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(0riginal Timeline)

"I know, Luke, I know, but I just can't believe you!"

Luke Skywalker gave a heavy sigh, leaning his head back against the wall for a moment. Had he not been recovering from a literal hole in his chest, Luke would have gotten off the bed and gone over to his fuming sister in an attempt to calm her down.

Luke shook his head. "What's so hard to believe Leia? I know my story would sound crazy under any other circumstance, but come on: I'm the walking proof," he said, gesturing to his still-healing torso.

"It's not that I don't believe that it happened, it's kind of hard to deny, it's just…just…" Leia seemed to be struggling for the right words.

"It's just the part about father," Luke said softly, and by the look on Leia's face, he'd hit the mark. "Leia, you can't harbor this grudge against him all your life—"

"Like Force I can't!" she snapped harshly, and Luke winced at her tone.

"I was with him practically every day, I know what he was like. Vader was the complete opposite of our father! Leia, please, you're holding this heavy grudge against a man who doesn't deserve—"

"That man is more monster than anything!" Leia seethed.

"Vader isn't who he always was, Leia," Luke said patiently.

"So, if he's such a great father, I bet you have a logical explanation for the hole in your chest!"

"I already told you, this wasn't his fault: this was the Emperor. Father couldn't do anything because he'd been momentarily stunned. And he was devastated when he thought I'd died." Luke was surprised at the hard edge that crept into his tone, but he didn't try for a softer tone. Leia wasn't listening, and perhaps he needed to try a firmer hand to help her see past the masked machine they'd both been terrorized by for so long.

Leia scoffed. "I'm sorry, Luke, but I can't just suddenly accept that man as my father just because you come back with this story. I haven't forgotten everything he has put us through, all the suffering in this galaxy because of him. Besides, if he had really changed, wouldn't this time have changed to? How do you know that after you left, he didn't fall to the dark side again at a later date?" Before Luke could argue his point any further, Leia turned on her heel and left the room.

Luke groaned once she was gone, staring up at the ceiling. Ever since Luke had told Leia and Han what had happened, Leia had been much colder to him and—much to Han's dismay—easier to irritate. Han himself had been skeptical of Luke's story to begin with, but had eventually taken Luke at his word, especially since it was the only way to explain Luke disappearing into thin air one moment and reappearing severely injured five minutes later.

However, both of them were reluctant to accept Luke's news about Anakin, and they both asked that same question. If Anakin really did change, then why was this time still the same?

Luke had pondered the question himself for long stretches of time—which he had plenty of here in his room—since he didn't have that answer either. The best he could come up with was that the timelines had split into two instead of becoming one single future. Which meant Luke hadn't changed their past, unfortunately.

Finding himself confused once more on the matter, Luke relaxed back into the bed. He was going to need a long nap after getting so worked up by his discussion with Leia. Luke grumbled under his breath at the thought of being stuck in bed any longer, but it was much better than being dead, so he couldn't complain too much.

As his eyes fluttered shut and he neared unconsciousness, he found himself slowly slipping into a dream that felt more like a memory…

"Luke, get back here!"

Luke laughed as his little five-year-old legs pushed harder to try and escape the arms that reached down for him, shrieking in pure joy as his father scooped him into the air, lifting him high so he could start carrying him over his shoulder.

"Dad! Dad! Put me down! Put me down! I want to see the cruiser!" Luke shouted at the top of his lungs, giggling at the end.

"You will, Luke, patience! I just don't want you running ahead of me!" his father laughed.

Father and son made their way over to a Nubian Cruiser that was loading its small group of passengers. As R2-D2 and C-3PO went on board, Luke's mother waited for the two to reach them, a small brunette haired girl clinging to her dress. Luke grinned down at his sister from his awkward position over his father's shoulder.

Luke's mother laughed. "Was Luke making an escape attempt again?"

His father laughed as well. "Yes. He's eager for this trip to Naboo, apparently, and he started running ahead of me."

"Free spirited, just like his father," Luke's mother said with a smile and shake of her head as his father put him down.

"Are we going to see gramma and grampa?" Leia asked excitedly, pulling at mother's dress.

"Yes, Leia, we are," their mother said calmly.

Father put an arm around Mother, kissing her on the cheek. Both children looked away and gagged, causing their parents to laugh as they pulled away. "Come on you two, we need to get going," Father said.

"Can I watch you pilot the ship?" Luke asked in excitement, bouncing on the heels of his feet before scurrying up the ramp behind his father.

His father smiled. "Of course, Luke. If you're good, I might even let you steer…but we won't tell your mother you flew the ship for a while, or she'll have a heart attack. All right?"

Luke gave a squeal of joy. "Yes!"

