Cat had been in the bedroom for almost an hour when I went to check on her. We had been having a normal Sweetheart Sunday. I was playing video games and she was sittin on my lap wearing only frilly pink poof panties. I actually think they were called bloomers but as soon as I saw the fluffy ruffled drawers I thought of my old inflatable underpants joke.
Then she just got up and went in the bedroom. I thought she'd gone for a waz until she was gone so long.

Finally I just paused my game and went looking for her.

When I walked into our room I knew something was up.
Nona's bed desk was on my bed.
Cat normally used it for serving me breakfast in bed but now it had a pad of paper and a little cup with pens in it.

The whiteboard we usually had hanging in the kitchen for messages and shopping lists was in here and my sweet kitten baby was wearing a black skirt with grey silk shirt and a black velvet ribbon tie. She looked like a hot librarian or teacher.

"Kitty, what have we here?"

I turned away from her to look at the desk, and there was a loud crack.
I spun around and found Cat holding a long thin old-school whipping cane. "You, Samantha Puckell. Get in your seat, if you please. You are holding up the entire class with your lollygagging."

I sat on my bed and put the desk over my lap.

"Now Miss Puckell, it would seem your report card from Internet Schools Incorporated came yesterday. Very disappointing indeed Miss Puckell." Cat said.

"That's not my real name." I said.

"And I am not a board certified teacher, Miss Puckell. We all have our little secrets. But that doesn't excuse your abysmal grades. Grades so poor I have been forced to call school into session on a Sunday to give you extra help."

"Why thank you, Cat." I smiled.

Crack the cane came down. "Miss Valentine if you please!"

"Yes, Miss Valentine." I said.

"Very good. Now the first subject we will be working on today is English. Okay let's start with diagramming a sentence." She walked over to the whiteboard and wrote as she was talking. "Our sentence today is 'I would like to give Miss Valentine's pretty pink butthole a lick.' Now can you tell me which is the subject, and which is the predicate?" Cat asked.

This was actually sixth grade stuff, but was hard because that was a long time ago, No matter what teachers say, I never used this information since I learned it. "Miss Valentine, the subject is 'I'. Because its about what I would like to do. And the predicate is Miss Valentine's pretty pink butthole. Because that's what I'd like to do it to." I was careful to put extra emphasis on the last sentence, to make it clear I was not just talking about the sentence.

"Now that's a very good try, Sam." Miss Valentine said. "While you are correct that 'I' in this case you, is the subject. However the predicate is the verb. The predicate is 'give'.
If you just said, "I give" that would be grammatically correct. But we want more information than that. And this sentence provides it.
What do you give? A lick. So 'lick' is..."

"The predicate object?" I ventured. I knew I'd heard the term somewhere so it was definitely a real term even if it wasn't right.

"Very good, Miss Puckell. But I think you'll find that its called the predicate nominative." Miss Valentine said.

"I believe the predicate nominative is if a word renaming the subject is in the predicate. Like in the phrase Carly is a cocksucker, cocksucker is the predicate nominative because it renames Carly." I said.

*Thwack* Miss Valentine hit the wall with her cane. "Do not correct me, I am the teacher."

I smiled, but refused to laugh. I was enjoying this and I was certain a laugh would hurt Miss Valentine's feelings. I also was becoming convinced that the cane was a prop and she had no intention of doing anything but hitting inanimate objects to make a noise with it.

"Now if you know all there is to know about diagramming sentences I'm sure you'll have no trouble identifying the articles and possessives." Miss Valentine said haughtily.

"Yes miss, the article is 'a' describing the lick. And the possessive is Miss Valentine's indicating who has the pretty pink butthole. Although there are those who say Miss Valentine's pretty pink butthole belongs to Momma." I informed her.

"Different game. Different game, you little scamp." Miss Valentine said. She looked serious for a moment and said, "While you are correct, dear, that has no bearing on this class. Now, if you please, Sam. Can you tell me if there are any adjectives or adverbs?"

I got up and walked up to the board. "Now pretty and pink are adjectives and they refer to Miss Valentine's butthole." I circled the words in the original sentence as I spoke and then put them on their correct lines in the diagram. "There are no adverbs. Which would be words describing the verb. Such as if the sentence said 'I would like to immediately give Miss Valentine's pretty pink butthole a lick'."
I moved closer to her with every word until I whispered the last word in her ear, with her backed up against the wall, then leaned in giving her neck a quick kiss and licking her earlobe on my way back out.

"There will be none of your flirtatious flirtations." She said, sounding halfhearted and distracted by my attentions. She paused a moment then continued, her voice strong again. "Miss Puckell, please find your seat again so we can continue."

I sat back down with a silly grin.

"You are doing very good Sam. Surprisingly good, I must say. If your grades are anything to go by." Miss Valentine said.

"I guess I just needed the right teacher, miss." I replied.

