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5 years later



My head snaps up to see Jasper standing in the doorway to my office. "Whitlock?"

His smile is big. "We got him!"

"Cardozo?" I ask excitement building in my stomach.

He nods frantically. "Yeah, it's going down tonight. You want to tag along?"

I blink and he continues. "The team's getting ready; we leave in an hour. Hope to see you there." He turns and leaves with an extra bounce in his step.

This is big. For two years, we've worked this case. Caius Cardozo aka CC on the streets: heavy drug dealer, arms dealer, with ties to at least twelve homicides. If Jasper says, this is it, it fucking is.

After the Senator case, I wasn't sure what to do next with my life. I didn't want to put Bella in any extra danger due to my job, but I would be a fucking liar if said I didn't miss it.

This was my calling.

Keeping assholes like Aro and CC off the streets. Aro was currently serving a life sentence.

The FBI had been impressed with me on the Senator case and offered me the Chief's position. He, of course, was stepping up. Landing a big fish like the Senator didn't go unnoticed.

With many long discussions and millions of tears shed, Bella and I decided to move back to DC. I took the job as Chief Supervisor and she landed a teaching job at a private school for the deaf. She was amazing.

I sigh, look at my phone, and reach for it when my eyes land on my wedding band.

It's our third year wedding anniversary this weekend and my parents bought us a week at a luxurious resort in Tahiti. We leave in two days. I smile when I think of all the ways I'm going to try to get my wife naked. It's an entire week dedicated to us and that means lots and lots of naked time.

Tonight, though, Bella has a dinner planned for just the two of us. However, she knows how much catching this guy means to me.

I nod to myself, she'll understand. She's amazing like that. I text her, telling her that I might be late.

How late?

It shouldn't take long. I should be home by 8. I text back.

Okay. I love you and be safe. Is her response.

Always. I love you too.

I join the guys and we suit up, staking out the joint where the bust is supposed to go down.

By seven, I'm squirming in my seat.

"Where the fuck is he?" I ask Jasper, who shakes his head.

By seven thirty, I check my watch every two minutes. Dammit, I need to get home to my wife.

Eight o'clock comes and goes. My phone starts to vibrate in my hand.

It's Bella.


I sigh and hit ignore. Jasper eyes me wryly. I glare at him and fix my eyes back to the dark warehouse. My phone vibrates again and I grip my hair in frustration.

Hitting Ignore again, I text her. Running a little late. Be there as soon as I can.

No response.

Double fuck.

Finally, by nine o'clock, there's movement.

Everyone is on high alert.

My heart hammers and I give the signal to approach. SWAT surrounds the building and we listen in as the deal goes down.

It's CC.

We got him.


I turn the car off and look at the dark windows of my house in Alexandria. Gripping my hair in a vice, I get out and walk with heavy steps to the front door.

It's locked.

My eyes close.

She's pissed.

Depositing my badge and gun by the front entry, I turn on the lights in the kitchen and hate myself a little more at the sight that greets me.

Red roses on the white tablecloth, half-burned candles, and a cold meal on the table.

Not good.

So not good.

I tiptoe upstairs to our bedroom, flinching when I see her bedside lamp on and a book lying open in her lap; her hard eyes stare into mine.

I breathe, frozen to the floor. "Baby..."

She sits up, shushing me with her index finger in the air. Her eyes shimmer and my heart sinks. "Do you know how worried I was?"

I sigh and step into the room. "I know, but..."

"No!" There's a pause. "You don't know, otherwise, you wouldn't have ignored my calls." She swings her legs over the side and my eyes widen at her choice of clothing.

She went all out for tonight.

She's fucking stunning.

Triple fuck.

Her hands grip my shirt. "Dammit, Edward." Tears stream down her face and she leans her forehead against my chest.

My heart stutters and my index finger traces her hearing aid.

"I'm so sorry, baby. I didn't know it would take this long and I know I should have let you know. I just didn't want any distractions."

Her tear-filled eyes meet mine. "And I know that, but I'm your wife. When we agreed to you taking this job, we agreed on you keeping me informed when you go on a stakeout or bust." Her fingers tighten in my shirt. "We agreed, Edward."

I rub her back and crush her to me, her tears staining my shirt. "I know. I'm so sorry. I wasn't thinking."

When her mouth searches mine, I carry her to bed and show her my apologies as my body connects with hers.

Her forgiveness amazes and overwhelms me every day.


