in motion.

-"That is correct your majesty"- Sydney accommodated his monocle over his red eye and his bunny ears remained passive. He was glad that his queen was alive but also too many things of a too big magnitude had happened around the mercenary foreigner.

-"Mmhh..."- Crysta looked interested – "You seem to have gotten close to this foreigner in such a short period of time Sydney. Please tell me about her."

He told her what he knew about the mysterious foreigner but kept things to himself, like the fact that "Aria Hadron Scherzi", also known by different code names like "shatterdome", owned him in every sense and meaning of the world. He had promised it in the name of his role, or ratter had been forced to do it or risk becoming her test subject for being a "talking bunny"; and whether it had been forced or not, with such oath he unquestionably belonged to her and was bound to follow whatever she deemed. Yet, despite the feral power she held over him, she never acted upon it, and when she disappeared into the portal to Spades and was lost, he had been free… or so he thought, because the burning mark of his oath was still in the back of his hand and would appear if she did. She was still alive, and he had to reckon that in the short period of time she had been at the castle she had impacted his life more than anything and anyone else besides lady Crysta herself. Even if not for the best.

-"Why are you so nervous dear prime minister? No matter. I'm tired so I'll go and rest. Meanwhile please go and check on how things are on the country." – Crysta said and headed to her chambers.- She hadn't miss that her pet bunny minister had hid information and that his tone when speaking about the foreigner was deeper. But that was expected, everyone in Wonderland was meant to fall in love with the foreigner, but perhaps it was something else?

Sydney saw Crysta leave and he sighed in relief. There was still much to do and he needed to follow the queen's command, so he headed out to see how restored where the other territories and if someone else had come back. He decided to head for the museum first.



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