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Working Together

Over the next few weeks, the Sensha-dou team was busy teaching the new students how to drive and operate their tanks. The team had also gotten a shipment of new tanks, largely thanks to Saunders high school, who sold Oorai an M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight, and two M-24 Chaffee's for a fair fee as a favor for Oorai considering their position as the Japanese National Team. Oorai girl's school also had enough money to by an M-5Stuart reconnaissance tank off the Internet. None of the new tanks had been named yet, for there was still trouble determining if the whole alliance would be able to work together.

The Hikouki-dou also struck gold in terms of equipment. Searching through deep storage on their ship, the Nishimaru, they managed to find Two P-51 Mustangs and a P-38 Lightning. The school was also able to buy a B-17 Flying Fortress, and a B-29 from Saunders Aeronautical school.

"Why the hell did we buy these?" asked Hiro.

"They call it a flying Fortress for a reason. It can give as well as it takes. We can hit their airfield, and take out their air power. Or, If we have our backs to the wall, fly this thing into a their fighters. We might be able to take a few of them down with us?" Akio replied jokingly.

"Even your not that crazy, Akio-chan. Bomber versus fighters? Fighters win hands down." Hiro said.

"True, but they wouldn't be expecting it, would they?" Akio said, actually putting some thought into the plan.

"Akio!" Hiro said.

"Relax, I'm Kidding." Akio said, " On top of bombing, their large payload makes them Ideal for supply carrying. Plus, we can drop them into the battle directly instead of fairing them to a holding area."

On the Sensha-dou fields, the team was having un-expected trouble getting the T-95 to run. Turns out a few key parts of the engine and suspension were missing.

"Shit!" Reijin, an engineer from the boys' team, said under the tank trying to fix the suspension.

"I thought you were good with machines?" Hoshino said working on the engine.

"No, I'm an engineer, not a mechanic. More specifically I'm a demolition specialist." Reijin responded.

"You can put things together, can't you?" Hoshino asked.

"Only if you want them to explode afterwards." Reijin said half jokingly.

"You're telling me you've never worked on something like this before?" Hoshino asked.

"I've worked on my grandfathers jeep when I was little. Never suspension. Besides explosives, engines are my specialty." Reijin said.

"You want some help?" Hoshino asked.

"Yes, please." Reijin said.

Hoshino walked over to where Reijin was working.

"Yeah, we're definitely missing some parts. Looks like a few bolts are missing from the suspension bars." Hoshino said while refereeing to a blueprint.

"What size?" Reijin asked.

"20 mm." Hoshino said. They rummaged around the sheds until they found the size they needed and bolting them in.

"How's the engine coming?" Reijin asked.

"The butterfly valves are jammed on three of the cylinders." Hoshino said.

"Need some help? Like I said, engines are my specialty." Reijin said.

"After to explosives." Hoshino teased.

"C'mon, two's better then one?" Reijin said with a grin.

"Fine." Hoshino conceded.

The next month was filled with training. The students all had to put in extra study hours, and were expected to bring their grades up to no less than an A- and they would probably lose a few weeks out of their vacation, but it was a necessary sacrifice.

For hours on end, the Sensha-dou teams practiced formation driving, accuracy, loading, map reading, and maintenance and repairs.

The infantry was much different. The infantry units had begun tank hunter training. Beyond learning how to use anti-tank weapons, the units began learning the basics of guerilla warfare. The training was modeled after the panzer jaeger units employed in the hedge grove country after the D-Day invasion, and was reserved for the top ten percent of the class, and it was volunteer only. Unfortunately, at the time they were not ready to train with real tanks, so wooden silhouettes supplemented the steel beasts.

The fresher recruits trained as regular infantry. Everyday they began with Physical Training, then marksmanship, and hand-to-hand combat.

"I'm tired!" Some would complain during the daily PT. There was definitely no lack of complaining among the fresh recruits. But most of them enjoyed the self-defense classes during the day.

