"What are you doing?"

Jet looked around, in the middle of tying his captive to the large wooden column in the middle of the room. It helped to hold up the cellar ceiling of the small, stucco hut Jet occupied in the Lower Tier of the Earth Kingdom. He hadn't been there long, just over two months. His neighbors were stone masons and gone most of the time, day and night. Jet had been lucky to find a place with a cellar, they usually only existed in the Middle and Upper Rings. It wasn't even too expensive. He made do as a street-sweeper and made enough to feed himself with money left over.

His ally, Li, stood on the rickety stairwell, gazing down at him in confusion. Li worked in a teashop with his Uncle; they had met coming to Ba Sing Se on the ferry. Li was a good fighter, but almost too serious for Jet. He took everything way too personally, his honor always on his mind. He also looked almost Fire Nation to Jet, but he obviously wasn't. Maybe a half breed, but an outcast like himself. Together, they'd run the city one day.

"She saw me stealing." Jet explained. "It's okay, I know her."

"You know her?" Zuko descended the stairs slowly, his raspy voice incredulous. "And you're still tying her up?" He knew what the girl was capable of. He wondered how she had gotten herself caught by the outlaw.

"Well, she ran. She was going to tell the City Watch." Jet explained, dropping to his knees to secure a rope around her ankles. She kicked at him but he grabbed her ankle and slammed it against the column, glaring at her. "Stop. It'll be easier for you."

Zuko noticed the cloth tied around her mouth and was internally grateful. At least for now, she couldn't rat on him to Jet, reveal he was a fire bender. She was glaring at him fiercely, halting him in his tracks. "What's the end game, Jet?"

"What do you mean?" Jet's voice was too innocent.

Zuko scowled at him. "You just mean to tie her up here until what? She forgets she saw you? Decides you're not a threat? What?"

Jet grimaced back at him. "I hadn't thought that far ahead."

"Obviously." Zuko sighed, turning to go back up the stairs.

"Wait!" Jet leapt up to put a hand on his shoulder, stopping him. "You have to help me talk to her. Make her see reason. She's just mad because of what I did to her a long time ago."

The girl made a muffled screech and shook her head, shouting words that were completely absorbed by the cloth around her mouth.

"Good gag." Zuko murmured. "I don't want to talk to her."

"Please," Jet begged. "You're better with words than I am."

Zuko flicked his gaze between Jet's eyes. The boy was crazy. But his only friend in the city, besides his Uncle. "Fine. I'll stay."

"Okay, good." Jet headed towards the stairs himself. "I'm just going to get some wine. Why don't you introduce yourself?" He sprinted up the stairs, taking them two at a time.

Zuko waited until he heard his steps fade away from the staircase before he turned to the girl. "I don't believe we need any introduction." She glared at him, mumbling more unintelligible words. He strode closer to her. "I want you to know that this was not my idea, and I had no part in it." She rolled her eyes at him. He stepped up beside her, laying his mouth close to her ear. "If reveal to him who I am, or anything about how you and I know each other, I'll burn your face off."

He walked away from her as he heard Jet's steps on the stairs, feeling her glare against his back. It was necessary, but his gut squirmed with guilt.

"Did she say anything?" Jet asked, setting a skein of wine on the floor with three glasses.


"Did you say anything?"


Jet rolled his eyes. "Then why would she say anything?"

Zuko shrugged.

Jet growled at him and walked back to Katara. "Did he at least introduce himself?"

She stared up at him with loathing, wriggling in her bonds. She pulled against them, trying to kick him. Her blue eyes shot to Zuko accusingly, and more muffled words poured out from behind her gag.

"If I take that off, will you have some wine?" Jet asked. She narrowed her eyes. "Please. We might be here awhile." Her posture slumped and she blinked her eyes, nodding. "Okay, good." Jet carefully began to untie the gag from her mouth. "Li, can you pour the wine?"

"I want no part of this."

"You're already in it." Jet snapped, stuffing the gag into his pocket. "Just do it." He turned back to the girl. "Are you hungry?"

"Yes." Katara snapped. "I've been here all morning."

"Oh, okay, well we have some bread and cheese. It's upstairs." Jet went back up the stairs in a dash and they could hear him rummaging around in the kitchen.

"Let me go." Katara hissed to Zuko as he held a glass of wine out to her. "Untie me."

"Sorry." Zuko said, holding the wine to her lips. "Not my house."

