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A Dark Mage's Fate and a deal with the Devil

Death. Such a simple word and yet such a powerful term. Some people would say that death is the end for every living being, while others would say that death is nothing but a new beginning, the start of a new adventure, but a few people will tell you that death is a release, a way to escape the sins and the pain that someone commits on you, or the pain that you have on mankind.

One such person would have to be the man that right now is floating in a place that could only be described as a void of nothingness, after all the only thing that could be seen was darkness.

Going back to the man that was floating in this endless void, he's a young man with a face that could be considered handsome, with black short hair and black eyes with a small circle-shaped necklace around his neck. He wears high-collared black and tan robes with gold trim, along with a large, flowing white toga draped around his torso. For people that do not know who this man is he would be seem odd, but for those that do know him his simple presence can cause panic in the heart of the bravest warriors. This is a man whose name would be recorded in history as one of the most powerful and evil beings in existence. This is the monster known as The Dark Lord Zeref.

'Is this place where my soul will finally rest?' Was the thought going in Zeref;s mind just before his mind went back to the memories of all the sins that he caused to the world; of all the pain his own creation caused and how that same creation ended his sad life

"E.N.D... such a cursed existence... you might never forgive me, but I am truly sorry...Natsu" said the powerful mage softly before simply closing his eyes and accepting his fate of everlasting nothingness in the void where he's floating is.

"Would you like a chance to correct you sins, Zeref?" spoke a powerful voice that seemed to echoe everywhere. Zeref's eyes opened fast in surprise; after all he thought he was going to be in this void alone for ever.

"Who are you?" asked Zeref, his voice dull, but with a slight amount of curiosity in it

"I have had a lot of names dark mage. Some see me as evil itself, while others believe I am a necessary force, but I am neither. I'm what your kind would call a god. I am the Shinigami" once again spoke the ominous voice, making Zeref's eyes widen in surprise for just a second after finding out the identity of said voice.

"I see... did you came here to punish my soul for the deeds of my creations and my own set of wrong acts?" spoke Zeref softly, already resigned to whatever punishment the god of death would give him, after all he himself knew that he deserved every single punishment that this god could give him

"That is the task that Kami gave me. However it is not normal for me to pay special attention to anyone's soul, but for you, someone whose evil deeds brought the complete destruction of his own world, I was tasked to curse your soul and give you eternal punishment" spoke the Shinigami, his voice completely devoid of emotion. Zeref was more than ready for something like that, so the announcement didn't surprise him at all, but the next word of the Shinigami actually did.

"However, unlike my foolish sister who sees you as nothing but a mistake, I see someone that could be of use to me" said the god of death, making Zeref wonder what this god was talking about, wasn't he going to be punished?

"What are you speaking about?

"I'm saying that there is a way for you to atone for your sins in a more... useful way than by just punishing you, Zeref" said the Shinigami, waiting to see if the little human would accept his offer

"There is? No, such a way cannot exist; my sins are too many and too big for me to redeem myself. Don't joke with me, Shinigami" said Zeref with a little of emotion actually surging in his voice: anger. After all he was thinking that this god of death was just joking with him just to postpone his punishment so he could enjoy himself.

"Don't forget with whom you are speaking to, human. Do you think I would waste my precious time with you like this? I could just send your soul to eternal punishment and be done with you, but I find you too useful for that, so I'm making you a proposition, you can either accept your fate and suffer for all eternity for your deeds... or you can accept the task that I will give you so you can atone for your crimes" spoke the Shinigami once again, actually hoping that the human would accept. After all, souls as interesting as his were not common. The Shinigami knew that by doing this he was disobeying an order from Kami herself, but he did not care, he was tired of letting everything happening by itself, but he also knew that he could not mess with the humans unless they called him, which rarely happened anyway, so he needed a proxy in the human world; one that could change things for him, and who better than one like Zeref, whose powers in his world were second to none.

While the Shinigami was expecting an answer, Zeref could not stop himself from thinking about what the god of death had said. Was there really a way for Zeref to atone for his crimes? Suddenly a strange feeling made itself known in Zeref's heart, it was hope. Hope that there was really a way he could make amends for the countless of lives that his demons, E.N.D, and that he himself had destroyed. Hope that he would be able to find forgiveness if he does what the Shinigami asked of him.

"What is your answer human? Will you right your wrongs or will you let your soul to be cursed forever?" Asked the Shinigami one last time, expecting a positive answer from this little Dark Lord

"I... if such a way is truly possible then... I'll do it, I'll do anything in my power, even if I'm never forgiven for my acts I still want to try... to try and find peace with myself" spoke Zeref, this time his voice having more passion that he had never shown in his life. Suddenly the space around him turned completely cold, just as a ghostly creature began to form. Said creature was bigger than him, with long white hair and with a face that could only be described as demonic, and with a tanto between his fangs. It only took Zeref a second to identify the creature as the Shinigami himself; after all he doubted that any other being could appear in this place. But just before he could say anything, the newly formed Shinigami said the words that would start a change that no one could predict.

