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Sasuke had an uneasy feeling in his heart. Then again, these last weeks, since Naruto started ignoring him, Sasuke always felt this strange pain inside. He didn't know how to reach Naruto anymore, he had refused any contact with Sasuke, and he had closed every way that Sasuke could reach him.

And he knew the exact reason why…

"Sasuke-kun!" Sakura called out happily. "Weather is so good today, let's have a picnic!"

Sasuke was returning from choosing the warriors who was going to come with him tomorrow and it was the moment Sakura decided to bother him at the courtyard.

"Do I look like I have time for your shit?" Sasuke hissed at the female impatiently.

Sakura was taken aback by Sasuke's behavior, but still she tried once again, "Come on, it's going to be perfect, just you and me!"

"Enough!" Sasuke shouted, getting angrier by seconds. "Everything… Everything is your fucking fault!"

"What is my fault?" Sasuke challenged, she was sick of Sasuke' fool moods. "That fur ball can't speak! He can't have children! He's unworthy of you!"

"Did you tell these things to him?" Sasuke asked, eyes darkening. "I'm the one who is unworthy of him!"

"Look he-" Sakura started, but Sasuke shut her up quickly.

"Shut up!" He shouted, and approached Sakura. "I'm going to fucking kill you. Then, you won't be able to bother me and my mate anymore…"

Sakura's eyes widened, and she gasped as Sasuke wrapped his fingers around her throat and squeezed tightly. She gasped loudly, and clawed at Sasuke's hand. But Sasuke only squeezed harder, dead set on finishing her off.

"Sasuke!" Itachi's voice echoed and he run to his brother. He wrapped his arms around Sasuke's chest, and pried him away from the rabbit demon.

"Aniki, let go!" Sasuke trashed in his brother's hold. "I'm going to kill her!"

"Enough, Sasuke!" Itachi pushed his brother away from Sakura and placed his hands over his chest, holding him back. "Deidara!" Itachi shouted and his mate appeared at the door immediately. "Take the rabbit away."

Deidara nodded with wide eyes, and quickly took the nearly faint Sakura in the house.

"Calm down little brother, calm down," Itachi said, and rubbed the nape of Sasuke's neck.

"I can't take this anymore," Sasuke mumbled, and leaned his forehead against his brother's shoulder. "My mate hates me…"

Itachi chuckled, and caressed his brother's unruly hair. "He loves you dearly… You just have a misunderstanding to solve that's all."

Sasuke straightened and sighed.

"Come on, go talk to him," Itachi urged his brother. "Tell him… he needs you."

Sasuke took a deep and nodding at his brother, he went inside of the house. He didn't linger and walked to his and Naruto's room and entered inside.

It was silent, and everything was in its place. Taking a deep calming breath, Sasuke walked to Naruto's nest.

"Naruto?" Sasuke called out gently. He wasn't surprised when he got no response. "Come on baby, your mate missed you so much."

He leaned down and looked into the nest, and frowned as he found it empty. It was odd. Naruto spent his time mostly in his nest nowadays.

He went to the changing room, but it was empty. Frowning deeply, Sasuke walked to the bathroom, and knocked on the door.

"Naruto, are you in there?" He waited for a moment but when got no response he called again, "Baby, I'm coming in," Sasuke warned and after getting no response again, he opened the door and stepped inside.

He gasped loudly as he saw the scenery in front of him. Naruto was in the bathtub with yukata and all, and he seemed to be sleeping with his eyes closed, against the edge. But Sasuke knew better than that. His baby fox was shivering violently, and his skin had turned red along with his lips which was a pale purple color.

"Oh, no," Sasuke's heart skipped a beat, as he run to his mate. "Naruto, Naruto wake up," He slapped Naruto's cheeks gently, but he got no response.

Quickly, he scooped Naruto up and carried him to their bed. He stripped Naruto off of his soaked clothes, and dried him with towels. He placed his mate under the heavy covers, and shouted loudly,


In moments Itachi was at the door.

"I need a healer," Sasuke said desperately, holding his violently shivering mate against his chest.

Itachi didn't need to be told twice. He disappeared as quick as he had come.

