July 10, 1992


What an amazing two years it has been! And two very busy years they have been! I came across these letters today while cleaning out our extra bedroom. You were so kind to take Madi to the park so that I can (finally) start working on a bedroom for Baby Hunter #2. I only have three more months before his arrival! I guess I stuck this journal with all the letters in it in my desk at some point and completely forgot about them. But as soon as I saw them I felt compelled to sit down and write one more letter to you. Maybe I will even let you read them now, if you want to.

You have made me the happiest woman alive. I love you with all of my heart and I am so proud to be your wife. The life that we have created together is everything I ever wanted and more. For years I thought that I had to make a choice between you and a having family. I chose you three years ago, possibly forsaking the husband and children I had always longed for. It is a dream come true to have both. Our marriage isn't perfect, you are not a perfect husband, and I am certainly not a perfect wife, but I love that we get to figure this life out together, arguments and frustrations and all.

After Steve's death I thought that I would never truly love again. I wanted to marry again, but I had assumed that I would have to settle for something less. After we became partners, I definitely never imagined that you would ever be the "one" for me. Somehow you worked your way into my life and into my heart. What I feel for you is something more than love, you are a part of me.

Our wedding was beautiful, mostly because I am the woman that finally got you to say 'I do.' Ha! I cannot believe that I let you talk me into a beach wedding instead of a church, but it turned out so beautiful and so perfect that I didn't even mind when Madi was covered in sand from head to toe by the end of the ceremony. I am also thankful that you talked me into leaving Madi with your mother so that we could have a true honeymoon. Being away from her for four days was terrifying, but spending the time alone with you was worth every second.

I am amazed every day at what a wonderful father you are to Madison. She loves you dearly and it brings me such joy watching the two of you together. For a man that never wanted children you certainly took to fatherhood quickly, and it looks very good on you. I am still in shock that we are having another baby, and that it was all your idea. Sharing this pregnancy with you has brought closure for me, a sort of healing for the raw emotions I felt from your absence last time. It really is a boy this time and I cannot wait to meet my little Hunter. I am also blessed to be able to stay home with this baby and pack up my years with the LAPD. Sure, there will be times that we struggle with only one paycheck, but when your Captain's salary kicks in next month it will hurt a little less.

Can you believe that the LAPD is really promoting you to Captain?! My my how things have changed since the days when they were trying everything they could to fire you. I like to think I had a little something to do with this change. Congratulations on your accomplishments, you deserve every one of them.

I know this is not the life you ever intended to have. I am so proud of you for taking that risk, for making the leap into a different direction and allowing yourself to become a pretty wonderful man. I love seeing you happy, and I love even more that I am a part of your happiness. Thank you for your friendship, for your devotion, for your strength. Thank you for everything.

With all my heart,

Dee Dee

The end.

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed it.