"Very well Zeref, destroyer of his own world, creator of E.N.D. Are you ready to change the strings of fate itself?"

The answer could not have been more obvious in Zeref's mind



Konohagakure no Sato, 9 years after the Kyubi attack

9 years have passed since that horrible night where the powerful Bijuu known as the Kyubi no Yoko attacked the village of Konoha, destroying it almost completely and killing a big part of its population. It was only thanks to the actions of the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze, that the beast was defeated. The Yondaime knew that killing a Bijuu was almost impossible, so he did the only other thing that could defeat it. He sealed it in the body of a newborn child.

The Yondaime, being the person he is, could not bring himself to ask any other family to sacrifice their children, so with a heavy heart he sealed the Bijuu (Tailed Beast) in his new born triplets, the Ying part of its chakra was sealed into his only daughter, Uzumaki-Namikaze Mito, meanwhile the Yang part of the chakra was sealed in the youngest of the newborn triplets, Uzumaki-Namikaze Menma.

For such an incredible feat the Yondaime had to use the powerful Shiki Fujin (Dead Demon Consuming Seal), summoning the Shinigami himself and asking him to split the Kyubi in exchange for his own soul. Minato was more than ready to give his own life to protect the village he loves, knowing that his wife, Uzumaki Kushina, would have been able to take care of the children even without him, so imagine his surprise when the Shinigami just brushed him off, telling him that for this job, a payment of the soul was not needed. The user of the Hiraishin no jutsu (Flying Thunder God Technique) was more than happy to be able to live with his family, not knowing of the Shinigami's true intentions.

That same day the Yondaime made the announcement that the village was saved thanks to his two children, Menma and Mito, since they were able to contain the chakra of the mighty beast. Minato told the whole village that his children were heroes and should not be treated as some sort of reincarnated Kyubi. The village was fast to accept that. They had complete trust in the words of their precious Yondaime, and started calling Menma and Mito the "Saviors of Konoha".

Now, 9 years after that tragedy, this day was not one full of sadness and grief, but one of joy and celebration. After all not only there was there a huge festival in honor of the defeat of the Kyubi, but it was also the birthdays of the saviors of Konoha. Everywhere around the village people were celebrating, but the true party was at the Namikaze-Uzumaki residence, where the young Mito and Menma, now 9 years of age, were having their birthday party.

The house of the Namikaze-Uzumaki clan was not as big as the other clan houses, but it was big enough to keep all the guests that showed up to the party. These guests were the heads of every important clan of the village along with the next heirs of said clans, and some important people to the family, such as Kakashi Hatake, Hiruzen Sarutobi, Jiraiya and Tsunade Senju of the Sannin.

The party was going at full blast and everyone was having a good time, but the ones that were most happy were of course Menma and Mito. Menma Uzumaki-Namikaze could only be described as a miniature version of Minato, with his spiky blond hair and blue eyes, although his personality was more like that of his mother, Kushina Uzumaki. After all, it was hard for the boy to not pull a prank at someone when he could. In contrast to him his sister, Mito Uzumaki-Namikaze, is a carbon copy of her mother, with long red hair that reached to the middle of her back and violet eyes. Although her personality was more like Minato, calm and collected. Alongside the two birthday kids was another little girl, this one looking like she was 6 or 7 years of age. She had red hair just like her sister, with the only difference being that hers was put into twin-tails, and she has blue eyes, just like her father. This girl is no other that the fourth child of the Namikaze-Uzumaki household, Natsumi Uzumaki-Namikaze. The youngest red head was nothing short of a bundle of joy, always having fun with her family and with a smile on her face all the time.

Yes, if someone were to look at this scene they would think that they are the perfect family, but of course nothing is perfect. After all, nobody noticed that the third birthday boy was nowhere near the house.


Meanwhile, on the Hokage Monument

While everyone else was having a great time, one small child had nothing but sadness and pain in his heart. This small kid had blonde spiky hair and sky-blue eyes, with 3 whisker mark on each cheek, giving him a unique look. The blond was wearing a black shirt with the symbol of his clan on the back, a red spiral, and white shorts. This boy was none other than the third Uzumaki-Namikaze child, Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze.

You might be asking why someone like him is here alone, and with so much sadness in his heart. Well the answer to that is simple, once again, just like every year, his family has forgotten about him; celebrating the birthday of his brother and sister but not his.

'Why? Why does this keep happening? Why did my family forget about my birthday again? Why do they never notice me? do... do they hate me?' were the thoughts that the young blond was having in his mind right now, some tears falling from his eyes just from thinking of his family hating him.

