Another day in New York City. The streets busy as usual with heavy traffic and people going to work or browsing stores. NYC is a city with lots of interesting characters, including a quartet that lives in its sewers. A quite unusual quartet that's not even human. Naturally, we're talking about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As we leave the surface and head underground into their Lair, as they call it, we see them gathered in their living room chatting happily and relaxing. Even crime-fighting mutant turtles need a break sometimes.

"Man, it's great having time off crime fighting and ninja practicing once in a while!" Raphael stretches his arms on the couch.

"Indeed, Raphael. Gives me time to work in my lab." Donatello replies.

"Do you ever get a break? Relax, for once. Geez!" Raphael rolls his eyes.

"Science is relaxing to me." Donatello places his palm on his chest.

"Well, whatever suits you, Donatello." Raphael rolls his eyes.

"Well, fellas, I'm gonna catch up on my reading" Leonardo says as he walks out of the living room.

"How does Leonardo do it? Reading anything but comic books makes my head hurt." Michelangelo shudders.

"Same here... my head bumps onto the table after falling asleep." Raphael smirks.

"You guys really should cultivate your mind more." Donatello sighs.

"Ease up, Donatello. We bust our shells practicing and fighting crime on a daily basis. Let us watch mindless entertainment for a break, will ya?" Raphael remarks annoyed.

"Well, if you need me, I'll be in my lab working on my new invention." Donatello shrugs and walks out of the living room.

"Those dudes really oughta know how to chill." Michelangelo says as he open his soda can.

"Atta boy, Michelangelo!" Raphael smiles. "Now... what shall we do, then?" he rubs his chin.

"How about we play some fighting games?" Michelangelo suggests.

"Fighting games?! Give us a break Michelangelo!" Raphael pleads.

"Okay. How about a flick?"

"What kinda flick ya got in mind?"

"We got one last week we haven't watched yet." Michelangelo lifts his index finger.

"Oh, you mean that one? Doesn't look like the kind for two turtles to relax with." Raphael points out.

"Well, dude. It's not like the title sheds much light on its content." Michelangelo chuckles.

"Hmm... you do have a point." Raphael rubs his chin. "Okay. Fine. Let's watch it, then." he concedes.

Michelangelo inserts the VHS in the VCR and presses the "play" button.

Meanwhile, Leonardo is peacefully reading a book about Japanese history in his chamber. Donatello seems to be working on a trans-dimensional portal.

Moving somewhere else, in a distant galaxy called Dimension X, we take a look at the Technodrome, where the Turtles' arch nemesis, Shredder and Krang, reside and plot their next moves.

"Hey, Rocksteady. Ya think there's beer in space?" Bebop asks with his mouth full of Lays chips.

"I hope so, Bebop." Rocksteady looks at the ceiling.

"The times we've been to dimension x we found no beer, though." Bebop throws away his empty bag of chips.

"The boss never lets us have any fun." Rocksteady protests.

"What are the boss and Krang doing right now, anyway?" Bebop scratches his head.

"Probably talking about stuff that's too complicated for us to understand." Rocksteady shrugs.

In the control room, Shredder and Krang are bickering as usual.

"Krang, we've been doing nothing all week long. When are we finally going to leave Dimension X?" Shredder protests.

"We? Speak for yourself, Shredder. I've been busy." Krang cries.

"Doing what, exactly?" Shredder folds his arms.

"Plenty of things. Like instructing the Foot Soldiers to repair the Technodrome, for one thing."

"Well, I've had long enough of being stuck on this asteroid!" Shredder cries.

"Quit moaning! Didn't you want to conquer Earth?" Krang frowns.

"Exactly. I wanted to conquer Earth. Not this hellhole!" Shredder slams his fist on the table.

"Well get used to it. We're gonna control our future empire from here!" Krang makes his trademark laugh.

"Very funny." Shredder frowns. "We'll be lucky if the turtles don't get us before we get them!"

"Always with the turtles in mind." Krang rolls his eyes. "Such an obsession!"

"You don't understand. I have a score to settle." Shredder frowns.

A couple of hours later, the movie is over. Thus being time for both Michelangelo and Raphael to review the ride they've just experienced.

"Well..." Raphael takes a deep breath. "That certainly was an interesting movie.

"You can say that again, hermano". Michelangelo blinks quickly.

"Ya really can't judge a movie by its title and synopsis." Raphael looks at the cover as he holds it in front of him.

"Indeed." Michelangelo just nods.

"Man..." Raphael places his palm on his forehead. "That part with the werewolf was the weirdest thing I've ever seen in a movie.

"What? No, dude. The part with the clown driving a train into the moon was weirder than that." Michelangelo argues.

