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The sky was dark. So dark it almost appeared it went on for eternity. All the lights in the small houses were no more. The candles had long since burnt out. The only sounds that could be heard were the faint barks of the stray dogs. In the midst of the darkness, a young man stands waiting. He has been waiting for the past two hours. He has been waiting for the one person he loves. The wind brushes up against him. His clothes ruffle in the wind. He stands perfectly still. Finally, he shivers. He begins to think she isn't coming. He turns his back. He feels his eyes water. The emotion he desperately tries to hide shows it self. Hurt.. Not the painful hurt. The one that isn't aimed at the arms, legs, chest or head. The one that is aimed for the heart. He turns to leave. Suddenly, as if out of no were, he hears the faint sound of a horse's gallop on the stones. He looks to see one coming for him. His heart jumps into his throat. He feels his legs start to move toward the horse. With a loud neigh, the horse rears up and comes to a stop. The young man extends his hand. Another grabs his and he aids the rider off. He takes the riders other hand. The rider wears a hood to prevent anyone from recognizing her. He is so happy that she came. So very happy.

"I began to think you wouldn't show." He says to the hooded rider.

"I wouldn't think of not showing. It was difficult to make it past the guards."

"It doesn't matter if you are late. As long as you came." The young man pulls the hood down revealing the young woman's blond hair. Although it could hardly be seen in the darkness. He leans forward to kiss her and she welcomes the affection.

"I am so happy to see you." She leans into the him. He raps his strong arms around her. They stay locked in each other's embrace. The time seemed to fly by. The sun rose above them The young woman awakens from her state of hypnosis and looks up to her lover.

"I must go. If my father finds me out this late he will punish me and I might be forbidden to see you again." The young man nods and lets her go. She mounts the horse and tosses her golden hair behind her.

"I love you Zelda." He calls to her "I love you Link."She responds..

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