What would happen if Zack Ryder faced off against a BURRITO?...Well...let's find out!

*Curtis Axel and Ryback are seen walking down the street when they see a Geico sign with the lizard, logo and all*

Curtis Axel: *sees the sign* ...Huh, Fifteen minutes can save you-

Ryback: Heard it. Know it. Don't give a crap. *keeps on walking, Axel catches up*'

Curtis Axel: Well...what if I told you a Burrito beat up Zack Ryder?

Ryback: *confused* ...What?

*Meanwhile, Zack Ryder is seen sitting on a bench with tomato and lettuce on his shirt, Darren Young is seen about to sit on the bench when he sees Zack Ryder, looking confused; Is about to ask Zack Ryder just what happened, Ryder stops him*

Zack Ryder: Don't ask...*walks off, in a rather bad mood, Darren Young is left dumbfounded and asks himself*

Darren Young: Did his hair get nappy?

Random Announcer Guy: GEICO. 15 minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance!

This just came out of nowhere so forgive me if it's below my usual work. READ AND REVIEW!