Sasuke rocked his mate, and kissed his cold temple. It wasn't good. Demons were always warm no matter the weather or condition. Sasuke frowned in thought and then put his mate down on the bed gently. Quickly, he took off his clothes, and sat down on the bed, back against the headboard. He took Naruto in his lap, and wrapping the blankets around his small frame, he held him tightly against his chest, sharing his body heat with his little fox.

This was all his fault. His fault that his mate was suffering like this. It was stupid of him to think that Naruto would get used to Sakura's presence and disregard her. As a submissive he must have felt threatened by her. Sasuke should have understood as a dominant, he should have protected his mate from getting hurt.

By the time the healer arrived, Naruto had stopped shuddering, now his body was a sickly white. The female healer examined Naruto for a while and then looked up to Sasuke with a frown,

"He's in heat."

"What?" Sasuke's eyebrows rose disbelievingly. "I can't smell anything from him."

"For some reason, he's trying to block it, and it's effecting his body badly," The healer shook her head, and then looked at Naruto's wounded arm. She took of the make shift bandage, and examined the dark purple skin closely. "It's a wolf's bite."

Sasuke sighed furiously. His mate was in heat and Sasuke had yet to realize it, and on top of that, he was attacked by another demon, and Sasuke wasn't there to protect him.

"I'll stich up the holes," The healer said, and Sasuke nodded quickly.

She took off her items use from her pack, and was ready to start the process, and Naruto chose that moment to awaken.

He opened his eyes slowly, and then blinked several times. He took a deep breath to get used to the pain he felt and then looked around.

"You're awake," Sasuke sighed in relief, and kissed his mate's cold lips lingeringly.

Naruto seemed to be shocked with the contact, so he tried to crawl away, but the healer held his arm as she prepared her injection to numb Naruto's arm.

Naruto shrieked as he saw the injector, he hated needles, and he started to trash on the bed to get rid of her.

"Hey, hey," Sasuke held one of Naruto's hands and intertwined their fingers. With the free one, he buried his hand in Naruto's hair to hold him still and soothe him. Sasuke gave a short nod, and the healer pierced Naruto's soft skin with the needle without hesitating.

Naruto gasped shortly, and then a sob left his lips and he started crying silently.

"No," Sasuke nearly moaned. "You're hurting too much… Why you're blocking your heat? Why you're distancing yourself from me?"

Naruto whimpered and tried to look away, but Sasuke's hand held his head in place.

"Answer baby, so I can ease your worries," Sasuke pleaded softly.

Naruto was silent for a while, and then looked up to Sasuke with soft eyes, "I love Sasuke so much, I want him to be happy."

"I love you, too," Sasuke breathed and kissed his baby fox's eyelids, happy that Naruto didn't flinch this time. "I'm so happy with you."

Naruto shook his head, and sniffled, "Sasuke will be happier with his new mate. She can give Sasuke lots of children."

Sasuke frowned. "Naruto, you do know that we're life mates, there is no other for us. We're as one, if we break up somehow, we will both die."

Naruto's eyes widened. He had never thought of that before.

"Besides," Sasuke continued. "I would never accept a child if it's not from you… I'm sorry love, I didn't know she was causing you this much distress. I'll send her away, or give her to someone, I don't care."

Naruto shook his head quickly. "No, it's not fair that everybody's giving her away like she's a thing."

Sasuke smiled softly, and kissed his mate's whiskered cheek lingeringly. "My kind hearted, sweet love… even if she's causing you pain, you still think of her wellbeing," Sasuke nuzzled his mate's reddening cheek. "Okay, I'll think of something about her."

Naruto fidgeted for a while and then spoke hesitantly, "B-But, you were with her all the time…"

Sasuke sighed, shaking his head. "She's like a leech, always clinging to me… I'm counting on you to protect me from her. And, if anything happens, I won't help her again. I trust your judgment. That time when you hurt her, she must have deserved it."

Naruto looked at his mate gently, letting his words sink in.

"So, will you forgive your mate for his foolishness?" Sasuke asked softly.

Naruto was silent for a while and then a beautiful smile blossomed on his face. "Don't call my mate foolish."

