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Sam sprinted up to Danny's room, bolting into his room with a Fenton thermos at hand. "WHAT'S WRONG-oh," she faltered, seeing no ghost anywhere (besides Danny himself).

Instead, the only troubling thing was Danny with his hands in his scruffyhair and his forehead continuously slamming against the desk. Sam raised an eyebrow. "What's the problem?" she asked dryly.







"A stupid."

Slam slam.


Sam had to yank Danny's hair to stop him from crashing his face onto the desk again.

"Let me guess, one of the art projects you decided to skip out on until the last minute?" Sam asked dryly. Danny nodded as he untangled her fingers from his hair. "Well, you could always ask for help," she reasoned. Danny gave her an "are-you-serious" look. She rolled her eyes. "But then again for men, asking people for help is like asking Paulina to wear black for a week."

Danny put a thoughtful finger to his lips. "Maybe I could draw Paulina's ghost in bright pink and tattered black?" he muttered, but quickly shut up as Sam shot him a dangerous glare. "Nope, not that," he squeaked.

"Well, let me see what you've got so far," she said, pulling up Danny's current picture.

The nicest way to say it was that it was horrible. For a high-detailed drawing that the project required it to be, this was the complete opposite.

Basically, it was just a 3 year old's drawing of a blob of what looked like Jello with eyes and a frowny face.

Sam sighed, facepalming. "Alright, well, one thing you need to work on his doing more than just one line for an object. Like, do soft, thin strokes, then work your way out into the actual object..."


"Thanks, Sam," Danny said brightly, and pulled out a completely new, blank, white sheet of paper. Sam frowned. "Wait...why are you starting a new picture? Isn't the one we drew the one you're turning in?" she asked, looking at the Skulker drawing they had made.

Danny shook his head. "Nah, I'm saving it to help me remember the drawing stuff. I'm atarting a new one."

Sam shrugged. "Okay, then. I have to get going, I'm almost past curfew..." she said, backing up to the door.

Danny nodded. "I get it. G'night, Sam. You'll see the picture tomorrow!"

"Where's Danny?" Tucker asked.

Sam shrugged. "No idea. I mean, he should've been at the bus stop, but..."

The said boy burst in between them, out of breath. "Hey guys, sorry I'm late. Needed to finish up the art project for Lancer today, so..." he trailed off, and Tucker waved it off. "Whatever, it's cool. Can I see it, or-"


Danny sprinted towards Lancer's classroom. "See you inside!" he called. Sam and Tucker looked at each other. "He's acting strange today," Sam noted. "Huh," Tucker muttered, and they raced off after Danny.

"Mr. Fenton, I hope you brought your project today."

Danny snapped awake. "Right, right," he murmured, pulling his drawing out of his backpack. Lancer promptly took it and was suddenly deeply intrigued.

"What is it, Mr. Lancer?" Star asked.

Lancer put it up on the Prometheus board. Several students oohed at it, others grinning.

Danny peeked at Sam for a moment, and liked what he saw. She was grinning ear to ear. "That's amazing, Danny," she complimented, and Danny turned his gaze back to the board.

It was Sam Manson, teaching Danny Phantom how to draw a ghost.