Two days later, my parents drive us to the airport. An entire week alone with my sexy as fuck wife. Discreetly, I adjust myself in the backseat of my parents SUV.

How long is the flight?

Esme and Bella chatter about some house my mother is interested in buying and turning it into a B&B. My father, like the lovesick fool he is, is smiling and winking at me in the rearview mirror.

They've come a long way.

Five years ago, I would have thought that my parents were getting a divorce. Ever since my mother tried to bargain me off to her skank friend, it was over. My father left and didn't speak to her for almost six months.

She called and came by our house and by the condo Dad had rented. I wouldn't even allow Bella near her. I couldn't watch my love break down again from her words.

After two months of getting nowhere, she finally realized that it was her. She needed to change and accept Bellaas my partner. She began therapy, cut her ties with Carmen and became a better woman, wife and mother over the next year.

Seeing the change, dad decided to give her a chance, and with lots of counseling they renewed their vows a little over a year later.

At their wedding, I asked dad why he didn't get a divorce. His response is something that I'll never forget.

"When you get married, son, you sign a commitment; a lifelong pledge. You may go through hard times. You may even stray; but that gives you no right to just give up. Marriage is a the ultimate journey. It's work and it's not to be taken lightly."

Two weeks later, I asked Bella to my ultimate journey and she said yes.

"Have fun," Mom whispers into my ear as she hugs me tight. "And it wouldn't be too much to ask for you to come back with a baby?"

I smile and kiss her cheek. "Then we'd have to stay there for nine months."

Her fist connects with my forearm and I wince. "What the fuck, Mom?"

"First, watch you language and second, you know what I mean. I want a grandchild to spoil."

I nod and eye Bella. She's biting her lip, her cheeks a tinged pink as she looks over our tickets. Did she hear? Does she want kids now?

We've had the discussioni but decided to table the subject when she mentioned that she was afraid of our children being deaf. She didn't want to subject them to the kind of bullying she had endured. By the look on her face, maybe she's changed her mind.

I push the thought aside and lead my wife into the waiting airplane.

It's almost naked time.


Three days into our vacation, I'm ready to move here. Turquoise warm waters, blissful sunshine and being waited on hand and foot.

Oh, and lots of sex.

As soon as we checked into our little hut, Bella flung herself at me, ripping my shirt and straddling me on the floor by the king sized bed.

It was hard.


And fucking awesome.

Now, walking along the white beach, I eye her and wonder when we'll go back to our hut.

I want her.

No, I need her.

However, something in the way her eyes flicker from me to the sand, tells me something is on her mind.

Outside our hut, I stop and turn to her. "Baby, what's wrong?"

She gulps and looks past me to the ocean. Her white dress flutters around her legs and her hair twirls into the wind. "Baby."

I step closer and stroke her cheek. "What?"

Her eyes fill with tears and worry fills my chest. "Bella? Please. Talk to me."

She hiccups and grasps my hands tight. "I'm pregnant."

My mouth falls open and my mind goes blank. My eyes look between her flat stomach to her wide, tear-filled eyes.

"Preg... uhm. What?" Is my brilliant response. She knows I heard her right.

A small smile tugs on her lips and she takes a deep breath. "Yeah."

My palm lies flat on her stomach and she covers it with hers. "A baby?"

"Yeah. I found out a few days ago."

I shake my head, trying to clear the fog in my brain. "How?"

This time she giggles. "I think you know how." Bella sees my serious face and her giggles cease. "You know the antibiotics I took for my cut?"

I nod.

"Yeah, well, it seems as though antibiotics and birth control don't mix."

We're both silent, my hand still on her stomach, wrapping my head around the fact that I'm supposed to be a father.

A father.

My knees sink into the sand and I lean my ear against her stomach. "Hello in there."

Bella's fingers run through my cropped hair. "I don't think it can hear..."

"Shhh," I glare at her mockingly. "This is between me and the baby."

She sighs and rolls her eyes.

"Hey, baby. This is your daddy..." Images of an eighteen-year-old me run through my mind and I panic.

What if he's just like me? Trouble? Smoking and swearing like a sailor?

Oh, God.

I stand up, eyes wide and hands trying to yank on my hair. "What if I'm a bad father? What if he's just like I was? What if..."

"Hey. Hey." Bella tries to catch my attention, but the worst possible scenarios are running through my mind.

"What if it's a girl? I can't handle a girl. I mean, I can handle you." I point at her stomach. "If that's a girl, she can't date before she's twenty-five. Hell, no. Thirty."

