Doctor Who

Chapter 1, The Doctor and the T.A.R.D.I.S.

Met thu duktur, he a timlord. Thu duktur is reely gud at gooing bak in tim in thu trdis. thu trdis is u majikal boks ting thatthu duktur fel in luv wif wen he deseyeded tu go tu erth. he feel in luv wif thu trdis wen he went tu thu plase kaled paris becus paris is thu capitil of luv. butt wen tey bwoke up tey twied too gooo to thu timlord plinet, butt tey cuddnt becus thu timlord plinet hed bin distroied. thu doktur wis sooo sid tat he gut bak toogethur wif thu trdis, he wus suuuu huppy tat he bilt thu timlord plinet agan andd wif ull thu teers he mad. Afftur he rebilt thu timlord plinet, he wus soooo huppy tat he mad a pipulaytion of timlord trdis peples.