GPS: Mew, are you ready for your next adventure?

Mew: Bring it on! And you don't own Pokemon, sorry.

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The beautiful Hall of Origin, Arceus was sitting on his couch and was watching his 301" television and sipping on a 3-gallon jug of Barq's root beer. He was having a relatively peaceful day in his secluded area until all the sudden...

"ARCEUS!" shouted a feminine voice.

"What?!" he said as he threw a piece of popcorn at Mew which bounced off her head and landed on the ground.

"Tee-hee, nothing, silly!" she said as she hugged Arceus and then flew away.

Arceus sighed and shook his head. "That girl needs some self-control. I'm tired of her immaturity; I created her to be the ancestor of all Pokemon, but she acts like she's a hyperactive 5-year-old human!"

All the sudden, there was a loud crash and other legendary Pokemon gasped. "MEW!" they shouted.

"What happened?!" demanded Arceus.

Dialga appeared and said, "She got into the sugar bowl despite the fact it was well hidden. She needs to learn control; our sanities are slowly reaching their breaking point thanks to her. She needs to learn manners, how to be a proper legendary, but who would take her?"

Uxie, who also served as Arceus's adviser, came in and showed the two male legendaries a gigantic physics textbook with missing pages and pink crayon scribbled everywhere. "Look what she did to my prized physics book!" he exclaimed as approached them so they could get a better look. "And look what she wrote in it!"

The two of them got a look at the book and saw nothing but pink scribbles. "Those are scribbles, child, they mean nothing," said Arceus, although he somehow seemed to miss the point that Uxie's prized book was damaged.

"I asked her what she wrote since I couldn't read it, and she said it says, 'Lol, where are the pictures? I don't understand these big words.'"

"We are contemplating on a way to get her educated and receive some manners," said Arceus as he scratched his head.

"Hmm," thought Uxie as he set his book down and put his hand on his chin as he went into deep thought. "I believe I have a solution that will not only lead to her learning manners, hopefully, but to also get her out of our metaphorical hair."

"Please! I'm willing to accept any suggestions!" said Mewtwo who heard the conversation and entered the room.

"What did she do to you?" asked Arceus.

"She squeezed and played with my stress balls until they exploded!" he said as he showed them the rubber casings and the gel that once constituted as a stress ball but was now mere rubbish. "Now what am I to squeeze when I get stressed out? I can't take her foolishness anymore!"

"I believe that I have a suggestion," said Uxie. "Mew needs an education; after all, she is the only legendary who can't even write her own name. I'm not even sure if she knows her ABC's."

Mew teleported into the room and giggled. "Of course I know my ABC's, silly," she said as she giggled while holding her face (like in the first movie). "A bee sees the flower and collects nectar!" She flew away and continued to cause havoc with the other legendaries.

"That was surprisingly clever," said Dialga and the other three nodded in agreement.

"Now, I was saying that she must get an education, and she should therefore start at the preliminaries," said Uxie. "Mew must attend..."