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The first few months after her daughter's birth her chaotic to say the least. She can't remember that last time she and Kili had a full night's sleep. She can't remember what it felt like to be able to move from one room to another without the sound of a baby crying out for its mother. But she doesn't mind. She wouldn't change it for anything. To feel loved and wanted by something so precious… she could never ask for anything else. She knows Kili feels the same. The way he holds Brianna in his arms those first few weeks makes her smile. He looks at her with a mix of delight and terror. As if he still can't believe he created this perfect baby whilst at the same time believing he'll drop her. And she can't blame him. She still can't believe this child belongs to her. Her tiny hands that reach out and pull on her braids. Those bright eyes that crinkle when she smiles. The resemblance to her namesake is uncanny and every time she holds her she feels as though a small part of her mother has come back to her.

When an illness spreads through the mountain she becomes terrified she'll lose her daughter. Thorin, Dis and Fili soon come down with the illness and when Brianna can't stop crying one night she knows what's wrong.

"Bring her to bed love." Kili sits up as she paces around the room – trying to soothe her daughter. As she gets back under the covers Kili gently strokes Brianna's hand. Her cheeks are flushed and when she coughs her whole body rolls. Kili presses his forehead to hers.

"She'll be alright love. She'll be alright."

She nods. Kili tells her to get some sleep. She'll be no good if she gets ill as well. But she can't sleep. She daren't go to sleep in case she wakes up to find her daughter gone. But in the end she can't help it. And when she wakes Brianna's hand is pressed against her face; her eyes sparkling.

She gets better. She gets stronger and as time passes it becomes hard to believe she was ever born a month early.

She sits back in her chair as she waits for Kili to come home. Brianna sits on her lap making noises. Her dark hair covers her ears and her blue dress is too long in the sleeves. But Brianna doesn't notice any of this. Instead she sits there, patting her feet as though she's never seen them before. They both have a surprise for Kili when he comes home. As the door opens she can't contain her smile. She knows how close she has come to not being able to have what she has now and every day she wakes up, thankful she still has it. Kili kisses her warmly before kissing Brianna's forehead.

"We have a surprise for daddy."

Kili's eyes widen and she laughs. Even though he's over eighty it's at times like this he becomes eight again. Getting up she carries her daughter to the other side of the room before setting her on her feet.

"Go and show daddy your surprise."

Brianna giggles before staggering towards Kili. He kneels down; arms open as tears come to his eyes. Her staggering gets faster as she gets closer before her feet trip over each other and he stumbles. Kili can't move fast enough. Scooping Brianna into his arms he cuddles her close before moving towards her and kissing her. She hugs him, keeping their daughter warm and safe in the middle.

"That's was amazing." Kili turns from her to Brianna as he kisses her cheek.

"You were amazing."

It's no surprise Faril and Brianna become fast friends. There's less than a year between them and yet he's taken on the role of her protector. Often she and Kili will find the two of them playing in Bofur's toyshop. The hatted dwarf sitting back and watching the pair with a tearful smile. And when Fili and Alys come the four of them share a knowing look before picking up their children and going home.

The second Brianna is old enough she and Kili decide to let her go and find Faril by herself. Brianna is always smiling but she notices her daughter's smile gets wider when she sees her friend. As they hug she is momentarily reminded of her husband and his brother. The blonde and the brunette. Inseparable until they die. No matter what the matter is she knows Faril will always look after her daughter. A case proven a few weeks after Brianna's tenth birthday. She comes home to find her daughter sobbing against her father's chest with Fili and Faril standing close by. Faril has a black eye and as she looks to her daughter she can see dried blood on her lip.

"What happened?"

Kili opens his mouth but Brianna shakes her head, "They were saying stuff about you."

She gives a small sigh. She knows what Brianna is talking about. There were plenty of dwarves who thought and ex assassin who spent most of her life living with elves had no place in Erebor. Certainly no place at their prince's side. Brianna bit her lip.