"Now it's going to get a little more difficult. Can you tell me which are the dependent and independent clauses?" Cat asked.

"I think you are looking for 'would like to' and 'give'. Because 'give' stands alone as a verb and 'would like to' doesn't.
But that's not actually correct, because 'like' certainly can operate independently as a verb and 'would like' that doesn't take away its ability to stand. If I said I would like to give Miss Valentine's butthole a lick and fingerfuck it. Then 'and fingerfuck it' would be a dependent clause. Because the sentence is complete without it, but those three words could not stand alone as a sentence."

"Well then, whats 'would like'?" Miss Valentine asked.

"A descriptive clause? I asked.

"Maybe." Miss Valentine said. "We'll not worry about it and move on. And the last question, before we move on to another subject, is can you tell me which of these words is a gerund?"

"A gerund is a verb being used as a noun, so that would be 'lick'."

Miss Valentine's mouth dropped open in surprise. "That was supposed to be a trick question. That was supposed to be, 'look at this funny old timey word I found'. Before I was researching for this class I would have said a gerund was a little rodent like a hamster but with a long tail."

"That's a gerbil, Miss" I said.

"Well I know that now!" She yelled with exasperation. "But either way you should get a prize. Some sort of a treat for doing so good and knowing what a gerund is."

I looked at her with a sly half smile. "You know what I want, miss. You told me what I want when you gave this lesson."

"What do you mean, young lady?" She said, scandalized. Which meant she knew exactly what I meant and was trying to play the role of the strict and proper schoolmarm.

"If I may quote the assignment, miss; 'I would like to give Miss Valentine's pretty pink butthole a lick'." I said.

"Well that is very forward of you, Miss Puckell." She said.

"You put the idea in my head, Miss Valentine." I replied.

"That idea is always in your head and we both know it." Cat said, walking over. "But it is only right, with how well you did, that you should get a reward of your choosing." She leaned over the bed desk and pulled her skirt up, revealing that she wasn't wearing underwear. "But be quick about it. It will never do to have the principal come down to check on us and see you tonguing my bottom."

I quickly knelt behind her.
I had no intention of making this quick, but I was eager to get started.

I spread her little round firm buttcheeks apart and took a long loving look at her puckered pink treasure, nestled perfectly above her smooth silky slit, just a tiny bit shiny with wetness right along the crease. But I hoped to add to that soon.

I leaned in and took a long deep sniff of her scent, so warm and moist and delightful. It actually made my mouth water. I kissed slowly all over her bottom and upper thighs.

"Hheeeyyyy," She groaned softly. "It was give her butthole a lick not makeout with her whole sexy playland all afternoon." She sounded reluctant but firm. She was loving this, but she had a role to play.

I tightened the circle of my kisses to just around the hole, but didn't stop until i'd given maybe ten more. Including one on her pussy as I circled in.
She made a noise like she was going to say something, but by then I'd moved on so she didn't.

Finally I began to make out with her bottom, kissing and licking it, trying to slide my tongue in as deep as it would go. My fingers crept up to her pussy, stroking it softly.

"Whup, whoa-" Cat said standing up and stepping away. "Taking liberties with teacher's treasure box. Nope, naw, uhuh. Not appropriate." She pulled her skirt back down and arranged it into place. "I was willing to overlook the extended bottom play, because as long as you dont break contact that could all be considered one long lick. But nope, the extra front stuff was unauthorized."

"I'm sorry Miss Valentine." I said with exaggerated chagrin.

"That's okay Sam, you're a good girl. Quite a good girl. You just get over enthusiastic."

When she had gotten herself looking professional again she said. "Okay class, our next subject is Sexuality and the Vulva. Now since I will be acting as the display model in this class I will be pulling up my skirt and lying back on the bed."

She arranged her stuffed animals into a little hillock and reclined against them so they held her back arched. That way her entire pussy area was exposed but she was still sitting up some and could conduct the 'class'. "Miss Puckell, I'm certain you cannot see everything from your desk. Would you please come over here and sit or kneel on the floor where you will be able to see everything."

Using her whipping cane as a pointer she pointed to her pussy saying, "Does anyone know what this is?"

I raised my hand, but didn't wait to be called on. "Is it your pussy, miss?"

"Indeed it is, Sam. Very good. But pussy is not the proper name of it. Pussy is a slang term. The entire business is called a vulva and this opening that goes up within me is called the vagina. Many people refer to the whole business as a vagina, but that is not correct." She paused a moment and shifted her legs a little wider. "Now who would like to come up and see what a vulva feels like?"

I raised my hand again saying, "I would, miss."

"Okay, Sam. Come on up here. Now what you want to remember is the vulva is very sensitive, and you want to touch it gently. Why don't you show Miss Valentine how gently you can touch her."

I reached my hand out, half smiling with the ridiculousness of it all. But it was kinda hot too. I began to caress her with my fingertips. Stroking over and around her tender flesh.

