Warnings: I will slap a warning on chapters that have major trigger items but this is the blanket warning. I think I got all the big stuff.

This fic is rated M for: language, violence, torture, physical abuse, mental/emotional abuse, sexual abuse, abuse (all of the above) by a parent figure, sexual content (consensual), sexual content (non-consensual)

A note on timelines: This story is not told from a linear prospective. It gets all wibbly-wobbly. Over the course of the story you will see flashes from eight different periods of time. They are marked, but for reference:

Present Day – begins in late January 2013 soon after the events of 'Torn and Frayed' (S8E10) and before the events of 'Trial and Error' (S8E14) and proceeds from there. Slight AU involved.

10 Years Ago – January 2003, Seattle

7 Years Ago – Halloween 2006, North Carolina

5 Years Ago – New York, set directly before the events of 'No Rest for the Wicked' (S3E16)

4 Years Ago – Buenos Aires, set after 'On the Head of a Pin' (S4E16)

3 Years Ago - End of April/ beginning of May 2010, set after 'The Devil You Know' (S5E20)

2.5 Years Ago – Fall 2010, while Crowley is hunting for Alphas

2 Years Ago – late 2011, sometime after Crowley's failure to make a deal with Dick Roman in 'Slash Fiction' (S7E6)

Author's Note: I've wanted to write a Crowley fic for some time because, well, Crowley. I had a handful of ideas floating around in my head and what one does my muse take and run with? The first person OC. Of course. Still, I've enjoyed writing this thus far and expect to continue to enjoy it. Just a warning: this will take a while to finish. I've got a lot of it written and 90% of it plotted out but I'm waiting to see how some of season 10 plays out before I finalize how the final details work out.

Chapter titles are lyrics taken from the wide variety of songs that my muse found/finds inspiring while writing this. They are credited at the end of every chapter.

As always, I write without a beta. All mistakes are entirely my own.

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural. Obviously.

As always, reviews = love and totally make my day. They're also like crack for my muse and make her want to write more. Like the proverbial carrot dangled in front of the donkey, except the muse gets huffy if I start comparing her to an ass.