4 Years Later

ADHD is not a useful tool when you're stuck in a lecture hall, listening to probably the most boring person in the world.

I drum my fingers against the desk, clicking my pen constantly. I'm not the only one. There are 20 other people in my law class, all ADHD demigods. I don't even know why I'm taking this course. I spotted Piper sitting a few rows ahead of me, carefully taking notes in Greek. Yep, Piper's major is law.

I scrunch up a ball of paper and throw it at the back of her head. She turns to glare at me, then continues taking notes. I pout at the back of her head. The shrill bell rings, signalling the end of class. I shove my books and notes into my bag and make my way over to Piper.

"You're no fun!" I tell her, and she just laughs. "Well, unlike you, I really need this class."

The sun's shining as we walk out the doors of UA. That's University of Athens to those who don't know.

"So, are you and Katie coming to The Vine tonight?" she asks, eyes scanning the crowd for Jason, who's Physics lecture usually end around the same time as ours. "Yeah, probably. Might skip it."

The Vine is a nightclub in the heart of New Athens, run by Pollux with the help of his Dad. Most Friday night's myself and the girls go, usually ending up meeting with the lads. We spot Jason coming across the Quad, and I wave, and say goodbye to Piper.

I meet Annabeth in a coffee shop on Main Street. It's a little tradition of ours, to chat over coffee every Friday morning, after the last lectures of the week. Annabeth's major is, of course, architecture. She and Percy decided to come to New Athens instead of New Rome, after senior year. Percy was studying Marine Biology, which is only offered here, not in Rome. They're not big on the sea over there.

"So, will you be coming to New Rome for the handover of praetorship?" Annabeth asks, sipping her cappuccino. Reyna and Frank's term as praetors of the Twelfth Legion was coming to an end, and they were in the process of selecting the new praetors. There's going to be a big ceremony in New Rome with a week of celebrations. "Wouldn't miss it for the world."

"So, how are the wedding plans coming along?" I ask, and she sighs. "They'd be going better if Percy didn't want everything blue!" She runs a hand through her curly hair in frustration. I laugh at her expression. "Don't worry Annie; everything will turn out fine in the end." "For Percy's sake, it better be."

We part ways half an hour later, promising to Iris message before next week. "Hey, see you at The Vine tonight?" she calls after me and I nod, waving goodbye.

Katie and I share an apartment in the student side of New Athens, near the replica of the Parthenon. It's small, with two bedrooms, a kitchen, a tiny living room with just enough room for a couch and an even tinier bathroom. You can tell our apartment immediately, as Katie has flowers and plants lining the white washed windowsills.

I let myself in, dropping my bag in the corner immediately. "Katie? You home?" I call as I make my way to the kitchen, and begin fumbling with a packet of biscuits. "She's not, but I am," comes the reply.

Conner Stoll's lanky figure leans against the door frame, a mischievous smirk plastered to his face.

I turn and smile at him. "Where's Katie?" I ask, turning away from him to turn on the kettle. He hugs me from behind, moving my hair so he can kiss my neck.

"Probably with Travis somewhere. You know they can't keep their hands off each other." I shudder at the thought. "Demeter really is going to kill him someday," I say, making a cup of tea, and finally managing to get the stupid biscuits open. Conner steals one straight away, dunking it in my tea before I swat his hand away. He laughs, leaving the kitchen to flop down on the couch. I move his head so I can sit down, and he places it in my lap.

"How were your lectures today?" I ask, absent-mindedly twirling a strand of his hair in my fingers. "Same old, same old." Yes, Conner Stoll did get into college and is now majoring in Business, just like his father.

"Are you going to The Vine tonight?" he asks, and I sigh in frustration. "Why are so many people asking me that? You're the fifth person today!" he stirs, glancing up at me nervously. "Well, Pollux said last Friday that, um, some really good DJ was coming, a son of Apollo." I raise my eyebrows, not believing him but he smiles up innocently. By now, I've learnt to just go with his crazy schemes.

A few hours later, we're strolling into The Vine, which is packed as always. Annabeth, Piper and Hazel wave over from the bar, and we push through the crowds to them.

"Hey, isn't that the same DJ as last week?" I shout to Conner but he has disappeared through the crowd. I shrug, and sit down beside the girls, giving Pollux my order.