Sasuke chuckled with relief. "Ah, shouldn't I?"

"No, he's a bit of a teme, but not foolish," Naruto smiled widely this time, making Sasuke's heart beat faster.

"Somehow, it makes me happy," Sasuke joked and Naruto giggled joyfully.

"I'm done here," The healer said, and she bandaged Naruto's arm again. "I need to see it again in a week or so."

"Thank you," Sasuke nodded and walked her to the room.

Deidara, who was waiting at the door worriedly, looked up when the door opened and the healer walked out with Sasuke. "How is he?"

"He's fine," Sasuke nodded. "He's in heat though, I'll have to postpone my mission for at least a week."

"Don't worry, I'll inform Itachi-sama of this," Deidara nodded at his brother-in-law. "You take care of Naruto."

Sasuke nodded and then turned back to room, vaguely, he could hear Deidara thanking the healer and inviting her for some tea.

Locking the door, Sasuke turned back to the bed, and kneeled beside Naruto. They locked their eyes, and Sasuke shuddered as Naruto released his allure. The inviting scent arousing him in a moment.

"Let's make a baby," Sasuke said roughly, and leaned over.

Naruto shivered in delight, and held onto his mate tightly.

"Sasuke, promise to be careful?" Naruto asked.

"I promise," Sasuke held his mate tighter, and leaned in for a kiss.

After making up, Naruto and Sasuke had spent a week together without any disturbances. It was really refreshing after the long days they had spent without each other. And now, Sasuke was leaving for his mission, and wouldn't be back for a while.

"Don't leave the house alone, okay?" Sasuke asked, caressing his mate's cheeks, and Naruto nodded.

Sasuke looked back to check his small party of warriors, and then turned back. Deidara was standing a few steps away from Naruto, and Sakura was beside him, watching Sasuke leave. Itachi had already left for his headquarters early in the morning.

"You rabbit," Sasuke spoke suddenly, and Sakura looked at Sasuke with startled eyes. "I don't want you to stay here for free anymore. So, I decided to make you my mate's personal maid."

Sakura's eyes widened. "B-But-"

"No buts," Sasuke interrupted her sharply. "Anyway," Sasuke looked at his Naruto and smiled at his mate. "Good bye, baby, take care of yourself."

Naruto smiled at his mate, and waved after him till he left his eyeshot.

"Aww, I'm so happy that you two made up finally!" Deidara said happily. He wrapped an arm around Naruto's shoulders and led him inside. "How was your heat this year?"

Naruto blushed deeply. As submissives, it was normal to talk about their private lives, but still, Naruto found it embarrassing. "Sasuke was really excited this time," Naruto's hands worked quickly. It had been years now that Deidara learned sign language. "He… he filled me so much that my stomach popped out." Naruto ended his words with a deep blush.

Deidara chuckled and then kissed Naruto's red cheek. "Sasuke's a healthy demon, and you please him perfectly," Naruto smiled at the older submissive shyly. "Now, what about some chocolate cake?"

Naruto's eyes lit up, and he nodded wildly.

Deidara chuckled, and led them to the kitchen. "And Sakura can start with her new job."

Naruto giggled as they walked, feeling like he had fought a war and gained what was precious to him back.

A month after Sasuke's departure, Naruto fell ill.

He felt restless all the time, and he didn't have slightest energy to lift a finger. His days passed with long naps, and after a few weeks, he started getting sick constantly.

He didn't know what was wrong and it scared him to be honest. Demons never got ill, so the situation scared Naruto greatly. But still, he tried to hide it as much as he could.

On the second month of Sasuke's absence, Naruto started throwing up constantly. He felt kind of strange, and forgetting things became a daily activity.

"Naruto!" Deidara called out from the kitchen door. "The cook made you ramen!"

Naruto smiled happily, and walked down the corridor quickly. Naruto cherished Deidara and his children. They were the family he had found by himself.

He stopped suddenly as the smell of the ramen reached his nose. He frowned distastefully, and closed a hand over his mouth, as he run into the common bathroom of their house.

"Naruto?" Deidara run after Naruto, his kids on his tail.