"I was too focused on the awesomeness of that scene to think of it as weird, Michelangelo." Raphael widens his eyes.

"But yeah, a werewolf ordering sushi in a tree house is definitely weirdo."

"Said tree house looking exactly like Donkey Kong's home made it even weirder." Raphael swallows.

"Donkey Kong is cool, but his games are so hard, man." Michelangelo sighs.

"Not to the expert here." Raphael points at himself.

"Humble as ever, I see." Michelangelo rolls his eyes.

"Anyway, whoever made this movie was clearly drunk or high." Raphael chuckles.

"Yea, didn't like it much myself..." Michelangelo sighs.

"I can't believe we've wasted our precious spare time on a crap movie like this!" Raphael cries.

"Raphael and Michelangelo talking to each other on the couch with the TV off? What's the world coming into?" Donatello cries in disbelief as he walks in the living room.

"Great. Here comes the poison dexter." Raphael rolls his eyes.

"I just needed this 2 hour break to finally complete my new invention!" Donatello places his hands on his hips.

"What is it? A new pizza oven?" Michelangelo's mouth waters.

"Nope! My new and improved trans-dimensional portal!" Donatello grins.

"What! No!" Raphael stands up. "Not that booby trap again!" he cries.

"It will work this time, trust me." Donatello raises his hands in defense.

"Just like it was gonna in the last 26 times, right?" Raphael folds his arms.

"Science takes time and patience, you know." Donatello frowns.

"And it takes away many lives in the process, as well." Raphael points at Donatello's chest.

"Oh, come on. You're still alive, aren't you? Donatello rolls his eyes.

"Yea and I've got scars with plenty of history to tell."

"Whatever." Donatello sighs. "Where is Leonardo?"

"Dude's reading, if I recall" Michelangelo smiles.

"Well, don't bother him, then. I'll talk to him later. Come!" Donatello signals asking his brothers to follow him into the lab.

The trio enters the lab and there it is, the infamous trans-dimensional portal that has aided the turtle family several times in the past and also given it some headaches.

Donatello goes to the control panel and presses some buttons in an attempt of opening the portal.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Raphael gulps.

The portal glows purple and shows a spinning pattern, meaning it's been opened. It remains that way for about 15 seconds and then fades.

"See? I told you it works." Donatello smiles.

"Thank God we've survived!" Raphael throws his arms up in the air in celebration.

"Did you really think I'd push you into it or something?" Donatello frowns.

"No, but something coming out and pulling us wasn't a long shot."

"What is going on here, fellas?" the trio turn their heads to the entrance. Leonardo is here.

"Leonardo! I was just showing them that the portal works again!" Donatello gives a thumbs up.

"Nice work, Donatello!" Leonardo smiles. "This means we can finally put our plan into practice."

"Plan?" Raphael lifts his eyebrow.

"Like, what plan?" Michelangelo scratches his head.

"Turtles." Leonardo stands straight, meaning business. "Get ready. We're going into the Technodrome and finally defeat Shredder and Krang."

Michelangelo and Raphael look at each other.

"Ya mean, now?" Michelangelo asks.

"You got a few minutes to grab your gear and focus." Leonardo folds his arms.

"Wait a minute! A surprise attack? In Dimension X to boot?!" Raphael protests.

"Yes. What about it?" Leonardo lifts his eyebrow.

"Leonardo, we're getting just right into the lion's den, for shell's sake!"

"Turtles, we've been fighting Shredder and Krang for God knows how long. It's time to put an end to this cat and mouse chase once and for all." Leonardo slams his fist on his palm.

"What if we die out there?" Michelangelo bites his lip.

"We'll die fighting if we have to." Leonardo answers sternly. "Donatello, open the portal!" Leonardo orders while pointing his katana toward the portal.

Donatello nods and does as he's ordered to. A few seconds later, the portal opens again with the same glowing purple light and its spinning pattern. Raphael and Michelangelo waste no time and grab their weapons. Leonardo raises his arm looking behind at his brothers to check if they are ready. They nod and Leonardo points at the portal giving a battle cry as they jump into it.

Meanwhile, on the surface of New York City, at a comic book convention, April O'Neill and her crew at the entrance ready to go live for the 5 o'clock news.

"This is April O'Neil from Channel 6 news, live here at the biggest comic book convention in NYC where all the big comic book fans gather and feel right at home."

A teenager walks nearby and April attempts to interview him.

"Tell us, who is your favorite superhero?"

"Green Lantern." the teenager smiles.

"And why is that?" April asks.

"I like green hahaha." he laughs and leaves.