"I told them to shut up. Then I hit one and he hit me back."

She can't help her smile. At least her daughter can stand up for herself. Fili sighs.

"That's when Faril appeared. He saw the boy hit her and decided to beat them up."

She looks over at Faril. Although he looks slightly guilty she notices his eyes never leave Brianna's crying figure.

The moment her daughter first learns to fight is amazing. She and Kili had argued over who would teach her what. In the end she lets him teach her how to shoot whilst she shows her how to use a sword. Of course once Fili and Dwalin hear about this they are determined to help. Fili shows her how to throw knives and hunt whilst Dwalin helps her build her strength. She knows her daughter will always be weaker than some of the others. But she knows Brianna won't let it stop her. As the years go on she watches as Kili and Brianna have archery contests. She watches Kili deliberately miss a shot so their daughter can spend the rest of the day gloating.

Brianna never stops training with her family. But it's not long before she and Faril are sparring together. Faril can outmatch her in a sword fight. But when it comes down to the use of a bow or throwing knives it's clear Brianna has Kili's skill. And unlike her father, Faril doesn't go easy on her. He knows Brianna will make him regret it later on.

The news of Thorins death is a shock. But it's not a surprise. She knew the time wasn't far away. Very few dwarves lived all the way to three hundred years. And at least he was able to say goodbye to everyone before he passed. As funeral plans are made she and Kili do their best to help Fili. It doesn't matter how long he has been training to be king, now the time is here he's more afraid than ever.

Everyone is there for the funeral. The company of Thorin Oakenshield take pride of place and even Gandalf has arrived. She waits anxiously for news of Bilbo. But instead the wizard takes her aside and explains that Bilbo went to the undying lands several years ago. And that's when she cries. She cries because Bilbo will never know what happened to Thorin. Later that night she tells the others news of their burglar and they share a small moment of silence for him and for Thorin. Meanwhile Kili does his best to reassure Fili that he'll be the best king Erebor has ever seen. And she knows her husband is right. Fili was born to do this and she knows he'll make his family proud.

By the time Brianna has turned seventy she knows something is up between her daughter and Faril. Both bluish every time they see each other and there have been numerous occasions she has caught the pair holding hands and whispering in the corridor. And each time she makes her presence known Brianna hurries off – face aflame. One day she walks in on the pair holding each other. Before she can say anything Faril runs off whilst Brianna is doing everything not to blush.

"You love him don't you?"

Her daughter nods as a look of shame creeps onto her face.

"But he's my cousin! Wouldn't it be…wrong."

She shakes her head as she sits cross legged on her daughter's bed, "No. I'm a human and your father is a dwarf. Some people believed that to be wrong and yet here we are. If he is your One then it doesn't matter who he is."

Brianna nods, "He is. My One I mean. I'm his and he is mine. But we didn't want anyone to know in case you all got angry."

She laughs, "I imagine Fili will be gloating at how it's due to his inherent good looks that you love Faril."

Brianna doesn't say anything. Instead she wraps her arms around her waist and hugs her tightly. Kissing her daughters head she thinks about how she never got to have this with her own mother. How she's spent every day trying to make sure Brianna grew up with a mother who would do anything for her.

When she sees the courting braid in her daughter's hair she and Kili smile at each other. They are no longer sixty and seventy seven. Instead they are one hundred and thirty and one hundred and forty seven. Yet both of them only look a few years older than the day they met in the Shire all those years ago. She knows Kili will outlive her by a good fifty years. He knows it to and sometimes it upsets him. But when that happens she just takes him in her arms and rocks him to sleep.

"I love you," he presses kisses against her face as they both lie on the bed together. Kili wraps an arm around her waist and pulls her against him. Shutting her eyes she is reminded of that first night - that night in Mirkwood where everything changed. Where they finally admitted their love for each other. How they held each other that night as though they were a single being.

And they've never let go since.

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