Chapter 30 – The Master Of Fate

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'Only the strong survive.' The words echoed through the mind of a young man who had been through a lot in his lifetime yet it wasn't his mind that the words had originally been spoken to. Percy heard the numb echoes of a Demon's voice being directly spoken into his counterpart. They were two sides of the same coin so it made sense that even on such a deep level the two of them were directly connected.

Perseus had awoken long before Percy had and realized that he was in for a world of trouble that he really didn't need to involved Olympus with, especially not Thalia or any of the other girls. The sin of Wrath had returned to Hell and was patiently waiting atop his throne of fire for the day that Sammael came.

He had something that belonged to his fellow sin and Sammael was no doubt going to want it back but Perseus wasn't sure whether or not his other hearts had properly recovered. It didn't matter, Sammael was more understanding than the other sins, as was evident by him even showing himself among dozens of Gods and transferring an entire heart.

Percy looked around, things were dull and there was a constant numbing sensation that throbbed at the side of his head. Could Gods even get headaches? That hardly seemed fair but then nothing about his world was fair. He'd been gone for no longer than a single day and all he'd been left to return to was absolute ruin and the person he'd fallen in love with captured and tortured for a decade. His fury ran deep in his veins yet it was something that he had to get a hold on, they had won after all, hadn't they? Tartarus had been ripped from reality and taken to Hell, the REAL Hell, and Gaea had been obliterated by the three Elder Gods, what more could there have been?

Before Percy could do anything at all, his whole world turned upside down, literally, the walls crumbled and he started falling through nothing but a black void, he couldn't even feel Perseus' presence inside his mind any more, not even as a dormant being, whatever this was, it was strictly to do with him.

He finally came to a stop after another few seconds of nothing but a cold abyss. He looked down to find himself clad in leather boots and trouser that were similar to the ones that he'd given himself and Perseus when they'd stormed Olympus yet there was something off about them. They seemed thicker and the lining looked like it was constantly dissolving in the wind. In fact, all of his clothes left a soft trail of golden dust behind them when he moved.

"The fateless one." He heard a shrill voice call out to him in disgust. When he found the origin of the voice his heart sunk. He had been brutally summoned by the three fates. They each glared at him in immense displeasure, like he'd desecrated their ancient laws, which, you know... He HAD.

"The only part of your life that's ever been directly bound in fate is us summoning you." One of them spat unhappily. He either really screwed them over or they were just having a catastrophically bad day.

"Look, I have no idea what's going on or why it looks like my body is dying so if you could shed some light then that would be peachy." He told them with a glare of his own, he totally didn't have the time to do this right now. He had a LOT of catching up to do with Artemis and he actually wanted to do that, not to mention that who knows how much of the world needed to be rebuilt because of those Primordial jackoffs.

"It's not an easy thing to understand, young one. Firstly because of your more than unique heritage from both sides of your aspects you were an unbound God but now that you've achieved what none could and broke the chains of Olympus, you've directly crossed the one who had set Tartarus and Gaea on their paths and somehow, SOMEHOW, you have mastered a domain." The fates were speaking as one, a unison of voices yet they were all represented through the smallest, the one who stood in the middle, he couldn't remember who they all were though. Maybe it was Clotho?

"That sounds highly unlikely but I doubt you'd summon me directly just to lie to me, so what exactly have I done?" Percy shrugged, not really caring what they decided to do as all of this was more than likely just them scolding him for being reckless, or perhaps a warning?

"You have disrupted the time stream set in place by thousands of years by none other than Chronos himself." Clotho nodded solemnly.

"I've already killed him." Percy exasperated. Whatever Kronos had planned, the Demon-God had incinerated him from the inside out.

"No, you killed Kronos, with a K, we're talking about the Primordial. Father time himself." Atropos, was it Atropos? Percy couldn't possibly care less about what their names were at this point.

"OK, so what exactly did I do when I foiled Time's plans?" Percy could only sigh, this was so far beyond his care that it was unreal. He'd destroyed two Primordials recently, he could stretch for a third, although, Chronos would be a far sight stronger than Tartarus and Gaea, his body was the stream of time itself and that seemed like something that couldn't even be fought against unless you had a hand of power in the damn thing itself.

"You mastered fate itself." Lacheisis told him with a straight face.

"Excuse me?" He backed up slightly.

"You heard me!" She shrieked, not wanting to have to repeat herself. She hated actually having to interact with most people as it was.

"She means that you have become a God above and beyond any semblance of fate. You are the only one who can chose the path that you walk." Clotho pushed in, noticing that Percy was REALLY struggling to keep up. In fairness they had summoned him as soon as he lifted his already heavy eyes. They had to wait because on the other side of his mind his Demon was preparing for a grilling from another Demon and his mind was subconsciously putting up defences that the Fates couldn't get through so they instead had to block Perseus from the mind temporarily.

"That sounds immensely dangerous." Percy breathed in and awaiting their take on things. It MUST have been dangerous or again, they wouldn't have pulled him from his somewhat comfortable bed.

"Oh yes, if you thought that your life up until now held pressure you were wrong." Clotho started to grin. These fates were malicious bastards down to their very core.

"So that's what this gold stuff is about?" He pointed at the wisps that were casually flowing from his body.

"Yes, what with you being the God of Fate. You control the paths that others hold and yet you yourself don't have one." Percy raised an eyebrow, that had literally nothing to do with what he had asked. It was almost like they were trying to throw him off of it.

"So, to answer pretty much the only question I've actually been asking... What is this stuff?" He pushed on once again.

"The fabric of reality." Lacheisis told him with that same deadpan look as before.

"WHAT!?" He backed up quickly, suddenly feeling like his body was enclosed in a ticking time bomb that would erase him from existence.