"Well... that's certainly a good reason." April chuckles. "Let us interview another person."

A fat guy with pimples on his face wearing a Bugman t-shirt approaches.

"So, I'm guessing your favorite superhero is Bugman, is that right?" April smiles.

"Nah, ma'am. I like Bugman and all but my favorite ones are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."

"Really? And why is that?"

"We both share our favorite dish: pizza!" he grins and then walks away.

"As you can see, there's a wide variety of preference among comic books fans. This is April O'Neil from Channel Six News signing off!"

The story is over and are the cameras are shut down.

"I like turtles because I like pizza!" Vernon Fenwick mocks the fat comic book fan. "What a lardo."

"What's the matter, Vernon? Can't handle the fact that the Turtles are very popular these days?" April smirks.

"I just don't get it why they're labeled as superheroes."

"Vernon, they have saved the Earth countless times, you know." April says dryly.

"Oh please! They were just at the right place at the right time!" Vernon protests.

"I guess it's expected for a chicken like you to be jealous of brave people." April rolls her eyes and walks away.

"They're reptiles, not people!" Vernon cries.

April goes in the van and sits down to relax a bit. It's been a tiresome day for her and she could really use a break. But that rest is gonna have to wait since someone's trying to contact the van through the screen.

April sighs and stands up. She walks toward the control panel and turns on the screen to receive the incoming message from whoever might be reaching the van.

"April!" no one other than Burne, obviously.

"Yes, Chief?" April replies tiredly.

"Good work on the story. But I wanna see you in my office later today!" Burne orders with his usual stern face and then the screen goes blank. The message was short and straight to the point. What did Burne want this time? April probably wondered.

Either way, there was no time to rest since her crew had to return to Channel 6.

Back to the Technodrome, Bebop and Rocksteady are in their room watching professional wrestling on their small tv.

"Hulk Hogan doesn't have it in him anymore." Bebop shakes his head.

"Really? I personally think he's still awesome!" Rocksteady disagrees.

"Hogan is old as hell, man!"

"He could still kick your ass!" Rocksteady protests.

"Could not!" Bebop stands up.

"Could too!" Rocksteady does the same and faces Bebop in a heated argument.

"Could not!"

"Could too!"

"Quiet numbskulls!"

Both mutants turn their heads. When did Shredder enter their room?

"Boss!" Rocksteady cries.

"We got work to do. So get moving!" Shredder orders.

"What's up, boss?" Bebop asks eagerly.

"We're going to Earth to look for fuel."

"Alright!" Rocksteady closes his fists in excitement.

The trio leave the room and head to the control room where there's also the trans-dimensional portal.

"We're all set, Krang. Open the portal." Shredder announces.

"Good. Here goes."

Krang opens the portal and the trio jump into it. They end up landing on a back alley.

"OWWWWWW!" Rocksteady cries.

"Rocksteady fell into a trash can, boss!" Bebop points at Rocksteady with his legs sticking out of a trash can battling to get out of it.

"Then help him, you idiot!" Shredder cries.

Bebop grabs Rocksteady forcing him to sit on the ground and then uses his strength to pull out the trash can out of him, tossing it away after he's done.

"Thanks Bebop" Rocksteady scratches a small lump on his head.

The trio leave the back alley and walk for about 10 minutes until they reach something that appears to be a big science building.

"The fuel's in there, boss?" Rocksteady asks.

"Yes. It's a new source of fuel that has been discovered. Scientists claim it to be very powerful and saving." Shredder replies.

"Discovered? Where?" Bebop scratches his head.

"Scientists are not sure of its origin yet. They believe it might be of alien origin. "

"How come we haven't found it on Dimension X, then?" Rocksteady scratches his head.

"Space isn't limited to Dimension X, horn brain." Shredder scolds him.

"How we gonna get in, boss? 'dis place's full of guards." Bebop points at several armed soldiers guarding the entrance.

"Nothing we haven't done before." Shredder smirks.

Shredder jumps in front of two soldiers guarding the entrance and throws a smoke bomb right at their feet. The other soldiers run to the entrance and get caught in the smoke cloud as well. As it fades away, the soldiers lay down unconscious. It was one of Shredder's typical sleep inducing bombs.

The trio rushes into the main entrance and Bebop and Rocksteady pull out their laser guns shooting the security by the front desk. Shredder grabs the throat of the civilian behind the counter and asks him where they keep the top secret fuel. He doesn't hesitate much in telling him where to find it. It's way up, on the top floor, to be precise. Shredder lets him go and orders bebop and Rocksteady to follow him. Both sigh. It's always on the darned top floor! Without any noteworthy opponents, they get to the top floor easily where they find a strange looking blue glowing bar inside of colorless box on top of a desk.

