Dragonball RF EP4

Last time on Dragonball RF Takeshi became a super saiyan god and defeated Whis with a good finish lets see how takeshi and the Z-fighters are doing.

"Hey dad"Takeshi said "What,"Takeshi replied "Do you feel that energy,"Goku replied "Yea its a saiyan but its good energy,"Goku replied lets go."they use instant transmission to the saiyan ship and the saiyan said "Im a saiyan my name is Reni,"Takeshi replied "Oh i im takeshi i assume you can turn super saiyan,"Reni replied "Yes i can whats it to ya,"Takeshi said "well god sorry come to our house my mom makes awesome food,"Reni said "well i cant turn down food,"Takshi replied "well lets go."Takeshi grabs Reni's arm and Goku's arms and uses instant transmission to go to his had a suprised look on her walk into the house and they walked past Gohan's room and heard bouncing from his room and Reni said "what was that" with a suprised face Takeshi said "you dont wanna know" They walked out side. Chi-Chi sat there with a woman and a man named Becky and Braden theyve been married for 5 years and had a good marriage they have one Little girl and shes said "May i meet your Daughter please"Becky replied "ok Beck go with,Takeshi is it?"Takeshi said "yes and thanks,follow me."they both follow Takeshi and he says "Ok I'm going to teach the little one how to use ki and Reni I'm going to teach you the kamehameha wave,"Beck said "What's ki,"Takeshi said "eh hard to explain but i can teach you how to use it."Beck looks at Takeshi as he sits on the ground has his hands as if he's holding a said "Then imagine your ki coming out of your body from your hands."Then a blue ball is in his hands then he launches it to the air the beam is and Reni are very surprised as thats just an said "now reni you know how to charge ki dont you?"Reni said "yes i do"Takeshi replied "Well watch carefully."Takeshi said as he has his hands at his side "KA ME HA ME, HAAAAA!"The beam is even bigger than the last one and Beck and Reni are said "whats with the faces,"Reni replied "because that beam is huge!"Takeshi replied "well i was a super saiyan 2 at the age of 8"Reni is in shock but beck isnt because she doesnt know what a super saiyan is. "Takeshi dinners ready."Chi-Chi replied "ok mom, lets go guys."

What will happen next check in next time on dragonball RF

Hey guys its the creator of dragonball RF and if you like the series then like it and i was watching DBZ while making this so thats pretty cool and bye