Katara snarled and tossed her head, knocking the wine from the goblet. It splashed down the front of her tunic and she yelped. "It's cold!"

"That's how wine's supposed to be." Zuko muttered as he watched the red liquid seep into her clothing above the bonds. It turned the blue cloth purple, clinging it to her breasts. She had grown since he had tied her to a tree so many months ago. His eyes darted to her face and back down.

"Okay, I got two types of bread and three types of cheese…." Jet looked at the two of them, Zuko turning to face him. "What happened?"

"She spilled her wine." Zuko murmured.

"Oh." Jet said, his eyes lingering more obviously than Zuko's had. Katara felt the feeling in the air shift, becoming electrically charged. She shifted uncomfortably in her ropes as Jet's eyes fastened on her chest, the chill from the wine hardening her nipples. She glared back at him, hoping to refocus him. "Well, um…pour her another."

Zuko obeyed, holding the goblet to her lips again. She sneered at him. "Can I have a towel?"

Zuko looked to Jet. The other boy was still stuck on Katara's chest. Zuko cleared his throat, snapping Jet back to wakefulness. "Oh, yeah. Hold on."

"He really likes running up those stairs." Katara muttered as Jet, once again, went up the stairs.

Zuko cracked a small smile and snorted. "Yeah."

"Please, Zuko. Let me go." She whispered. "I wasn't going to the City Watch, I just wanted to get away from Jet."

"Sorry." He rasped. "But you know I'm here. And the Earth Kingdom is looking for me." He looked at her struggling for a moment, remembering when he had tied her to a tree. She was angrier this time, more worked up. "And it's still not my house."

"Coward." She muttered, looking away from him.

"What?" Prince Zuko might be many things, but he was not a coward. He started walking towards her.

"You're a coward!" She barked at him, struggling against the ropes as he stood right up against her.

He bared his teeth at her as his hand shot to her throat. 'Coward' had always been one of Azula's words for him: this water bending peasant had no right to use it against him. "I am not a coward." His other forearm came down beside her head, his body pressed up against hers in his anger. She raised her head defiantly against him, not giving ground. "Say it."


He gripped his hand tighter around her throat, feeling her pulse quicken against his fingers. "Say it."

"Make me." She hissed, arching her back to press back against him, unwilling to submit.

A small spark of respect for her lit through him. The girl was tied to a column in a cellar by two hostile boys and she still wouldn't give in, even when she was clearly at a disadvantage. He shifted his stance, not pressing so hard, and her hip shifted in the other direction, bringing their upper thighs into contact, the curve of her hip resting between his legs. Surprised, his hand shifted so his fingers spread across her cheek, cradling it.

Katara felt the tension rise again in the basement, feeling his warm fingers on her face, her leg between his. He had always been well built and from his close presence she could feel his hard abs against hers, see the muscles rippling in his arms. That kind of strength frightened her, and attracted her. She, as a powerful bender herself, had always been drawn to the talented, great benders.

He was challenging her again in a subtle battle for dominance, his body pressing more firmly against hers, trying to get her to submit, to give up first. His fingers curled against her cheek, the soft pads of his fingers brushing slightly against her ear. She shook her head and he gripped her jaw tighter, turning her face back to him. "Say it."

"Never." She bit at him, her teeth clicking together an inch from his face.

He jerked his head back, his hips jutting forward to balance himself. She let out a gasp and he smirked, leaning in closer, fighting the sudden urge to bite her on the neck, show her what real teeth could do. She was glaring up into his face, his fingers still on her face. Her eyes flicked from his face to his throat and back, her tongue darting out to wet her lips. Zuko could smell the sweat on her, the fear, the unique Katara smell that he remembered from the first time she had been his captive. He felt himself twitch as she shifted uncertainly, inadvertently brushing up against his length hidden beneath his pants.

"You're at my mercy." He murmured, letting his fingers trail down to settle lightly at the base of her neck, feeling her sharp collarbone and his forearm against the chilled dampness of her breast.

"I thought this was Jet's house." She breathed out, beginning to let her nerves get the best of her. What was their plan? What were they going to do with her? She had already told Zuko she wouldn't report them, and Aang, Toph, and Sokka would miss her eventually. In theory…when they began to starve.

"He listens to me." Zuko said. Katara thought his breath smelled like jasmine tea and cinnamon bread. He pressed closer still, almost straddling her leg. She could feel a hot center against her thigh and her stomach somersaulted; a mix of fear and anticipation. He could hear her breath pick up; she was almost panting before him. "Say it."