"Krang, come in!" Shredder takes out his communicator.

"Have you found it, Shredder?" Krang asks sternly.

"Take a look at this blue bar on the desk. Is this it?" Shredder turns his wrist pointing the communicator screen to the desk.

"Yes, that's the one, Shredder. Bring it to me!" Krang cries excitedly.

Shredder orders Bebop and Rocksteady to grab the box. The portal opens and the trio jump into it.

Very far away, in Dimension X, there's this place where individuals from all over the universe hang out at. Upon entering it, one would initially assume it's a bar, since there's a counter just opposite of the entrance door. But by turning their head to the right, they'll notice a lower level with a circular form resembling an arena with stands around it for the audience. It serves, in fact, for fighting. This place operates as both a bar and also as an arena for those who want to take out their frustrations and fight. At the moment, there's no one fighting, but violence can break out at any moment. After all, booze is sold here. Space booze, to be precise.

Behind the counter, the barman, a pinkish creature with 3 eyes and a trunk-like nose, cleans a glass. Customers by the counter drink happily and chat. Pretty quiet day so far. Once in a while there is one to break the status quo.

"Yo, jabrouni!" a short, fat green man wearing purple shades addresses the barman. "Throw me anoduh glass of Sternblitz!"

The barman nods and proceeds to fill in a glass with a bright purple liquid. The costumer who has requested it is in his 3rd one by now, but still appears to be pretty sober.

Suddenly, a square shaped purple spinning pattern shows up in the air. Some costumers get startled. The barman stares at it in perplex. Some seconds later four green creatures come out of it and fall on the floor. The pattern disappears as quick as it appeared.

"Get off me, Michelangelo!" Donatello cries in pain.

"I'd love to, dude, if Raphael got his elbow off my face!" Michelangelo pushes Raphael's face away from his.

"This doesn't look like the Technodrome, guys." Leonardo looks around as he slowly gets on his feet.

The Turtles look at some costumers sitting on tables staring at them dumbfounded and wary of them. One group seemed to be happily playing cards until they got interrupted by the unwanted inter-dimensional guests. Donatello goes to the counter and addresses the barman.

"Pardon me." the barman looks at him awkwardly. "Where are we?"

"Dimension X?" the barman raises his eyebrow, stating the obvious.

"Well duh, smartass!" Raphael snaps. "But where in exactly?"

"You're at Sigmund's club. One of Dimension X's finest arena club." the barman explains.

"How did we end up here, Donatello?" Leonardo asks.

"Must have gotten the wrong coordinates." Donatello scratches his chin.

The costumers resume their fun. These creatures were just lost travelers who took the wrong path. Nothing to see here, folks.

"So now we're in the middle of Dimension X?!" Michelangelo grabs his head.

"Great! Just great!" Raphael rolls his eyes. "I knew something like this would happen. Nice going, Einstein!" points at Donatello's chest.

"There's always a risk involved in dimensional travelling, you know." Donatello protests.

"Always a risk?! TRAVELLING?! Do I look like a clown to you?" Raphael threatens him with his fist.

"Everybody calm down." Leonardo grabs Raphael's arm. "Mister." looks at the barman. "Is there a way we can get a vehicle of some sort to get out of here?"

"Unless you have your own vehicle, then you gotta travel by foot. Although that's not really advisable here." the barman warns.

"I'd rather be watching that weird crappy movie right now instead of being stuck here." Michelangelo sighs.

"Donatello, do you have an idea of how far we might be from the Technodrome?" Leonardo asks, naturally expecting a positive answer.

"Well, there's this device I brought with me, in case we missed the coordinates that can detect big movable objects." Donatello smiles and pulls a grey rectangular shaped device off the back of his shell. "So, lemme check..." Donatello presses a button and the device makes a few beeping sounds.

"So, how far?" Raphael taps his foot impatiently.

"Good news, guys. We're not exactly next door to the Technodrome, but we aren't a plane distance away from it either."

"In other words, we'll have to walk quite a bit." Raphael says dryly.

"Well, yea..." Donatello scratches his head laughing nervously.

Raphael grabs Donatello's neck and starts choking him in anger Leonardo and Michelangelo grab his arms and make him stop. Raphael calms down, but nevertheless, the Turtles are obviously in a tough situation here. Donatello's calculations were wrong, thus making them land someplace else in Dimension X quite far away form the Technodrome. And with Shredder and Krang getting heir hands on a very powerful alien fuel source, who knows if they won't get to Earth before the Turtles get to them? How will the Turtles survive this hostile dimension and find the Technodrome and the way back home?