A/N: This ficlet was inspired by "So This Is Christmas" by A Murmured Silhouette

Remus had always liked the dark. Even as a very small child, the reasons other people feared the dark completely escaped him. To his young mind, if he could not see the only logical conclusion was that he could not be seen either.

After the bite, what had been a mild pleasure in being able to hide transformed into an overpowering, all consuming need. Remus did not like the dark so much as crave it. His parents taught him that his only chance in life would be to avoid being known for what he was. So Remus cultivated a relationship with darkness, knowing how much of his existance would be spent in it.

Sirius also grew up liking the dark. The eldest child of a grand old family, taught pride with every breath and indulged in every whim, it was arrogance that made Sirius venture into darkness. Where other children feared monsters, Sirius ran recklessly into the unknown, confident he could conquer all foes. He sought adventures, craved challenges, searched in vain for something to test his skills against. But the skeletons in the closet were easily disassembled, and the monster under the bed proved a coward. Even his nightmares could not surprise Sirius Black.

The Sorting Hat did.

It could be said that they met in darkness. Not at the Gryffindor table, sizing up their new family after the Sorting; not in the weeks and months of building friendships and alliances that followed. Sirius showed his true self to his new friends at once, for he had never been taught to hide; but Remus had been taught nothing else, and so he could not be said to have truly met anyone.

As a young Gryffindor Sirius still ran heedlessly into danger, not yet having met the thing that could frighten him. He knew there was something as yet undiscovered about Remus, but there were other mysteries to hold his attention. At Hogwarts, the defiance that Sirius had begun to feel towards his family blossomed; at Hogwarts, the shadow of his upbringing receded to the back of his personality as new adventures molded him. And at Hogwarts, Sirius at long last met the monster he's always known was lurking in the darkness somewhere.

He could have fought with it, as he'd always imagined himself doing. He might have vanquished it. That was certainly what his family would have expected him to do. But Sirius looked at the monster and saw how it hated its loneliness, how desperately it tried to conceal its beastliness. He set aside his desire to conquer and sat down beside the monster to wait with him until the moon set.