She lifted her chin, almost bringing their noses into contact. Zuko was looking down at her, his other arm curling around her head so his forearm was above her, surrounding her. "Show me." His close presence was beginning to become overwhelming, driving her fear into…something else. Something she wanted to play out, explore, see where it lead.

Zuko took a deep breath, about to give in to the urge to bite her, sink his teeth into the tender skin below her ear, when Jet's voice broke the heady silence.

"Show you what?" He stood with freshly purchased towels and a steaming bucket of water in his hands, smirking down at them from the staircase.

Zuko leapt back from Katara, who took a deep steadying breath and wriggled in her bonds, trying to shake off the tingles she was feeling. Zuko stared at Jet, trying to think of something.

Jet smiled lopsidedly and descended the stair case slowly, one step at a time. "Well?"

"Nothing." Katara growled, her cheeks tinged pink. "Let me out of here, Jet."

His face took on a pretense of hurt. "You know, I thought we were friends Katara." She opened her mouth to protest but he kept talking. "I bring you wine, a towel to dry off with when you spill my wine…" He waltzed over to where Zuko stood, still looking rueful. "And you won't even tell me what you were talking about."

"I called him a coward!" She spat. "For not letting me go."

"That'd not cowardice, that's loyalty." Jet clapped a hand on Zuko's shoulder, making the other man scowl. "He's my ally. Of course he wouldn't let my…guest go. Not without saying goodbye."

Katara opened her mouth to tell Jet exactly who his ally was, but Zuko cleared his throat and she remembered his threat. Nothing that had transpired between them while Jet was away made her think that he still didn't mean it. She closed her mouth and resorted to glaring at the floor, shivering slightly from her damp top.

"Here." Jet said, moving closer. "Let me get you out of those wet clothes."

"What?" She started wriggling again, the violent movements hiking her skirt up against the ropes, revealing a spans of her legs. "Keep away from me."

"No, you're cold." Jet said, laying the towel over his shoulder to free his hands. "Let me help you, Katara."

She started cursing at him and he sighed, retrieving the gag fabric from his pocket. He whipped it around her head and tied it securely. Zuko watched with amusement, leaning back against the wall. She looked frustrated enough to kill as Jet began to undo the ties of her tunic. "Relax, Katara." Jet shot Zuko a look over his shoulder. "Li's here to chaperone."

He saw her eyes dart to him, and bristled imagining her sarcastic opinion of his cover name. She mumbled through her gag, rolling her eyes. As Jet's hands slid over her shoulders to push the sleeves of her tunic down, exposing her white wrapped undergarments, she began to struggle violently, loudly calling out what he expected were insults from behind her gag.

Jet stepped back, enraptured by the sight of her breasts, the wet white fabric clinging to their shapes, her hard nipples visible through their bonds.

"Li, come help me." Jet said, a smirk on his face.

Zuko reluctantly rolled off of the wall and walked forward to stand by Jet. Like his…ally, he was having trouble keeping his eyes from Katara's chest. Her breasts were practically spilling from her white bindings, pushed up and out by the ropes around her ribs. She glared at them over her gag, her cheeks pink, flipping her gaze between the two of them warily. Jet thrust a towel into his hand. "Let's help the lady out."

Jet stepped forward towards his captive, dipping his towel into the hot water. He wrung it out and stepped close to her, laying one hand on her shoulder and she flinched away. "Hold still." He admonished her, laying the warm towel on her other shoulder.

Katara glared at him. Hold still. Really? His towel was wonderfully warm against her skin, soaking up the stain left by the wine. Jet's hand was firm, massaging her shoulder and neck. She kept her eyes focused on him, narrowing them as his hand dipped lower to scrub her breastbone. The warmth grazed the tops of her breasts above her wrappings as he leaned his hips closer, face turning serious. She felt that he looked more dangerous without a smile, his dark eyes intense as he glanced at her. His lips quirked up just a little bit.

"These are ruined." He stated, plucking at her wrappings. She wriggled, swearing at him from behind her gag. "We'll have to get you new ones." He flicked out a knife and, before Zuko or Katara could react, sliced through her bindings and pulled, removing them from her completely. She shrieked behind her gag, struggling to try to get out of his gaze, her face fully flushed red. Zuko stepped forward to intervene, this wasn't right, but Jet caught him in the chest with his hand. "Your turn, Li. The wine went…all the way down." He turned to Li with a strange gleam in his eye, the same one he had when they had raided the captain's provisions on the ferry: a dare.