"Watch carefully." Kouri said as he and an assistant squared off in a fighting stance. The assistant was armed with a training knife while Kouri was unarmed. The assistant lunged at Kouri with the knife, but Kouri side stepped, grabbing the boy's arm with both hands, one hand on the boy's wrist.

He pulled the boy in a sweeping motion, while sticking his leg out in front of him and taking him to the floor. Kouri quickly got to his feet with the knife in hand.

"That's one method of disarming an opponent. You try." He said to the class. The students practiced the move for five minutes before beginning another lesson.

"This is how to defend when you get attacked from behind." Kouri said.

The assistant took a position behind Kouri then grabbed him from behind.

"From here, you can use your elbow and hit him in the gut, or in the face." Kouri said, while demonstrating each move.

"From there, you're going to step inside of his stance, grab his arm, and drop your weight, while pulling him over you." Kouri demonstrated the move, and the man hit the ground with an audible *Thud*.

"From here, you can deliver a variety of blows. You can punch him in the face, you can kick him, or you can simply walk away if you think he's had enough. Just as long as he doesn't get back up and come after you." Kouri finished the demonstration with each of the finishing moves he described.

"Only use these techniques when it is absolutely necessary. And during competition, it is advised that you refrain away from causing any serious damage to your opponent." Kouri finished as the class continued to practice.

Miho sat in a in the commanders coupla of her tank. She scanned the field with her binoculars looking for any sign of the enemy tanks. To her left were the M-24 Chaffee and the M-5 Stuart to her right. The other Tank on her team was Leopon team's Tiger P. The enemy team consisted of the other M-24 Chaffee and the M4A3E8 "Easy Eight" Sherman, and those of Duck, and Hippo teams.

Both Leopon and Turtle teams sat on the ridge behind them giving them effective over watch. The Panzer, Chaffee, and Stuart sat halfway down the ridge concealed behind bushes and camo netting in a sort of ghillie suit draped over the tanks.

Miho scanned the ridgeline and spotted the outlines of the enemy Chaffee, and Duck team's Type-89B hiding under a tree halfway up the opposing hill.

"I see the Chaffee, and Duck team's Type-89B." She said to the other teams through the radio.

"Well let's go and get them!" said the commander of the Chaffee who was one of the students from the Heishi-dou team who transferred to the Sensha-dou team to bolster their numbers. He was a 5'6" 16 year old boy with a runner's physique named Kenichi "Kenny" Ieyasu. His entire crew was also made up from other transfers from the boys' school.

"We don't know where the other tanks are. If they're on over watch like us, we'll get ripped apart." Miho said into the radio, remembering all to well the events that had nearly lead to their defeat at the hands of Pravda.

"Fuck that! I bet they can't hit a moving target. Especially one as fast as me!" Kenny spat back. At that moment the Chaffee and the Stuart both broke cover and began to flank left around the ridge, managing to stick behind the tree line

"Open fire!" Kenny said into the radio. Both tanks began firing wildly at the two tanks hunkered down beneath the tree. Both tanks scrambled for cover before traversing their turrets and returning fire. The Chaffee and the Stuart raced up a dirt path to where the enemy tanks were hiding. Kenny quickly told his driver, a 5'5" boy roughly the same age named Hondo Tashida, to stop and both tanks ground to a halt. Kenny placed Duck team's tank in his crosshairs and fired. The round slammed into the tanks turret, killing it with a final *POP* of the white flag. The Stuart fired a shot into the rear of the enemy Chaffee and killed it to. Kenny poked out of the commander's hatch with a grin stretching ear to ear.

"Told you they couldn't hit us." He snickered into the radio before noticing the smoke rising up on the opposite ridge where the Panzer and the Tiger had been. Kenny's mad dash had thrown up a dust cloud that gave away Miho's position to the StuG. on the enemy team who had taken them out. The Tiger P had managed to get a shot off at the StuG. but missed and was taken out by a well-placed shot from the Easy Eight.

Kenny scrambled for his binoculars, pulling them to his eyes and discovered in his rush he had them facing the wrong way. He quickly flipped them around and began scanning the area to see if he could spot the remaining two tanks.