He found the golden fox bent over the toilet, throwing up whatever the little he had in the morning. He kneeled beside the younger submissive, and rubbed his back soothingly. After it was over, he helped Naruto to wash his face, and clean the bitter taste off of his mouth.

"Are you alright?" Deidara asked worriedly. "You're so pale…"

Naruto curved his lips downwards, and shook his head.

"You've been out of it for the last weeks…" Deidara frowned, and then his eyes widened. "Say Naruto… Do you feel dizzy?"

Naruto nodded without thinking.

"And do you need to go to toilet more often?" Deidara asked.

Naruto nodded wildly.

"Do you get sick in the mornings? And do you have sudden changes in your mood?" Deidara lined the questions quickly.

Naruto took a deep breath, and then nodded at the smiling Deidara.

To make sure, Deidara leaned down and sniffled around Naruto's abdomen, and then pressed down a hand gently, feeling the slight bump.

"Naruto…" Deidara straightened and smiled at the confused fox happily. "You're pregnant!"

Naruto stood there motionless for a while, trying to get what Deidara said to him. Then, his hands went to his abdomen and pressed on the small bump. How could he be so blind? The signs were all there. Naruto was… pregnant. He was carrying his Sasuke's baby.

He took a deep breath to calm his wildly beating heart, and then a sob left his lips. And then another, and then another… He cried with relief. He cried with happiness. He cried with love, oh so much love… In the end, Deidara couldn't resist and hugged Naruto tightly, and started crying with him. He knew how the young submissive felt very well.

Naruto had no words to describe how he felt. He only knew whom he wanted at his side. His soul. His other half. His love. His mate. His-

"Sasuke-" Naruto gasped out.

Deidara looked at Naruto with wide eyes. "N-Naruto, you spoke…"

Naruto looked back at Deidara with equally wide eyes. He didn't know how that happened. He had just wanted to call out his mate's name.

"Try it again," Deidara encouraged the fox.

Naruto took a deep breath and then tried again. "S-Sasuke…"

"Naruto you're talking!" Deidara nearly screamed. "You're having a baby and you can speak!"

Naruto took a shaky breath and then started crying again, not knowing how to deal with all of these emotions he felt. Deidara sniffled and then hugged Naruto again.

Eiji, who was standing at the door, held his little sister's hand as he watched his mother and Naru-chan crying loudly, like they were hurting. His eyes started to get cloudy, and his lips pouted, and soon he was crying with the other submissives. Hana looked around, but she couldn't understand was happening, and picking up the emotions of her big brother, she started crying loudly, a small fist rubbing one of her eyes.

And it was how Itachi found them. Their loud crying could be heard even from the outside, and all the servants had gathered around to understand what was happening.

"Deidara, what's going on?" Itachi asked with a frown.

"Itachi-sama!" Deidara wailed, and then threw himself at his mate's arms. Not having expected this, Itachi lost his balance, and fell backwards. His back crushed into the wall behind him, and he slid down, sitting on the ground with Deidara in his arms.

"What?" Itachi grunted.

Deidara looked at his mate and smiled through his tears. "You're going to be an uncle! And- and Naruto spoke, he could say a word!"

Itachi blinked and then smiled softly. "Such beautiful news…" He looked up to see Naruto standing there, eyes puffy, fingers playing with the other. "Come here Naruto-kun," Itachi called out gently.

Naruto walked to Itachi, and kneeled down. Itachi held his mate at his side with an arm, and he wrapped the free one around Naruto and kissed his temple. "Thank you so much, you made me really happy. I'm sure my brother will be ecstatic when he finds out."

Naruto nodded happily, and cuddled up to Itachi's side, seeking the comfort of the alpha.

"Why is my little princess still crying?" Itachi asked with a smile, and Hana run into her father, and climbed in his lap, cuddling up to his chest. Itachi put a lingering kiss in his daughter's dark blond hair and then looked up. "And what about my prince?" Eiji sniffled, and then run to Itachi, and cuddled up to other side of his chest. Itachi nuzzled his son's twitching ears, and then spoke gently, "You're going to have another sibling soon. Your uncle's going to be a father... Naruto-kun is carrying the little one in his stomach, just like your mother carried you two. So, I want you two to be good to Naruto-kun and help him in any way you can, okay?"