"Mmmm, oh Sam, that's lovely. Do you see how the lips are fattening up and opening a little. That means you're doing it right. That mean's Miss Valentine is getting sexually aroused from you touching her. Do you see how there is a bit of shiny moistness right where it opens."

"Yes miss."

"Would you believe that if you get me stimulated enough she will become so wet that wetness will gather together and even leak out?" Cat said.

"You don't say," I reply. "Do you think I might be able to get her that wet."

"Maybe, would you like to try?" She asked.

"Can I?" I asked. "I would certainly like to."

She directed me with her pointer, "Now these fat lips are the labia majora. And they like to be stroked gently to start and then a little more firmly as they get excited. And sometimes it''s even nice to tug them softly or to kiss or even suck on them. Now I don't really have very much in the way of inner lips. But you can see a little bit there, right?"

I had been doing each thing as she described it. I now left off kissing and sucking on her lips to say, "Yes miss, I see them. Awww, they're so small and cute."

"Thank you, dear. As I said mine are small and not really on display. But some people have very prominent ones. You may have prominent ones yourself, Sam."

"Oh, I do miss." I said

"Now when you play with the inner lips you want to remember to not do it dry. They are delicate and they like it if you wait until the vulva is excited enough to be quite wet. Or many people prefer to keep them moist with saliva by licking and sucking them, or using a lubricant. Now there is a little bottle of lubricant in my top drawer. Would you get me the bottle. And you will also find a toy in there. Iit is made of pink silicone, is firm and looks something like a hot dog, but a little flared at the base. Could you bring both of those items to me, Sam?"

"I'd be happy to, miss." I said, getting up and fetching her lube and her dildo.

"Now sometimes someone prefers external stimulation and rubbing, and sometimes one might enjoy being penetrated, which is what its called when something goes inside, whether that's a tongue, a finger or a toy like this one." She said holding up the dildo. "And if you do choose to use a toy it is good to remember not to try to put it in width ways or with the flat tapered end first. A good rule is look at the toy and at the vulva and picture in your mind how they might best fit together. This cannot always be counted on to be correct. Especially when you are just starting out and are unfamiliar with the structure of each. Sam, would you like to add lubricant to the toy and experiment with how it might penetrate the vulva?" Cat said.

"Yes, Miss Valentine. I'd like that very much." I decided to take this as an indicator that the game part was over and now it was time for me to fuck my girl for real. Figuring if she disagreed she can easily tell me.

We rarely used toys but its not like we were morally opposed to them. And I was nothing if not adaptable.

I leaned in to kiss my kitten's sweet pussy.
Kissing all around the outside, moving in toward her clit. Then starting over, out to her hips and spiraling around and back to her center. This time kissing again and again along her slit and licking and stroking her clit with my tongue.

"Oh you've decided to prepare the area with licks and loving kisses, Miss Puckett. A very clever strategy." Cat gasped and moaned.

"Yes, miss. Oh, thank you, miss." I purred against and into her, focusing now on licking and sucking her tiny little nubbin clit as my finger tips stroked and spread her pussylips getting them ready for fucking.
Then I moved on to sliding my fingers in. To make sure she was ready, but mostly because I really liked fingering her. Rubbing, stroking and exploring her inside.

I licked, stroked, and fingered her through her first gasping quivering orgasm. Then I felt she was ready for something more. I took the dildo and slicked it up with lube. She was plenty wet, but the slipperier it was, the harder I could fuck her without chafing or something else unhappy for her.

I slid the toy into her and made sure the angle was good and it was slipping in and out real nice. Then I started to kiss up her belly as I fucked her, removing her shirt and bra as I moved up over her to suck on her nipples. Kissing her belly and ribs and breasts, sucking her nipples lovingly with just a little spicy extra bit of roughness with my tongue and lips and nibbling teeth. I took her through another orgasm, adoring her body while I fucked her. Then as a big one began to build I moved up and kissed her. First loving and sweet through one then loving and rough through another.

By now she was breaking off the kissing every few moments to gasp and moan in ecstasy. We'd been going for about fifteen minutes which is about as long as she liked to be fucked hard without a break. So I knew this would probably be the last one for a little while. And she wasn't able to keep the kissing up much anyway so I kissed my way down to her clit and began licking it hard, moving down after a couple minutes to give her kisses and long licks down each side around her pussy, stretched open by the toy.
Then, as she started to moan and spout nonsense syllables, I returned to her clit to kick things up a notch as I brought her home.
Without removing the toy, I lifted her and turned her longways on the bed then crawled in next to her. She liked to relax with it inside her before we slid it out.

After a moment she said. " You really do have to start actually doing your schoolwork. I also planned some kind of math class using my boobs. But I don't remember now."

"I know sweetie. I will. It's okay." I said "I love you Miss Valentine."