A shot rang out and the Stuart burst into flames and the white knock out flag deployed above it. Kenny ducked back down into the turret and slammed it shut after him.

"Reverse!" he yelled in a panic before the tank shook violently from a shot from the StuG. Kenny heard the *POP* of the white flag above him, and he knew it was over.

Kenny was a good Heishi-dou athlete, but he refused to listen when any of the girls attempted to help. They ignored much of the advice given to them, say for the basic operating procedures of the tank, and they would disregard orders routinely while on the battlefield.

This showed Miho that they obviously had a lack of respect. But she wasn't sure if that was the sole reason, or if pure laziness was a factor as well.

Despite having been training for the past three weeks, the Heishi-dou boys still struggled with the most basic of maneuvers. More than once the boys had blown cover and left the rest of their team holding the bag, often times outnumbered and out gunned. The crew of the Easy Eight was a fair bunch, just unsure of them selves and would sometimes crumble under pressure.

Today however was not the case. They had performed very efficiently, and had done everything correct. But a chain is only as strong as the weakest link, and today, Kenny had dropped the ball, and got the entire team killed.

Miho had decided that enough was enough. She had to speak with Kenji. Kenny was his teammate first, so if anybody knew why the boys on the Sensha-dou team were acting out, it should be him.

Suzuki was walking through the mess hall looking for a place to sit. As she was walking, one of the new students bumped into her.

"Why don't you watch where you're going you stupid whore!" the boy spat.

"What did you call me?" She spat back instantly.

"I called you a stupid whore. You and the rest of your friends. You don't know what real combat is." the said.

"Oh and you do? That's mighty bold considering you've been here what, a week? I saw you in that live fire drill we had. You practically crapped your pants. So don't be telling me about combat. Alright?" Suzuki sneered and turned to leave.

She felt a hand grab her shoulder and spin her around, causing her to drop her plate. As she looked up at her attacker she was met by a swift right hook to her face. She responded instantly with another right hook to the boy's jaw, nocking loose a few of his molars.

"Enough!" A voice shouted over the crowd. The group parted to reveal a particularly angry Sadoko standing in the middle of the isle with a clip board.

"Both of you, come with me." She said leading the two into the student council's office.

"How could you be so disrespectful!" Sadoko yelled at the top of her lungs at the boy who started the fight.

"That's none of your business." The boy said shooting Suzuki a dirty glance.

"I'm the head of the public morals committee , an-"

"Not in my school you're not!" The boy shot back, cutting Sadoko off.

"Why you little-" Sadoko began.

"Sono-san!" Hitoshi Takizawa interrupted before Sadoko could finish her sentence. At that moment Kenji walked into the room.

"What's going on?" Kenji said, eyeing the boy standing int he center of the room.

"Sono-san here was just telling Edo-san to show respect towards his teammates." Hitoshi said.

"I'll deal with you in a minute." Kenji said to Edo.

"This delinquent was harassing Suzuki-san in the lunch area." Sadoko said.

"I'm well aware of the details Sono-san." Kenji said.

"Then what are you going to do about it?" Sadoko said giving Kenji a dirty look.

"At the moment, that is not something I want to trouble you with. I appreciate all you've done so far, but this young man is my problem to deal with. Meanwhile, I suggest you escort Suzuki-san back to the Zuikaku for to be disciplined as you see fit." Kenji said, maintaining a strict military bearing.

"So you're just going to let him walk?" Sadoko shot back.

"Sono-san. I said nothing of the sort. I will deal with this boy my way, while you do the same."

"She's the victim." Sadoko said.

"That's for you to decide. But in my family, such action as this holds both sides accountable." Kenji said.

Sadoko waved for Suzuki to follow her as they both exited the room. Sadoko was still mad at Kenji, for she thought the instigator of the fight was going to get off the hook.

As soon as the two left, Kenji turned his attention to Edo.

"Don't think I've forgotten you." Kenji said.

"Why do you show such a lack of respect towards our teammates?" Kenji asked.

"Because they don't deserve my respect. If you want my respect, you have to earn it." The boy said.