His father laughed, leading him as discreetly as possible into the control room while his mother got Leia situated in her seat.

Luke opened his eyes, processing what he'd just seen once he got a bearing on his surroundings again. It wasn't a dream, that much was for sure—it had felt far too real to be a dream, but it wasn't one of his memories, obviously. Luke sat up, a hand on his head, frowning.

"What was that?" he mumbled to himself.

It wasn't that he hadn't enjoyed it; he had! But at the same time, it left a pang of longing in him. That was a past he would never have…

Luke sank back into the bed, letting his eyes close again. Get some rest, Luke. You've got a while before you're fully recovered.

(Altered Timeline)

Anakin Skywalker was making his way through the halls of the Jedi Temple, on his way to a Council Meeting, as it dawned on him that he'd been a Jedi Master for twenty years now, and the thought made him feel a little old.

But he couldn't have been happier.

Luke and Leia had grown immensely in the past twenty-two years, both training as Jedi with Luke apprenticed to Anakin and Leia apprenticed to Obi-Wan. Now, as their twenty-third was nearing, Luke was about to be made a Jedi Knight. The thought made Anakin beam with pride, and he was sure the other Masters had noticed it, though none of them said anything. Well, none of them but Obi-Wan, though he didn't criticize, just commented and sometimes teased.

Anakin smiled at the thought. The twins had taken to calling Obi-Wan Uncle, and his former Master had quipped quite a few times how the title made him feel old. Of course, Obi-Wan was no longer as young as he'd once been, anyway. His hair and beard had gone white, and wrinkles had appeared; but the old man was still not one to be trifled with. Looks could be deceiving, just like with Yoda, who had also visibly aged in the past years. Though that fact hardly phased Anakin, seeing as Yoda was about nine hundred years old anyway.

Glancing towards the window, Anakin could see signs of his own aging in the faint reflection it gave. His blonde hair had grown even darker, and some silver hairs could be seen starting to show if someone looked close enough. There were crinkles around his eyes, and a few laugh lines as well. Though at the same time, Anakin felt his eyes gave away his age the most, maybe even caused some to pin him as older then he really was. His eyes had a look about them that showed that he had seen much in his forty-five years—more than he should have.


Anakin turned at the familiar voice with a warm smile, seeing Luke make his way towards him, lightsaber swinging from his belt. As of late, Luke had started looking more and more like the future Luke who had saved them all, and Anakin couldn't help but feel a dull pang in his heart whenever he saw his son. He still missed the future Luke a little, but had accepted long ago that there was nothing he could do about it.

As Luke reached him, Anakin clasped an arm around his son's shoulders, smiling at him. "Luke; how are you feeling?"

Luke sighed. "Actually, I'm not quite sure…I came to ask you an odd question…"

Anakin frowned, brow furrowed. "Of course—what is it?"

"I had…a really strange dream before I woke up this morning."

"Do you want to tell me about it?"

Luke took a deep breath, obviously trying to decide where he should begin. "I was on Tattoine, with Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, and Uncle Obi-Wan was there too, except I called him Ben for some reason…"

His son didn't seem to realize that Anakin had gone still when he'd said that, staring at his son in disbelief of what he was hearing. Luke kept talking, oblivious to his father's reaction.

"…and R2 and 3PO were there as well, and I'd picked them up from Jawas. They had a recording of Leia, but I didn't know her for some reason. And I wasn't a Jedi, either, and I kept hearing that you and mom were dead…and something about an Empire. None of it makes sense to me, but for some reason it did while I was having this dream." Luke stopped for a moment, something coming to mind in the middle of his explanation. "And yet…it didn't feel like a dream. It felt more like…like a memory. Though it couldn't be at the same time, because nothing like that has ever happened. Yet for some reason it still feels important. I don't know what to make of it, Father."

Anakin looked thoughtfully at Luke for several long moments, moving his hands to interlock behind his back as he turned to look out the window.

Part of him was ashamed to admit it, but Anakin had never told his son about the future Luke that was the reason all of them were together as a family.

He had never brought it up, though he almost did more than once. His son wasn't completely oblivious to the future Luke's existence, though, not in the least. Of course, Luke had heard of the stories of 'Jedi Luke', the mysterious Jedi who had been there with Anakin and helped Anakin defeat Darth Sidious, saving the Galaxy from disaster. His son was also one of many who was under the impression that 'Jedi Luke' had paid with his life to ensure that freedom for the Galaxy. Only the Council Members who had known Luke was from the future knew what really happened—how he had survived the wound and returned to his time. So, the only thing Anakin's son didn't know was the important part of Luke having come back from the future in order to save Anakin and his family, and surviving and returning to his time.

Anakin shook his head to clear it of the extra thoughts, focusing once more on what his son was telling him. "That's because they are memories. Just not exactly…yours."