Jet prodded Zuko forward, delighting in the other man's awkward reluctance. "She won't bite."

"That's what you think." Zuko murmured. He stepped in close to Katara, her blue eyes glowering up at him, her hard nipples dark points against the round fullness of her breasts. Zuko draped his towel like a blanket across his hand, dipping it in the water like Jet had. He didn't bother to wring it out, instead laying the dripping cloth against her skin so drops ran down past the ropes around her ribs. She gave a muffled gasp at the contact, her eyes softening at the warmth. Very carefully, he used his fire bending to keep the towel warm as he moved it across her shoulders. Her eyes were grateful, though still irritated and guarded.

The sight of her breasts dripping with the water was doing strange things to his body. His heart sped up, almost matching the beat under his fingers as he dipped lower with the towel, letting the corner of the towel brush lightly against her nipples. She shuddered, her eyes unfocusing for a moment before catching his. He noticed a new spark, a new energy in them that encouraged him. He let his hand wander still lower, until his toweled hand was clasped around her breast, making her gasp behind the gag. His stomach tightened, thrilled by the feel of the full weight under his hand. He squeezed experimentally and was rewarded with her eyelids fluttering, closing for a moment. He pulled his hand closed so he tugged on her firm nub and she jerked, her hips pressing backwards, her back arching. He felt like that was his hint.

Zuko brought his other hand up, spreading the towel between the two of them, a covered hand on each breast, kneading and squeezing. He tweaked her nipples with hot fingers, feeling himself stir as she made small whimpering noises and let her head fall backwards against the column.

A large brown hand pushed his out of the way as Jet captured her left breast in his own toweled glove. Her eyes flashed open and she glared, but Jet gave her a half smile and rolled her nipple over and over between his fingers until her head lolled backwards again. Zuko shook his head, stepping sideways so her hip rested between his legs, his half-erect cock pressing against her thigh.

Katara glanced nervously up at Zuko as she felt him rub against her. He looked down at her, noting the quick rise and fall of her chest, the blush of her face, the way her head fell back against the column, the way she was looking at him with questions and hunger in her eyes as his fingers tightened once more against her nipple, Jet mirroring his actions on her other breast. She positively whimpered.

Zuko's earlier urge to bite her flared up and he snaked his head in, nudging her chin up to allow him access to her neck. He bit hard, feeling her moan vibrate against his mouth. He pumped her neck, sucking on the swell of her jugular, hard enough that he knew there'd be a bruise. His hand continued his attentions on her breast while his other fisted gently in her hair to keep her still.

Jet chuckled at the noises Katara was making. "Someone's enjoying themselves." She sure had buckled quickly. And Li! Who would have thought. Li always surprised him. He was unpredictable, which Jet liked; it gave them an edge in combat. But he had never been good around girls, not even the floozies who draped over him at the teashop he worked in. Maybe they just weren't his type; too easy. Maybe Li needed dangerous girls, just like he himself did.

He wondered if Li would go for what was forming in his mind. The guy was territorial, possessive. He was leaving his mark on her neck and he hadn't even taken her yet. The sight of her tied up and helpless had gotten Jet hard long ago, now he was straining against his pants, ready for some attention. But carefully, slowly.

He positioned himself closer to her, mirroring Zuko, his bulging length pressing against her other thigh. Her eyes peeked at him from their corners, still enraptured by Zuko's teeth against her neck. Jet smirked and discarded his towel into the bucket. He wasn't about to be outdone by a half breed.

He took her breast in his naked hand, his fingers playing with her nipple, tugging on it, pulling it, tapping the tip and making her groan. He spread his fingers on the underside curve, and dipped his head, dragging his tongue over her nipple in a wet swipe. Her eyes flew open and she squeaked, arching her back and pumping her hips forward.

"Like that?" He rasped, his voice husky. He did it again, fluttering his fingers against the heaving mound as she struggled to control her breathing. Zuko was still nibbling on her neck, her fingers clawing into the wood behind her in frustration. He latched his lips around the hard nub and sucked. She moaned, pressing her legs together to get some sort of sensation. Her struggling knees brushed against the men at her sides, drawing their eyes down. Zuko saw Jet's lips wrapped around her tit, suckling on her, and his cock came to full attention. He moved his hand from her hair to wrap it around the back of her neck, his other hand travelling lower to brush against her midriff.