Since he could remember, his family always treated him differently. While his brother and sister were always praised with almost anything they did by their parents, he barely got them to acknowledge him. They always ignore him, and while Menma and Mito had already started their ninja training, he has not, and every time he asked for it he would get the same answer from each of his parents "We must focus on training your sibling in controlling the Kyubi's chakra, so we can't teach you"

When his little sister was born he thought that he would finally have someone that would treat him like family, but sadly that did not happen. After all Natsumi was able to use the Uzumaki Chakra Chains, something that only his mother could do, so his parents decided to start her training sooner, and now he was the only one that was excluded from the family training time.

It was not only his mother and father that ignored him, his siblings were even worse. Menma was always a brat to him, telling him how weak he was and that his parents loved him more. His sister Mito would always be cold towards him. She started being like that 2 years ago and now she barely speaks to him and when she does, it is only just a few words. His little sister, Natsumi, was more annoying than anything, always bragging to him about every cool thing that she learned with their mother or father and acting like a spoiled child.

It was not only his family that had forgotten him, but the village as a whole has forgotten that he was too a part of that family. Some of the more stupid villagers treated him like he was the Kyubi reincarnated because of his whisker marks

Naruto was so focused in the thought in his thoughts about his family that he did not register the sounds of someone walking towards him until said someone spoke to him in a soft and emotionless voice

"What are you doing here kid?" spoke the person, making Naruto jump in surprise, not expecting anyone here at this hour. When he looked at the man the first thing that came to mind was that his clothes were weird, and that his hair and eyes made him look like an Uchiha. It took some seconds for Naruto to actually register the question in his mind, but when he did he answered with a voice full of sadness

"I have nowhere else to be" Naruto did not know why he was answering, but he just felt that this weird looking man was not going to harm him, unlike some of the villagers that sometimes hit him

"Don't you have a family that's waiting for you? It's late after all" asked the man softly, his black eyes focused on the child and nothing else. Of course he already knew the answer, having watched the boy interact with his family for a while, but he wanted to kid himself to respond, just to see exactly how much pain he had in his heart.

"I do have a family but... they don't care about me, they never have, they even forget about my birthday every year... no one cares about me" said Naruto, his voice full of hurt and his eyes had some tears, showing the man that he was right. The pain caused by his family was too much for the young kid, and now it was his time to act

"I see... no one should have to live like that, especially a child like you" said the man before putting his hand on the boy's head, making said kid look at him with a face now with more surprise than sadness, but before Naruto could ask him anything the man spoke again

"Tell me Naruto-kun..." Said blonde was even more surprised about this man actually knowing him "... would you like to change your life?" asked the man softly, his black eyes looking directly into Naruto's blue ones. Naruto felt like this man was staring directly into his soul.

"W-what are you talking about?" asked Naruto, his voice full of doubt, but for some reason he found himself not afraid of this man, like he knew that this man was not going to harm him in any way.

"I'm asking you if you would like to change, Naruto-kun. Would you like to be strong enough to never feel so weak in your life? Would you like to have someone that would care for you so that you would never have to be alone, Naruto-kun?" These words made Naruto look at the man like he was insane, but you could still see a little glint of hope in those blue eyes.

"I-I can change like that?" asked Naruto, looking at the black haired man like he has all the answers in the world.

"Of course you can, Naruto-kun, we can always change, but that path is never easy, I'm asking you again Naruto-kun, do you want to stay like this, being treated like nothing from your family and like a monster by this village, or would you like to become something more?" asked the man, knowing that the next word that the young blonde would say will be crucial.

Meanwhile Naruto's mind was racing. This man right here was offering him a chance to never feel so weak and alone again. While a part of him was telling him that you can't trust in someone you barely know and that if he stayed with his family then they would change. Another bigger part wanted nothing more but to accept this man's offer. So it was with that mentality that the young Uzumaki-Namikaze answered

"I want to... change, I want to show my family that I can be strong too, that I'm not useless, I want to prove myself that I can become someone!" spoke Naruto, his voice overflowing with conviction, causing the man to get a little smile, before his face returned to his neutral look, fast enough that Naruto was not able to see it

"Very well... then from now on I'll teach you everything I know, but it's only up to you if you learn it" spoke the man just before crouching and putting a hand on the floor. Naruto looked at him weirdly for that, but he was too happy to finally have someone that would teach him how to be strong to really care, but one thought stopped him right in his tracks

"Wait... sensei, I don't know your name" said Naruto, just remembering now that his new sensei never introduced himself

"I'm sorry, I forgot. I have had many names and titles Naruto-kun but you can just call me..." just as the man was about to say his name, a strange black circle appeared under both Naruto and the man. Naruto would have freaked out, but he was too surprised for that, after all he had never heard of any jutsu like this, but his attention went from the circle to the man just before he muttered the name that would always stay in his memory


And with that they disappeared in a black flash.