I'm pacing and starting to hyperventilate. "Fuck, what if..."

"Major Cullen!" Bella's stern voice rings through my panic and I stop.

"Will you calm down?" Her hand squeezes mine. "I know this is a lot to take in, but we're gonna have to do it one day at a time. I'm freaking out, too, but I'm also excited." She stops closer, tears again shimmering in her beautiful eyes. "This is part of you and me." She places our joined hands on her stomach, "Our love is growing inside of me."

"Our baby," I whisper, tears in my eyes.

She nods and kisses me. "Our baby."

I look her in the eyes. "I'm sorry. I'm such an ass."

"But you're my ass. I love you."

"I love you, too and I'm gonna love this baby like no other."

"I have no doubt." She tugs on my hand and leads me inside.

With the door locked, Bella starts to unbutton my shirt. I stop her and her puzzled eyes meet mine.

I stroke her cheek, "How are you doing?"

"I'm good, really good, but you know, I'd be better if we were naked."

I groan and my cock hardens. Over the years, my wife has become very verbal when it comes to our sex life. And fuck, I love it.

"Fuck." I need to concentrate. "I mean, about what we once talked about. Your fear? How are you doing?"

Her eyes somber, she steps back, taking a deep breath. "I'm okay. I mean, I have to be, right?" Her hands flail about her. "What are the chances of our baby being deaf? It's not genetic, so the chances are slim, right?"

Her eyes are desperate as they search mine. My heart squeezes in my chest. I want to tell her it's all going to be all right. God, I want to.

I take her hand and kiss her temple, tracing her hearing aid. "It'll be okay."

Her voice is shaky against my chest. "How do you know?"

Cradling her cheeks, I lift her face to look into her eyes. "Because I believe in us. We've come so far and we will get through this together, too."

She melts into our kiss and I know we'll be okay. Her gentle fingers push my shirt to the floor and she moans, her nails scratching lightly across my chest.

Her eyes are hungry.


I untie her dress and it falls to the floor with a whoosh. "So fucking sexy."

She pushes me down onto the bed and takes off my shorts, gripping my cock in her hot hands. My hips rise off the bed and I groan, pinching her nipple lightly.

She gasps and moans again. "I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun while I'm pregnant."

I grab her hips, making her straddle me. "Are you fucking horny for me, baby? I love my pregnant wife."

She shivers and bucks her hips. "Fucking hormones."

Licking her tightened nipple, I laugh. "Then I'll have to make sure you're pregnant all the time."

"The best part will be baby making." She lines me up with her entrance and slowly, oh so slowly, sinks down.

"Dammit," I curse and suck on her nipple. "You take my breath away each time."

Her lips graze my ear. "The feeling is mutual."

She settles with her hips flush to mine and kisses my lips. Deepening the kiss, I lift her gently and push her backdown, swallowing her moan. Gripping her ass, I increase the pace, making her gasp.

"So fucking good." Her nails scratch down my back and a light sheen of sweat covers her temple. She throws her head back and her long hair grazes my thighs.

Damn, she's a sight.

Her tits bounce and I take a nipple into my mouth, sucking hard, causing her to groan loudly.

"So close," she moans.

I feel her walls spasm around me and increase the speed. My balls tighten. Trailing a finger from her lips down her body, I circle her clit and with a hasty jerk of her body, she comes, biting my shoulder to muffle her scream.

Squeezing my eyes shut, my hips piston harder, chasing my orgasm until I'm spilling deep inside her, my hands gripping her hips tightly.

"I love you," we breathe, our lips joining again.

Her body sags into mine and I hold my wife close, stroking her hair as our bodies calm. After a moment, I carry her to the bathroom and we shower, lightly touching and caressing each other; never losing contact.

We fall asleep with tangled limbs and our joined hands on her stomach.


The shades are drawn. It's dark and the clock shows its 6 a.m. I stare up at the ceiling, counting Bella's rhythmic breathing as she slumbers beside me.

I'm going to be a father.

I take a deep breath as my heart seizes in my chest. I rub the spot and swallow the lump in my throat. Turning on my side, I gently push a strand of her hair aside. Her eyelids flutter and she sighs, burrowing her head further into the pillow.

She's here.


Carrying my child.

The tightness around my heart is gone. This is all I need.

Right here.

I drift back to sleep with one hand on her stomach and the other tangled in her hair, with her warm naked body pressed close to mine.

Home …

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