Katara squirmed as Zuko's hot fingers brushed against her stomach. A whispery thought ran through her sensation-addled brain that he was going to give himself away as a fire bender if he kept it up with the heat. It was quickly pushed aside as his fingers dipped below the waist of her skirt and leggings to draw circles around her hipbone. She was rapidly losing control from the attentions of the two boys, embarrassed by the noises she kept making almost against her will. And spirits help her, she wanted more.

Jet noticed Zuko's hand below her skirt and copied him, his fingers travelling lower to brush against the bottom of her under wrappings where they wrapped around her mid-thigh. He smirked as he felt her muscle twitch. He looked up at Li, his lips popping free with a wet smack. He let his thumb stroke across the tip of her nipple as he straightened up to face Li, leaning his cheek against her hair. She smelled nice. "Li." He didn't respond right away, just pinned Jet with a reproachful stare from the corner of his eye. "Li."

"What?" Zuko snarled, finally emerging from Katara's neck. Jet snorted when he saw the bruise already rising to the surface of her neck: large and purple.

Jet glanced down at the ropes around Katara's ankles and back at Li. Zuko followed his gaze and frowned at Jet. "You sure?"

Jet nodded, licking his bottom lip. Li flicked Katara's nipple, making her gasp loudly, before he sank down into a crouch to begin unworking the knots.

"If you kick us," Jet breathed into her ear, his hand creeping up her thigh to brush against her lower stomach and heading lower until he could feel her dampness through her wrappings. It made him so hard it almost hurt. "I'll just leave you here. Wanting."

Katara whimpered, eyes defiant, but Jet could read her body. She wanted him. She wanted Li. She'd get them both. But him first.

Zuko finished freeing her ankles and stood back up, kicking her foot to the side so her legs were spread a bit wider. She gasped and pressed her knees together, but his own knee wedged between them, prying them apart. He captured one leg with his while Jet captured the other. She was spread, slipping down slightly so the ropes against her ribs tightened, holding her up.

There was a drip of wine stain down the front of her skirt with spatters across the top. Jet, with his crooked smile, flicked out his knife and slit the front of her skirt wide open, pulling it from her with a quick jerk. She shouted at him from behind the gag and squirmed, trying to press her knees back together.

"Uh uh." Jet murmured, running his hand over her hip, still protected by her leggings. She wriggled, muttering insults at them.

Zuko gripped her breast again, bringing her attention back to him. His grip bordered on painful, pinching her nipple tightly as he pressed his lips against her shoulder, rocking his hips against her thigh. She groaned as she felt his hard cock against her leg, surprised it wasn't burning through his trousers with its heat.

"Li." Zuko glared at Jet. The guy was getting annoying. Jet gestured to where his hand gripped the top of her leggings. "Little help?"

Zuko's eyes darted to Katara's, gauging her reaction. She looked back at him, pupils dilated, eyelids fluttering at his fingers trailing burning circles on her areole. He cocked his head slightly to the side, asking. She sighed in resignation, and anticipation, and gave him a small nod. He grinned at her and pressed his lips to the shell of her ear. He gripped the other side of her leggings and yanked, Jet hurrying to catch up.

Katara leaned her head back against the wood as her leggings reached her ankles. This was…ridiculous. Her two worst enemies were lifting her feet one at a time to remove her boots and stripping her of her leggings. She felt hot lips press against the back of her knee and shuddered, wondering why such an out-of-the-way place could send those sorts of chills shooting through her. The same mouth bit her thigh on the way up and it sent a whole different type of chill straight to the aching divide between her legs. She arched her back, hoping to urge him to continue.

Zuko's lips traveled from her leg, his hand gripping the top of her thigh, to bite her bucking hipbone, to the base of her stomach, right above the hem of her underwrappings.

Jet turned back from tossing her leggings with the rest of her discarded shreds of clothing in the corner. He pulled the gag from her mouth, letting it hang around her throat like a necklace.

"What are you doing?" Zuko murmured against her ribs, his fingers dipping into the curly pubic hair just below her wrappings. He could hear her ragged breathing, gasps coming from her lips.

"I want to hear her ask for it." Jet said, cupping her chin with slim fingers.

"No." Katara moaned, Zuko's fingers burning against her skin. Zuko smirked to himself, wondering if Jet would get better results from her than he did earlier.

"Ask me or we're gone." Jet whispered. Zuko glared up at him. He could leave…any time.