The kids nodded happily, and turned back to their group hug.

The servants who was watching the scenery had warm smiles on their faces. They knew that Naruto was waiting for this for so long. The only one who seemed unhappy with the news was Sakura, who had her maid yukata over, but Naruto was way too happy to notice her this time.

"It feels nice having a family like this," Deidara commented after a while, feeling warm in his mate's strong arm.

Naruto nodded. He couldn't agree more.

Sasuke dismounted his horse, and walked into the courtyard. His mission was finally over, it had taken four months to turn back to the village. He had informed his family of his return, and Itachi had greeted him at the gates of the village. But he hadn't accompanied him to home, because he still had some matters to attend.

He pushed open the wooden door, and was greeted by Deidara's smiling face.

"Welcome back Sasuke, it's been long this time!" Deidara commented happily.

"Yeah, it has," Sasuke smiled back.

"Welcome Sasuke-kun!" Sakura said happily. She was standing a few steps behind of Deidara.

Sasuke scowled. "Don't call my name with such disrespect."

"B-But… Don't you think it's enough?" Sakura asked, showing off her outfit, and her calloused hands.

"I was thinking of throwing you out, but my mate was too kind to allow such a thing, so don't try my patience," Sasuke said and then added with an amused smile. "Speaking of which, where is my beautiful mate? Why he's not here to greet me?"

Sasuke could easily tell his mate was hiding behind Deidara. He could smell his scent, and hear his small giggles, but still, he kept on playing his little game.

Naruto giggled some more, and then peeked through Deidara's shoulder.

Sasuke smiled warmly, as he saw a pair of azure eyes looking at him, and he opened his arms widely for his mate. Naruto didn't surprise him, and in a second, he had his excited mate in his arms, where he belonged to.

"I missed you so much, love," Sasuke said, holding his mate tightly.

Naruto looked up at his mate, and smiled happily, nodding his head.

Sasuke leaned down, and kissed his mate's petal lips slowly. Then, he planted kisses anywhere he could reach, and ended up burying his face in his sunshine hair. He took a few deep breaths to taste his baby fox's scent, but he frowned as he realized something off. There was something different with Naruto's scent. His mate always smelled alluring and inviting to Sasuke, and they were still there, but there was an overwhelming calmness shadowing them. And it was making Sasuke think of one thing… pregnancy.

Sasuke pulled back and looked at Naruto. Naruto blushed deeply under his mate's intense stare, and taking one of his hands, he placed it over his abdomen gently.

Sasuke frowned as he felt his mate's baby bump. He was silent for a few moments and then looked up to gaze at his mate.

Naruto blushed under his mate's heavy gaze. "Sasuke has put a baby in me…" Then taking a deep breath, Naruto spoke the words he had been working on for the last months with his shy voice. "I l-love Sasuke so m-much."

Sasuke's gaze intensified if it was possible as he looked at his mate. His baby fox had spoken. He had said Sasuke's name. How Sasuke had longed for this… How he had desired his mate to call out to him… But despite feeling overwhelmed with emotions, Sasuke didn't voice any of them, and just kept staring at his mate intently.

Naruto smiled happily. He didn't need Sasuke to talk to understand him. Their bond was strong enough for them to feel each other's feelings, so Naruto knew that his Sasuke was overjoyed, but he just couldn't show it openly yet. It was too much to take in.

Naruto took Sasuke's hand, and then led his mate to their room. He had already prepared a hot bath for him to relax after his long journey. Naruto took of Sasuke's clothes, and led him to the bathtub. Sasuke sat down in the warm water, and let his mate take care of him, never once taking his eyes off of Naruto. Naruto hummed a happy song as he washed Sasuke, and smiled softly every time Sasuke touched his baby bump, or leaned over to kiss his throat.

After the bath Naruto dried Sasuke with a fluffy towel, and helped him to wear a yukata. Then, he guided his mate to their kotatsu and run into the kitchen to bring the dinner. Sakura trailed behind him, but Naruto didn't mind her presence and kneeled beside his lover on the floor, placing the tray he was carrying on the low, wooden table.

