Time Can Be Rewritten

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Doomsday Goodbye

Rose smiled sadly as the Doctor spoke to her, tears rolling down her cheeks as he confirmed that after this moment she could never see him again.

She looked into his eyes and saw the same sadness reflected in them. He finally spoke again "Rose Tyler -" he vanished before he could say the sentence she longed to hear.

She just stared blankly at the spot where he had stood, before it hit her; she would never hear his voice, his laugh, his childlike enthusiasm again. She would never see him again except for in her memories.

Rose fell to her knees as she finally allowed her grief to show, a heart wrenching sob tore its way from her body as she clutched her chest in agony.

She didn't even notice her mother, Jackie Tyler and her best friend, Mickey Smith pulling her to her feet and guiding to her to her car as she continued to mourn the life which she could have had with the Doctor, with her love.

Eventually the tears stopped and were replaced by an apathetic numbness as Mickey Smith and Pete and Jackie Tyler continued on around her not knowing how to help.

Days passed as the world moved on around Rose Tyler whilst she was still stuck on the beach in Bad Wolf Bay speaking with her Doctor for the last time.

When she slept she relived her past with her Doctor. Her leather Doctor and her pinstriped Doctor. Those memories were what she lived for now in this parallel world.

It was during one of those memories of a distant planet with Jack and her Doctor that everything just turned white.

No walls. No floor. No people. Nothing.

"Hello Rose Tyler" An ethereal voice spoke.

Rose turned quickly but could see nothing "Who are you?" she asked the question to the air.

"I go by many names. I am the Bad Wolf. I am the Heart of the TARDIS. I am you Rose Tyler"

Rose turned back and came face to face with herself.

"How are you me?"

Bad Wolf smiled "Together we saved our Doctor from the false God"

"B-but he took you away from me! That's why he changed" Rose whispered.

"He didn't take everything. He couldn't otherwise you would have died"

Rose looked at Bad Wolf curiously "I thought I would've died if he hadn't took you from me"

Bad Wolf shrugged "When you looked into the Heart of the TARDIS, you became the Heart of the TARDIS. The TARDIS cannot exist without her Heart, as you cannot exist without her"

"What can I do then?"

Bad Wolf grinned "I take you back to our Doctor"

"You can do that?" Hope and excitement entered Rose's eyes for the first time she had been in the parallel world.

"Yes, to an extent - I can take you back to when you first met the Doctor"

Rose smiled "In the basement of Hendricks"

"Yes, you can change things and save lives however some things must happen and cannot be stopped. The TARDIS will warn you, she will remember her Heart"

"Then what are you waiting for?" Rose asked "Do it, send me back to him"

Bad Wolf grinned at her enthusiasm "Certainly…"

Just as Rose was enveloped in darkness she heard Bad Wolf say "Oh and remember to make him ask twice"

Rose winced as she returned to reality and saw the autons about to kill her, when she felt a hand slip into hers she turned her head to the side and saw her first Doctor in leather.

He was smiling as he spoke to her for the first time.



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