Author's note: Well, it has been a while but I am back. Well now that I got my midterms back and I will NOT be dropped in English I can get back to my normal life. This fic will be updated regularly until it is completely finished. I would also like to dedicate this chapter to those who were lost on the Columbia space shuttle. Please excuse my crappy grammar. A lot of descriptions in this chapter. Enjoy!


Link, Zelda, and Zemon stood atop the highest point in hyrule. The sun had begun to set on the horizon. The evening breeze caused their garments to ruffle in the direction of the wind. The sky was a splash of several colors ranging from a light pink to a dark blue glistening with the early rising stars. The view of the trio's land was a spectacular one. Under different circumstances, a hylian can wonder to this spot and feel nothing but bliss. For the team however, this proved not to be the case. The perfect seen brought pain to their heart for they were forced to flee the magnificent land. Zelda and Link wished they could stay, more than anything. Link reached for Zelda's hand as a tear rolled down his cheek. He let out a sigh and with his other hand quickly wiped it away. Zelda was in complete awe. She felt her heart sink knowing it would be a long time before she would see her home land again. She held back her tears and swallowed her pain.

"It really is beautiful," Whispered Zelda, trying to break the uneasy silence "I will truly miss hyrule." Link was silent for a second. He had never once cried in his life.Tthe thought of leaving hyrule was nearly as scary as not being with Zelda. It made him question what he was doing. How he got himself into this. He was just a boy living his life until Zelda waltzed in. She dragged him into danger, had him risk his life several times without any gratification from her father. He wasn't even invited to live in the servant chambers when the Kokiri drove him out. He was forced to live alone because Zelda had chosen him to be her hero, to be hyrule's hero. The worse thing she did however, was making him fall in love with her. Having to run for her, fight for her, shed blood and tears for her. Anger building up inside towards her. All thoughts racing through his head, causing it to ache. Yet, all Link could say to Zelda was:

"It's worth it."

He loved her, she was all he had. He wanted to spend his life with her. It was his destiny, and they both knew it.


The night sky was lit up by the billions of stars above. After leaving hyrule and traveling to the unknown they traveled for several hours before making camp. A fire ate away at the assembled wood. They all gathered around it, trying to stay warm. Link had trapped several small animals before it was totally dark and had served them for their supper.

"Well," Zemon said, chewing on his charred food "You two had better get some rest we have many days and many nights of traveling before we reach Tantano." "I know," relied Link, mesmerized by the roaring flame "I just don't feel to well."

"Well you better not be getting sick boy! I can't deal with a laggard!"

"I am sure I will be fine by tomorrow," He didn't look up "I just feel, strange." He looked to the dusty ground.

"I understand," Zemon patted Link on the shoulder "I felt the same when I was banished. However, I was blind folded tied and thrown onto the ground when I was exiled." Link chuckled.

"I guess I can safely assume your trip out here was worse than mine." Link could hear Zelda's slow breathing, a tell tale sign she was in a slumber. He moved towards her, wanting to catch a glimpse of his peaceful lover.

"Not necessarily Link," He picked up a nearby stick and began to trace small little animals into the dirt "Link, hyrule held so many horrible memories it was a relief to leave. I felt strange, since I lived there for so long and now I was being thrown out. You Link, love hyrule greatly. All you know is hyrule and now because of a girl you are leaving." Link looked down at Zelda and brushed her hair away from her face.

"In the end I know everything will work out for the better. I can feel it Zemon. I know I was destined to be with Zelda. The goddesses are with us on this and they will guide us through."

"You have so much faith kid, sometimes it almost scares me." He replied, a crooked smile coming across his face.

"I just think it's what keeps me going," Link began to lay down next to Zelda "My faith, and Zelda."

"You really love her huh?" Zemon asked, settling for bed himself. He gathered some near by leaves and made them into a "pillow".

"Yes, I really do." Link closed his eyes

"Yes Link, I understand completely." He rolled over and fell asleep, his dreams plagued with his lost wife.


The sun rose over hyrule castle, the rays stretching all over the land. The king, still sleeping in his chambers was awakened by the pheasants screeching out side his window. He shot up out of bed, startled. After shooing the annoying bird away, he quickly dressed himself and began his walk to the throne room. He greeted the servants and knights along the way as he did every morning. However, he was stopped in the middle of the halls by Drake, one of his head soldiers.

"Sire," Drake was very calm unlike his comrades when faced with giving bad news "We have searched hyrule thoroughly and we have only been to locate a torn piece of tunic. Sire, I fear they have fled hyrule."

"What about Zemon? Have they found any trace of him?"

"No sire."

"Well, than I suppose you are correct Drake. Zemon has either been killed or has fled with my daughter and Link." The king was dreary, but his tone of voice was dark. "I know I must find a resolution. However, I think the only way to solve this problem is for me to find them myself. If they did flee they would go to a land least expected. The bordering countries are Uranisa and Tantano. Knowing Zemon, they are heading for Tantano. Gather a team and my old armor. We are off."


"Wake up Zel, it's time to get moving," Link shook his love gently. Zelda rolled over and looked up to see Link's smiling face over her. Zemon had begun to pack up camp and was already nearly finished.

"Link, if you had woken me up I would have helped pack." Zelda was still drowsy.

"It's ok love, Zemon and I did it." He helped Zelda to her feet

"Alright but I will do it all by myself tonight." Zelda smiled "I can't have you do everything for me Link."

"Oh and why not?" He asked coyly

"Because I can't be dependant on you," Zelda touched the tip of his nose "I do have to fend for myself."

"Yes, I suppose you do." He spotted Zemon approaching with a sack hanging over his back. When he was within two feet of the pair, he dropped it at their feet.

"Food, " Zemon was huffing "Better have it now so we can save some time doing it later." Link opened the bag. There were dead a bleeding mammals all tossed into the stained bag. Zelda peered in and immediately jolted away, repulsed by the gruesome sight.

"Oh! That's just disgusting!" Zelda nearly screeched. "Yes princess, but you will be thanking me later when we have a nice dinner," He picked up the back and threw it over his shoulder. "Are we done packing?"

"Nearly," He relied "Just have to get Zelda's things." Zelda picked up her pillow and cotton blanket and stuffed it another sack.

"Now we are finished." She stated.

"Lets get moving than!" Link picked up his things, threw it over his shoulder and began the day's journey. A good 8 hours of walking was necessary before they could make camp for the night. Zemon had doubts about Zelda being able to walk the whole way, but Link was confident in her and knew she could do it.

And so they marched.

To be continued.