"Ladies, how are we tonight?" I ask, perching on the bar stool. "Excellent! I've finally convinced Percy that blue is not an acceptable colour for a wedding dress!" Annabeth giggles and I glance at the empty glass in front of her. "Annie, how much have you had to drink?" "Just two, I swear!" I roll my eyes at her. I spot Katie pushing her way across the dance floor, a sweaty Calypso in tow.

"I swear to the gods, more and more people are on that dance floor every time we come here!" she slumps onto a stool, ordering another drink form Pollux. Her phone dings, and she roots in her bag for it. She glances at it, and then shares a look with the others.

"Ava, will you come with me to the bathroom, I really need to pee after all that tequila." Before I can answer she grabs my hand, and drags me across the night club, leaving me staring helplessly at my untouched glass of wine.

We arrive at the bathrooms but Katie still isn't happy. "No, the line's too long. I need to go now!" "Katie there's only two people in front of us!" "Nope, you never know how long they're gonna take! Come on, I know another bathroom."

She drags me up some stairs, around some corners and eventually out some door.

"Katie, I know you've had a lot to drink but I think you can see this is the roof, not the bathrooms."

"I'll take it from here, Katie."

Conner Stoll emerges from behind a vent and takes my hand. "Conner, why are we on the roof?"

He leads me around the vent where a whole new section of the roof is. A garden. Candles line the low walls of the roof garden, and vines and plants decorate the trellises. The view over the whole city is spectacular.

"Oh Conner, this is amazing! Look! There's the Parthenon, all lit up! And there's the coliseum, and the university. There's where the square is, and all the other temples! And look, there's Camp Half Blood, just beyond the forest! You can even see the camp fire. Gods, I miss the camp fire! And there's…..there's Half Blood Hill."

But it was just Half Blood Hill. Instead of just Thalia's pine tree, and the dragon, there was more. Spelt out, in lights or candles or something was:


I turn to Conner to find him on one knee, a mischievous grin, as always, on his face. He holds a ring in a velvet box.

"Ava, I've been in love with you for four years. I love every inch of you. Your laugh, your intelligence, your scars. I love you, and I swear to every god there is, that I will always love you, to infinity and beyond. I know I don't deserve you, but I would do anything for you. So, will you do me the honour of changing your last name to Stoll?"

Tears spring to my eyes, and I feel a lump in my throat. I've long learned that tears aren't for the weak. They are for the strong.

"Yes, yes, a million times yes!"

We kiss and a million fireworks go off inside me. It's like I'm sixteen again, sitting in a tree, watching actual fireworks with the son of Hermes.

I hear cheering behind us, and turn to see all our friends gathered behind the vent, cheering and clapping and taking pictures, and I can't help but laugh.

There's a loud pop, and Mom appears. "Lady Athena!" Conner bows nervously, looking between myself and my mother. She smiles at me, giving me a quick hug.

"Congratulations, daughter. I'm proud of you. I've heard your prayers, by the way. I've pulled some strings, and got you in. Once you're finished college, you've got a job waiting for you in the CIA."

"Seriously? Oh my gods! Thank you so much Mom!"

It's a little known fact that Athena is head of the CIA. I've always wanted to follow in her footsteps.

She smiles warmly at me, stroking my cheek. Then she turns to Conner, warm smile melting.

"She's my daughter. Break her heart and I'll break your face."

With a loud pop, Athena was gone.

I loop my arms around Conner's neck. "So Mr. Stoll, hope she didn't scare you off there."

He laughs. "Why no, Soon-To-Be Mrs Stoll. Not one little bit. I wouldn't dare hurt you."

No matter how many monsters we fight, no matter how many scars we earn, Conner Stoll's eye's never lose their sparkle.

"I love you, Conner Stoll. To infinity and beyond."

The End

So, my dear readers, this is the end of the epic tale of Ava, daughter of Athena. I would just like to say a major thank you to all my follows, favourites and reviews. You don't know how much it means to me.

So therefore, I would like to dedicate this story to all of you.

My fantastic wonderful readers.

They say when one door closes, another door opens. So, with this story closed, maybe, I might just write a different one. After all, practice makes perfect.

So, for the final time,

Goodbye, with love from Jenny