"Rabbit!" Sasuke barked at Sakura who had moved to sit down in front of him. "Go, do your job. My mate won't be getting tired anymore."

Sakura nodded with startled eyes, and then left the room running.

Sasuke wrapped an arm around his mate's waist, and took the little fox in his lap. And after that he resumed his staring and touching Naruto's abdomen.

Naruto smiled at his mate blindingly. "I made the dishes Sasuke likes the most!"

Sasuke grunted in acknowledgment, and opened his mouth as Naruto started feeding him. He saw Sakura putting a few more plates in front of him, and then standing at the corner of the room. Naruto fed Sasuke happily, liking the way his mate ate whatever Naruto gave him.

When the food was gone, Sasuke pushed Naruto on the floor gently. Naruto yelped and held onto Sasuke's shoulders as Sasuke attacked his neck, and kissed every inch of creamy skin.

He looked up after a while, and spoke huskily, "You're carrying my child."

Naruto nodded quickly, caressing Sasuke's cheeks adorningly.

"Say my name," Sasuke said suddenly.

Naruto blushed. "S-Sasuke…"

"Again," Sasuke demanded.

"Sasuke…" Naruto repeated lovingly.

"Can you speak wholly?" Sasuke asked.

Naruto shook his head. "It hurts my throat too much. I just worked on saying I love Sasuke, because that's all I wanted to do from the first moment I saw him," Naruto ended his words with a deep blush.

"Tomorrow I'll find the best of healers to examine you," Sasuke promised.

Naruto smiled warmly. "I already have been examined. But because I'm pregnant, they can't give me any medication, so we'll have to wait till our baby comes."

"Alright," Sasuke nodded. "And how is our baby?"

"It's really healthy!" Naruto smiled happily. "Maybe we can go to see it together tomorrow?"

"Yes, yes of course, we'll," Sasuke nodded and then leaned down for a kiss.

He touched Naruto's sides, and tugged at his obi to let it loose. Naruto realized his mate's intentions, and pushed at his shoulders as strong as he could. Sasuke struggled with the grip for a while, and then looked up to his mate with a displeased frown.

"She's still in the room Sasuke, don't please," Naruto said with pink cheeks.

Sasuke looked back to see Sakura standing there, watching them with a glare.

"Why you're standing there for?" Sasuke snapped at the woman. "Get lost!"

Sakura jumped in her place, and then cleaning up the table she left quickly.

"Sasuke shouldn't be so impolite to her," Naruto said, and held onto his mate as the dominant picked him up and carried him to the bed.

"Hn," Sasuke clearly disagreed with Naruto, but he didn't voice it. Instead, he focused on discovering, and reclaiming his mate's body.

Demons' pregnancy lasted for almost a year, and Naruto enjoyed every second of it. He gained weight, his veins popped out, his nipples darkened, his skin cracked, he felt sick, he felt faint, he had nosebleeds, and sleeping problems, but he didn't mind any of them. He loved his baby no matter what.

Even this day, when he was crying silently in pain, he still thought of his baby. "Sasuke?"

"Give us a moment," Sasuke told the medics and they stopped whatever they were doing. Sasuke leaned over his mate who was lying down on their bed, and grabbed one of his hands tightly, kissing the back of his hand. His mate was about to give birth to their baby.

"Sasuke, I'm scared," Naruto said, sniffling.

"Me too, love, I'm scared, too," Sasuke answered honestly. "But after this, we'll finally see our baby."

"Yes," Naruto nodded. "But, I got used to carrying him nside of me. What if I can't protect him when he gets out?"

"We'll baby… This time, I'll be there to protect him too," Sasuke promised to his little mate. "Don't you worry about a single thing. I'll be waiting you right at the door."

"Okay," Naruto nodded. "I love Sasuke so much."

"I love you too, baby," Sasuke replied. "More than I could describe with words… Be strong for me, okay?"

Naruto nodded, and looked after Sasuke as the dominant left the room.

"It's been eight hours!" Sasuke shouted. "There must be something wrong!"