Anakin could sense his son's confusion, and he was sure the boy was frowning at him. "What do you mean, Father?"

Anakin sighed and turned to look at his son, who looked almost exactly as Luke had when he'd first landed in the middle of the battle at Cato Neimoidia, right down to the confused expression on his face. "I think…later, after this meeting I need to go to…you and I are going to have a talk."

Luke's confusion turned to worry. "About what?"

"Your, in a way, namesake. There's something I haven't told you about him that I probably should have told you a long time ago."

"My namesake? Father…you don't mean…"

Anakin nodded. "Yes, we're going to have a long talk about Jedi Luke. We'll bring your sister too: she'll have the right to know as well."

Anakin sensed the surprise and shock coming from his son, though Luke showed no signs of it on the outside—he simply nodded. "All right, Father. Should I go and tell her you want to speak to the both of us after your Council Meeting?"

Anakin smiled slightly. "Yes, though you probably won't have to hunt her down. You know how she sticks to Obi-Wan's side whenever she's not around Han."

Luke chuckled. Leia had run into Han Solo while on a mission to Nar Shadda with Obi-Wan. The smuggler had gotten the two out of a rather sticky situation, though ended up sucked into the middle of the conflict they were handling at the same time. The poor man. If he hadn't been so smitten by Leia, he probably would have demanded The Council make amends for his loss of profit, the damage to his beloved Millennium Falcon, and the price Jabba the Hutt had put over his head in the process of helping Leia and Obi-Wan. Since then, the smuggler had spent a large amount of his time around Coruscant to be around Leia, and even acted as a transport for missions she and Obi-Wan went on. He was obviously love-struck, though it didn't take away from the man's scoundrel persona.

Luke bumped into Anakin, which startled him out of his thoughts. His son seemed distracted—not even looking at Anakin as he muttered out a vague apology—but somewhere else. Anakin frowned at his son's sudden obliviousness, puzzled, but only for a moment as he quickly spotted the cause for his son's distraction. Anakin smiled to himself as he watched the spit-fire, red-headed, female Jedi disappear around a corner.

"Have you talked to her?"

Luke looked at him, startled. "What do you mean? Talked to who?"

Anakin chuckled, nodding in the direction the woman had disappeared to. "Mara Jade, of course. I've caught you staring at her a few times. Why don't you go on and talk to her? I never thought you were the shy type, son."

Luke blushed. "Well, I, um…I…"

Mara Jade had been in The Temple since she was six, and Anakin had not been oblivious to his son's obvious attraction to the woman, always finding it amusing to watch him whenever she was around.

Anakin laughed, shaking his head. "Talk to her. In fact, you can do just that while you wait for me to finish with my meeting with The Council. I can tell Leia I need to talk to the two of you if it means you'll finally talk to Mara."

Luke scrambled to come up with an excuse. "I can't; I promised Galen that I would spar with him today."

One thing that Anakin had been surprised to find out around the time that Luke and Leia were born was that he had not been the only one to break The Code. Two other Jedi, Mallie and Kento Marek, had secretly married, just like Anakin and Padme. However, they had married during the Clone Wars, not before it. Also, just as Anakin and Padme, the two had realized they were going to have a child. However, those two had made the decision to leave the Jedi Order in order to have their child. Before they left, however, the entire ordeal with Sidious had happened, and it had come to light that Anakin was married with two children on the way. They had stayed longer, deciding to see what would happen, and if they would be able to remain Jedi despite their obvious breaking of the rules. To the couple's relief, Anakin was not expelled, and soon The Council had discarded the no attachment rule, which allowed them to stay not only in the Jedi Order, but also together. They had a son, Galen Marek, and the two families, Skywalker and Marek, bonded in the years that came after as the first two Jedi families in the order. Galen and Luke had both become close friends, and when Marek had been knighted, he had started to come with Anakin and Luke on several missions. The three had gotten close enough that Luke and Anakin had settled on a nickname of sorts for Marek, which Marek himself had taken to using quite frequently on a day to day basis. Anakin had been the one to suggest it, feeling the name suited the young Jedi for some reason despite its odd nature for a Jedi.

Anakin rolled his eyes at his son's weak excuse. "I'm sure Starkiller can survive a day without sparring with you, Luke."

Luke sighed in defeat, crossing his arms over his chest. "All right, I'll talk to Mara…but not today."

Anakin chuckled. "Yeah…sure you will, Luke. Sure you will."

Luke shook his head, but didn't argue with Anakin, probably seeing that it was pointless to do so as Anakin tended to win these particular arguments. Anakin chuckled, placing his hand on Luke's shoulder to lead him away. "Come on, Luke…we've got places to be."