*Well ladies and gents here we are over a year since we finished Buried Secrets 2 and now the time has come to finally finish the trilogy I started writing almost three years ago. It has been a while journey. For those wondering where I've been here's a quick recap. February 11, 2013 my grandfather passed the end of 2013 I had two very dear friends pass away as well. My grandmother who I had been taken care of since my grandfather passed decided to stop chemo and on February 11, 2014 she passed away. When that happened I was in the middle of planning my wedding which I did go through with lol. It has been a very crazy year so I hope you all can understand.

I decided that since I am towards the end of my degree and I have many classes I didn't want to post until I had a good chunk of the story written as well as a little teaser video for you guys since you have all been so patient and supportive. My lovely beta and friend Dark~Supernatural~Angel has just finished the video and is uploading it to youtube. If you want to find her, her video name on there is UnknownQueen. She has done all three videos for this trilogy and has been very supportive over the last year and I just want to give her a very special thank you.

This is the beginning of the end my dears. I have been putting every inch of my soul into this story. It has been a way for me to work through my grief and loss and though I'm still working through it this has been a great help. I hope you all enjoy the story as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Without further ado I give you…..

Buried Secrets 3: Enter the Shadows

I can't take the silence in this room it's just deafening and reminds me more that I'm alone…that I'm away from him. I was never meant to get attached and he was the last person in the world I ever saw being attached to. It was just meant to be a one night stand for him and a night for me to forget everything and to see if he lived up to his reputation. He did live up to it and in those moments I unknowingly got into his head and I saw him. I saw his soul and what secrets he hid. I saw his life, I saw his highs and lows, I saw the pain he went through, the self-doubt, and the anger.

I opened my eyes and as he laid there shirtless in all his glory I saw him in a new light. I saw beyond the walls he had and I understood. I understood him like only he could understand me.

We both hid behind these walls and snarky remarks. It was easier than showing others the truth and how broken we truly were. Most would think we were fixing one another, but that wasn't it. We didn't need fixing; we didn't need to be mended or coddled all we needed was for someone to understand. Someone who could relate to this fear we both felt; the fear of being alone, of being pitied, of a life in perpetual darkness.

We had both been reaching out blindly in this darkness and that's when we grasped each other's hands; a small ember came to life and branded us to one another.

We both had scars visible and invisible, ones that carried with them stories of betrayal, pain, regrets, loneliness, and so many other things. We found comfort in each other's stories of our scars and that only tied us to each other more.

Leaving was like no pain I had ever felt, it was like tearing my own heart out. Something bonded us together and I don't know what it was, but more than anything I want him back. I know though that I can't risk it. If I were to go back they would find Klaus and we would be torn apart….literally. I can handle my own demise; I've been waiting for it for some time, but what I can't handle or imagine is watching him be taken. That's what Klaus would do for the betrayal I have committed against him.

He once said to me in that dungeon "Never go for the kill when you can go for the pain."

I won't watch him suffer at Klaus' hands and if that means I have to run for the rest of my life then so be it. I was at the mercy of Klaus once, but I won't be again and I won't let anyone else be in that situation either.

Elijah, Kol, and Rebekah don't see what I see; they don't know what I know. He can't be redeemed because he doesn't want to. He doesn't want what they want; he doesn't care like they do even though they hide it. Once upon a time he may have been a person; someone who cared, but that time has passed and with it Klaus' humanity has been locked away. He is too lost to be saved.

I will spend the rest of my years running and if one day they get too close and my time is almost up the last act I will ever do is put him in the bottom of the ocean to rot for all eternity.

I do this for them, but also I do this because inside me there is a small black mark on my heart. A mark Klaus made; within that tiny mark still holds my anger and rage and darkness that he thrust me into. He forced me into the shadows, but now I will willingly walk in them. There is one tiny speck of light though and it's only because I still hold on to him…to what he gave me. Even in all this darkness, hate, and rage I am surrounded by because I never had a choice; at one point for a brief, but life changing moment I had one. I choose to open myself to someone and risk it all. Though our time was short I was able to feel what it was like to walk in the light and bask in the warmth of someone's love; someone who truly understood me and accepted me with all my flaws and scars.

That tiny ray of light is the reason I will stay in the shadows because it's the only thing left I have to protect…the only thing I have ever had a choice in. I will never let that go I will never forget it because it is the only thing that will keep me going in what's coming.

I feel a heaviness descending and it rattles me to my core, I feel it creeping along my skin and settling into my bones. My fight is long from over…but I always knew that. What I don't think I realized is that Klaus was right….there is always something darker lurking in the shadows around us. Something worse than the evil you've faced before the only question is….what is waiting for me as I enter these shadows?