"Sasuke calm down," Itachi called out to his brother soothingly. Sasuke was spacing in front of the door without stopping while Itachi leaned against a wall. "It's normal, okay? I've heard longer births occurring."

Sasuke shook his head, and stopped deadly as the door to their room opened, revealing a widely smiling Deidara.

"How is he?" Sasuke asked right away.

"Both Naruto and the baby are in perfect condition," Deidara answered as he stepped out. "You can see them."

Other medics left the room one by one, congratulating Sasuke as they did so. Sasuke nodded at them and then walked into the room.

His mate was lying against pillows, and he was holding a whimpering bundle in his arms gently. When he looked up to Sasuke there were tears of happiness in his eyes.


Sasuke walked to the bed in a daze, and he sat down beside Naruto. He kissed Naruto's forehead lingeringly, and then lifted the sheet that was covering his baby. He held his breath as he met with a small, black furred puppy.

"We had a dominant baby wolf, Sasuke," Naruto said, an adorning smile on his face.

Sasuke nodded, and then leaned down to nuzzle his son's small furry head. The pup let out a small noise and then cuddled up to Naruto's chest, falling asleep quickly.

Sasuke laughed softly at the display, and then he lied down as well. He took Naruto in his arms, while Naruto held their baby against his chest.

"Thank you so much, love," Sasuke whispered against Naruto's temple. "You made me so happy…"

Naruto smiled happily, and placing his head against Sasuke's chest, he fell asleep quickly.

Their puppy opened his eyes for the first time after two weeks. He had dark blue, intense eyes, and Sasuke started calling their son Aoi. They didn't have a certain name in their minds, and Sasuke's nickname for their baby was accepted by everyone, so after a week the baby was officially named, Aoi Uchiha.

The pup was silent most of the time, only whimpered when he was hungry, and made crying noises when he couldn't smell Naruto's scent.

Naruto had never felt anything like this. His baby was so precious to him. He was the living proof of the love Naruto felt for his Sasuke. As for Sasuke, he turned into a more possessive and protective demon if it was possible. He refused to leave his small family's side for anything, and Itachi promised his brother that he wouldn't send him away till Aoi grew up a little.

It was a lazy night, and Naruto was feeding their baby. The puppy was sniffling around Naruto's chest, and then sucking his nipple into his mouth, causing Naruto to smile and caress his small head. Sasuke was watching them with a small smile when they heard a strange noise outside of their door, something like scratching. Sasuke frowned and stood up, and Naruto covered his chest. His kit whimpered but purred happily as Naruto nuzzled his wet, little nose.

Sasuke opened the door suddenly, and Sakura fell inside loudly. Naruto blinked a few times as he looked at the rabbit demon, who had her pink ears and tail out. She was emitting a strange scent, and trying to touch Sasuke.

"The fuck?" Sasuke took a step backwards as Sakura moaned and tried to touch him again.

Naruto held Sasuke's hand and looked at him. "She's in heat. She needs a mate."

Sasuke frowned and then smirked wickedly. He grabbed a hold of Sakura's long ears, and lifted her up. She cried in pain and struggled against Sasuke's hold, but couldn't break free. Sasuke dragged her out of the room and the house.

Naruto walked behind his Sasuke, and held his upper arm as Sasuke threw the rabbit out to the street. He wanted to stop Sasuke from harming her.

"You're in heat, yeah?" Sasuke asked mockingly. "So, I'm freeing you of your duties. Go find yourself a mate, I give you my blessing as the lord."

Sasuke gave her a one last smirk, and then wrapping an arm around his Naruto's waist, he guided him inside.

"Hey, my little boy," Sasuke smiled, as he took their baby in his arms. The little wolf moved his small legs excitedly, and started licking Sasuke's face. Sasuke chuckled at his little son's enthusiasm, and licked his small neck, making him relax and purr happily.

Naruto smiled at the display of his two precious person, and lied down in the bed. He really was tired, and tomorrow, the treatment for him to speak would start, so he was a little excited.