"She's joking. The easiest way for us to describe it to you would be that it's the strands of fate. They cling to their master, you could probably turn that into quite a nasty weapon if you so chose." Atropos told him with a soft smile. She was easily the nicest fate, not at all assholey like her sisters were being.

"Huh... Badass." Percy muttered when he weaved the golden strands around his hand with immense grace and elegance. They lengthened at his will and even detached from his body where he was just sending them in random patterns before the Fates interrupted him again.

"Indeed, now you know that in saving Olympus you've thrust yourself into the midst of yet another war that hinders on you and your Demon, you'll either make or break the universe with how you use your power so please... Do be careful Percy Jackson." Clotho told him with a final smile before waving her hand at him. His body was once again thrust into a different location yet this time it wasn't the bed he'd once been in, he erupted into the central pavilion of Olympus out of a vibrant gold rift in the air.

Just opposite him, he saw a blood red and demonic looking rift of the same pattern. Perseus was spat out of it in a much less elegant manner, as was evident when his face smashed against the marble floor. All around them were tired Gods and Goddesses all tirelessly working to rebuild the damage suffered from the Titans in the past decade.

"Well that was trippy as fuck. Where am I? Percy, oh hey, what's going on?" Perseus asked, rubbing the side of his head where he'd slammed against the floor. Numerous hunters started to giggle at them from where they were sat.

"Umm, I don't know how to say this, but-" Percy began before Perseus got impatient.

"Out with it." He muttered loudly whilst clicking his back and neck loudly. It sounded painful but the Demon's expression showed only immense pleasure from it. He probably got off from pain anyway.

"I'm the God of Fate." His voice was louder than he'd expected and upon his words the whole world seemed to go dead silent before a lightning bolt hit the ground aggressively right where he was standing. Out of it, Zeus emerged.

"You would need the-" Before Zeus could even pass another word, the Fates themselves all flashed in right next to Percy. Zeus adopted a frown when he saw their presence, they really could have helped Olympus a decade ago. Numerous other flashes all erupted around them when the Gods had been attracted to what was happening.

"Listen up because this is only going to happen once." Clotho announced angrily.

"Perseus Jackson is the only God to ever receive a domain like this. In terms of rank it is above major domains and far above minor domains. The level of mastery that he has puts him on terms with the Primordials, even though he is not one. Percy Jackson is the God of Fate!" Their words echoed when they each left in a sickly green rift like the one that Percy had left.

"Well..." Zeus began in utter shock and confusion.

"We'll hold some sort of celebration when we can, there's simply too much to do right now I'm afraid." He nodded weakly at the younger Gods around him before leaving in a flash of lighting.

"Percy?" Artemis' voice caught his attention immediately.

"Oh for fuck sake, not again. I'm out yo, I've got a throne to sit on in Hell. Percy, I know what's coming, you'd best tell these idiots as soon as possible, I'll be there when I'm needed." Perseus gave a weak salute from the top of his horns before falling backwards towards the ground which melted around his body before sealing itself up again.

"We don't have much time and there's a lot to catch up on." Artemis told him sternly. She wanted so badly to take him in her hands and just kiss his face all day but there was something else on her mind, something that the Titans had been taunting her with for so many years. Tartarus and Gaea were not the last in line.

"TIME is something that we REALLY do not have a lot of. Tartarus and Gaea were not the ones behind all of this, they were just pawns in a game played by a madman. And I intend to take him down." Percy grinned. Without even realizing it, dozens of golden strands of what looked like floating sand and sparkles from diamond started to float around his body. Even time couldn't destroy the fateless.

"The path I walk it my own and every decision I make it one unbound by the laws surrounding our world so I hope you understand what it means when I say that the path in front of me is one that I want to walk with you." He told her, his usually sea green eyes had been replaced by a gold that was so powerful that it made Apollo's usually cheery eyes look like broken yellow crayolas.

"Percy." Artemis whispered under her breath when she felt his hands placed softly on her face. Before Percy could move in to kiss her in front of everyone in the pavilion, she had jumped into him and secured what was rightfully hers.

Behind them on the wall where the hunters were sat, Thalia was scowling with her arms folded. She was jealous that Artemis had been the one to take Percy but honestly, it wasn't really Percy that she was after anymore.

Before she could make any further comments about the two, the ground below them seemed to open with fire before Perseus emerged, lazily sitting on what looked like a stone hammock. Totally uncomfortable for most but this was Perseus of all people.

"So, while those two are busy playing tonsil tennis in front of the other Gods, you wanna see what Hell looks like from the tower of a Demon Lord?" He asked with a fiery grin that matched the passion in his eyes. Thalia seemed to mirror it before jumping off and taking his hand.

"See you when father Time comes down to punish us for ruining everything." Perseus waved casually at Percy before he and Thalia both fell through the floor leaving most people stunned at what had happened.

"Percy, what does he mean by father Time?" Artemis asked when she'd finally let him go.

Percy was being watched by everyone that still remained in the pavilion. He took a step back before making his announcement for them all to hear.

"Tartarus and Gaea were not the ones in charge of ruining the world that I've come to love." He told them, hearing hushed whispers follow his words.

"The Primordial God of Time, Chronos, was the one who truly orchestrated all of this and sooner or later he'll be coming to find me, so let's see what happens when Time meets Fate. I promise you all this, I left once, I'm not leaving again. The Demon-God stand with Olympus!" His words filled everyone with hope and more than that, Artemis was being filled with emotions that she'd previously never felt for anyone before, sure she'd felt this very same thing for Percy before he'd left for Hell but it wasn't the same.

She knew in her heart that she was well and truly in love with Percy Jackson.

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