She fumed, her eyes narrowing. Jet shrugged and pulled away, tweaking her nipple. She winced. "Please."

"Sorry, couldn't hear you." Jet slid back, running his thumb against her lips.

"Please." She said, a needy whine to her voice.

"Please what, Katara?" He slipped her nipple into his mouth and released, making a popping noise.

"Please…" She didn't even know what to ask for. "…touch me."

"Touch you where?" Jet ran a finger down her breast bone, teasing her.

She groaned. "Between my legs, please."

Zuko needed no further encouragement, his cock torturing him. He borrowed Jet's knife from his pocket, ignoring his protests, and cut the side of her wrappings, setting her loose. The smell of her arousal was intoxicating; he could see beads of her juice on her dark curls. She wanted them as much as they wanted her.

Jet stole a kiss from her lips before yanking the gag back into her mouth despite her protests. He traded with Zuko, sinking to his knees as Zuko stood. Jet stripped off his outer layer of armor, letting it fall to the ground noisily as he nudged her foot farther out.

"Is this your first time?" Zuko breathed in Katara's ear, quiet enough for Jet not to hear. She flicked her gaze to him and gave a small nod, breathing heavily. "If you say stop, I'll make him." She glanced at him confusedly, surprised to hear him say that. She raised one eyebrow. "Really." She blinked at him gratefully, moaning as he bit down on her neck again in the same spot, sending spikes through her veins. He humped her thigh, grinding against her. She bumped her hip against him, meeting his thrusts. He glanced down at her in surprise and she tossed her eyebrows at him.

"She's so wet." Jet murmured from below them, running a long finger against her slit. She gasped, stilling against Zuko as Jet slid against her again, working his finger between her outer lips, nudging her clit. "Front or back?"


"You heard me." Jet stood, gripping her breast and casually playing with her nipple.

Zuko frowned, thinking. "Back." He knew he'd be gentler.

Jet grinned and slashed through the rest of the ropes, leaving just her hands tied behind her back. He tugged the naked girl forward and lifted her hands to a hook dangling from the ceiling, presumably there to hang herbs to dry. Katara stretched, almost having to rise on tiptoe to stay balanced. She looked up at the hook as Jet bent it to form a loop, ensuring she couldn't slip out of it. She shook her hands experimentally.

"Not going anywhere." Jet gasped against her neck, latching his lip to her vein to leave a smaller mark opposite Zuko's. His fingers were stroking himself through his pants, gazing at her naked body. She was toned; a fighting life on the road would do that to a body. Her breasts were firm and round, a good handful. He couldn't wait to delve between those curls and see what she had to offer inside.

Behind her, Zuko shed everything but his own undergarments, his cock erecting a tent through his soft underclothing. He moved to her back, his cock pressing against her backside. Jet pressed against her front, still wearing his pants but tossing his discarded shirt behind him. His skin was warm against her aching breasts, but not as hot as Zuko against her back. His hands reached up from behind to fondle her, thrusting his erection against her rear.

Jet slipped one finger inside her, feeling her virginal barrier and stroking along her walls. She was tight. And dripping wet. He added another finger, scissoring her opening. He wasn't small. "Are you ready?" He purred, stroking a pad of his finger against her engorged clit. She moaned in response and he smiled crookedly. Jet ran his fingers along her ribs, making her twitch. He stepped back to remove his pants, kicking them behind him.

Katara's eyes widened at the size of his fully erect cock; it was larger than she had expected. Zuko's hands palmed her breasts from behind, working to relax her as his own cock prodded at her other entrance. She squirmed, trying to discourage that course of action, though the thought intrigued her. Two of them inside her at the same time….

The head of Jet's erection nudged against her, easing its way past her outer lips to push against her slit. He glanced at her face and found her watching, eyes wide. He grinned and pushed harder, one hand guiding himself while the other brushed her hip. He slipped into her, gliding nicely from her own excitement.

Katara felt like she was being invaded. She squirmed, enjoying the feeling of him scraping against her insides, his cock big enough to stretch her just enough. She felt him come to the barrier inside her and had a brief moment of panic. If she did end up getting married, she'd have no maidenhead. He would know she was no virgin. But then he had broken through and the brief flare of pain followed by an intense full feeling distracted her fully. She moaned through her gag, arching backwards as Jet sheathed himself within her, the curly black hair at the base of his shaft mingling with hers. Her eyes fluttered closed and her mouth invisibly formed an 'O' as he slowly pulled out, his cock glistening with her juices.