When Sasuke looked at his mate, he saw that he had fallen asleep already. Sasuke smiled softly, and then walked to bed,

"See? Your mommy's sleeping," Sasuke whispered to Aoi, who swished his small tail at the sight of his mother. Sasuke smiled, and then changing his son's diaper, he placed him beside Naruto. The pup snuggled close to Naruto, and then stopped moving, falling asleep quickly.

Sasuke watched his family with soft eyes for a while and then joined them in the bed.

"Are we ready?" Sasuke asked, and Naruto nodded happily.

Sasuke held his son close to his chest. Aoi was wrapped with a white baby blanket, and he had placed his head against Sasuke's upper arm, watching around silently. Sasuke held Naruto's hand with his free hand, and together they walked out of the house.

It was Aoi's first time out of their home, so he looked at anything with a baby's interest. Time to time, people stopped to see the new heir of the Uchihas. Naruto was happy to see his baby was getting everyone's kind words and good wishes. He, also, wished that his treatment would help him quickly, so he could talk to his son finally.

"My youthful lord, and his youthful mate!"

Sasuke and Naruto stopped walking as a hyperactive green blur approached them, surprisingly, he had a pink being beside him.

"Hello!" Lee smiled at the two royalty.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow as he saw Lee, one of his trusted warriors, along with Sakura.

"Hey, Lee," Sasuke nodded at the turtle demon, who was supposed to be slow and lazy compared to other demons. But what to say? The man was challenging his own nature.

Lee smiled widely. "I would like to say that I finally found youthful love too!"

Naruto blinked and looked up to Sasuke.

"You mean you're mates with the rabbit demon now?" Sasuke asked slowly.

"Yes!" Lee shouted happily. "Last night I felt the most exciting scent I have ever had the chance of smelling in my life! And when I followed it, it led me to my beautiful cherry blossom, and I claimed her to be my mate!"

Naruto's mouth dropped open in shock, as Sasuke started laughing suddenly. The wolf laughed till Aoi made a displeased sound to stop him.

"Did I disturb you, my son?" Sasuke smiled softly, and nuzzled his small head. Aoi made a pleased sound, and kept watching the busy streets. Sasuke chuckled at his son's antics, and then looked up to Lee. "Congratulations, I'm happy for you. An unmated dominant is a lost dominant."

Lee nodded happily, but Sakura was scowling beside him, obviously not happy with the demon who claimed her. But it was too late to do anything now.

"Congratulations," Naruto said as he looked up to Sasuke, letting his mate read his lips. "I'm really happy that Sakura found her mate finally."

"Naruto, also, congratulates you on your mating," Sasuke nodded at the newly mated couple.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun!" Lee said happily, and then waving at them, he dragged the not so happy Sakura away.

"I guess what Sasuke did was good for her. She needed her own mate," Naruto said as they started walking again.

"Who cares," Sasuke shrugged. "We got rid of her, but I pity poor Lee."

Naruto giggled, and nuzzled his mate's shoulder, and they kept walking to the hospital to get Naruto's first treatment for his voice chords.

"I'm sure you'll start talking soon," Sasuke commented, encouraging his mate. "You already speak a few things, right?"

Naruto nodded happily.

"Come on, say something to us," Sasuke demanded, as he lifted his son, so that his cheek was against his son's little head.

Naruto smiled at the sight, and then took a deep breath before opening his mouth, "I l-love my m…mate and s-son."

Sasuke smiled lovingly at his mate, and kissed his lips softly. "We love you, too. Right, Ao?" Sasuke asked his son, and the baby wolf made a small noise, swishing his tiny tail. Sasuke chuckled, and then whispered to his son, "Come on, kiss mommy," He neared the puppy to Naruto, and instinctively, the baby licked Naruto's cheek, making the fox giggle.

Sasuke smiled, and resumed his walking. Naruto entwined his fingers with his mate's, then clutching to Sasuke's forearm with his free hand, he leaned his head against Sasuke's upper arm.

He smiled softly as Sasuke started talking to their son about all the useless things, or what would they do when he grow up, and how Sasuke would teach him all the things he knew of.

Naruto sighed contently. Life was good to him. Of course there would be more struggles ahead, more misunderstandings, and of course, more happiness. And Naruto was ready to embrace them all. With his mate, and his son; the family he created on his own.

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