Zuko watched over her shoulder, his hands still playing over her breasts, as Jet pushed back in and pulled out, feeling Katara's body respond. Her rear pushed back against him, granting small sparks through his sensitive member. Her nipples grew even harder under his fingers and he added a small burst of heat to his fingertips, making her squeak. He rained scorching kisses along the back of her neck and tops of her shoulders as Jet began to move faster, his teeth bared.

Zuko was beginning to feel frustrated. His cock was begging for attention and Jet was hogging it all. He lowered one hand to cup a plump cheek, digging his fingers in and pulling to the side. She responded by pushing back against his fingers. He lowered his other hand to mirror the action on the other cheek, spreading her.

"Jet." He murmured, halting the other boy in his thrusts. Katara was panting, her eyes closed. Zuko reached under to dip his fingers deep into her soaked slit, coating them with her juices. He nodded to Jet over her shoulder and he felt Katara jerk back and moan loudly as Jet rammed back into her. He tore off his underclothing and slathered her essence against himself, spreading the excess on her back entrance. She shrank at his touch, leaning more towards Jet.

Jet felt her press against him, and moved harder, knowing Zuko would be entering her soon. He wanted her to be as ready as possible for that; he couldn't imagine it would start well. He changed his angle, hitting a spot deep within her and she gasped, her walls tightening against him.

As her orgasm crashed down on her, filling her entire body with a sunny euphoria, Zuko slipped the head of his cock inside. She yelped, her heart pounding. He stilled, barely inside her. Jet stilled as well, panting. Zuko reached up to massage her breasts, trying to relax her.

Katara felt her legs go weak under her as she spiraled down, Zuko's cock uncomfortably lodged inside her while Jet was thrusting minutely, sheathed entirely inside her. He was sending small shocks of pleasure through her, helping to keep her in a state of bliss as Zuko began to move. He slowly, slowly moved into her, making soothing noises when she tried to clamp down on him and she relaxed. Finally he was inside her, and she was so warm and tight he thought he might cum right then.

Jet pulled out, feeling pressure from Zuko. As he pushed back in, Zuko pulled out. They pistoned slowly, one in, one out so there was always a hard cock inside her. She panted heavily, groaning as Zuko's movements became more and more pleasurable, bringing her flying towards a second release.

Zuko bared his teeth as he sped up, mindful not to thrust too hard into her delicate backside. She was clamping down around him, squeezing his cock with her tight muscles. He gasped as a particularly hard ripple sent shocks through him. Jet was beginning to thrust erratically and Zuko realized he was close. Really close. Katara shrieked from behind her gag as she reached her second climax, gripping both his and Jet's cocks as her muscles spasmed around them.

Jet let out a long, low moan as he sheathed himself inside her, his cock twitching as he released into her, giving a couple more short, hard thrusts as his climax ripped through him.

Zuko felt Jet withdraw, fluid dripping from between Katara's legs. The sight of it running down her leg sent him over the edge and he came with a groan, pouring his hot seed deep into her. She gasped behind her gag as she felt the scorching fluid erupt inside her. He stayed wrapped around her, arms clasping her from behind, until he softened within her and pulled out, pressing one last kiss to the base of her neck.

Katara slumped, her knees turning in as drowsiness overtook her, fluid from both boys dripping from her holes to run down her legs. She felt used, dirty, spent, and wonderful. She dimly heard them discussing what to do in one syllable sentences and grunts. Gentle, hot hands took the gag from her mouth as callused brown hands removed her bound wrists from the hook above her head. She was scooped up into strong, clothed arms and carried up the stairs and into a dark room.

The bed beneath her was soft and comfortable. The sheets smelled like boy, earth, and soap. A pillow was thrust under her head as the rope around her wrists was cut. Weight pressed in on her side as a shaggy black head rested on her chest, pressing a last kiss to her breast, a hot arm wrapping possessively across her ribs.

A click came from the door and she knew she was still a prisoner. Another weight landed beside her, a shaggy brown head resting on her thigh, pressing a cool, dry kiss to her hip bone, his hand stroking the curls between her legs.

Katara drifted off to sleep, warm and content, and only a little worried about what awaited her when she woke.

***Line break***Line break***Line break***

A.N.: This has been rattling in my head for a long time. Don't see a lot of this on FF, so thought I'd write one :D Might continue, not sure. Thanks for reading!