"Hmm... And tell me. How have I not earned your respect? How have they not earned your respect? They agreed to help us in our plight even though it was not their own. How could you possibly think like that about them. Do you think yourself better than them?" Kenji said, keeping his voice calm yet assertive.

"But I am. Their team had no training, and won out of pure luck." The boy said.

"You're off the team." Kenji said swiftly.

"What?" Edo asked.

"You obviously can't work as a team so you're off. Fired, so to speak." Kenji said.

"But... but you can't do that!" Edo pleaded.

"Indeed I can. For more than just this incident. Your test scores are lacking, your PT scores are too low, and your marksmanship is terrible. And now this. Not only did you attack a woman, but a senpai as well. Members of my team are expected to show mature, and gentlemanly behavior. This includes respecting your team, and those appointed above you, no matter what. If you cannot swallow your own pride then I have no use for you here." Kenji concluded.

Edo turned to leave.

"Not so fast. I still have to decide your punishment." Kenji said.

"You said it yourself, you're not the boss of me." Edo said.

"Doesn't matter. I'm still the disciplinary advisor." Kenji said, "You'll spend the next three weeks detention scrubbing out every bathroom on this campus with this toothbrush." Kenji said.

"That's my toothbrush." Edo said.

"Exactly. Don't worry, I'm only making you clean the major ones. The individual dorm ones you don't have to worry about." Kenji said. Edo snatched the toothbrush from his hand and left the room.

"Kenji-san." Hitoshi said.

"Aye, Sir." Kenji turned to him.

"This is not the only incident of this happening. You must put an end to this pointless bickering, at once. If you can't, I'll find someone who can." Hitoshi said grimly.

Kenji nodded and exited the room.

Kenji heard a knock on the door to his room/home office.

"Come in," he said. Miho opened the door and walked in and bowed.

"Kenji-san, we need to talk." She said.

"Is everything okay?" Kenji said.

"No. Some members of the Heishi-dou team have shown a certain unwillingness to follow orders." Miho said.

"Well I can see where they're coming from. I was dealing with this boy who started a fight with one of your team members." Kenji said.

"Yes, Sadoko told me about that." Miho said.

"I had a feeling she would. She doesn't like me, does she?" Kenji asked.

"Don't worry, she means well, and will come around eventually." Miho said in an attempt to comfort her friend. And it seemed to work.

"You said you understood where they came from?" Miho asked, returning to the subject.

"Well, when I first met you, I had many of the same feelings. You must remember, very few people have been tested like these boys have. They've seen the replays and what they witnessed is nothing short of a miracle. A virtually un-known school comes out of nowhere and wins the championships with very little training against veteran teams, with better equipment. It's almost to good to be true. In order for that to be possible, the team in question would need an unbelievably good commander, or the other teams just suck to begin with. Unfortunately, many people will agree with the latter." Kenji said.

"True, we were lucky. But it takes a lot more than blind luck to win a championship. We may not have had as much training as the teams we faced. But we were an effective team. All the training in the world couldn't have made up for that. That's what we have to strive to be. Not just our teams as a hole, but you and me as well." Miho said.

"You're right. But unfortunately, my men are to blinded by prejudice to understand that for themselves. I will have to tell them. If I make clear the points you just made to me, they will surely follow." Kenji said.

"Thank you, Kenji-san." Miho said.

"No. Thank you." Kenji said smiling.

"ATEETION!" Kenji boomed standing on the stage in the auditorium.

Miho sat all the way in the back next to the exit door where nobody would notice her.

"It has come to my attention, that certain members of this members of this team have been slacking, and neglecting their instructors. I feel it's my job to remind all of you, that this is our last chance to save this school?" Kenji continued.

"So? We failed last time. What are our chances of succeeding in an International National tournament?" came a voice from the crowd.

"Look, I know that we haven't been together for long. And we lost in the championships. But, we still made it to the finals before we went down. That in itself is a victory. One earned through pure heart and skill. In our darkest moment we banded together, and you chose to follow me. You trusted me then, and I'm asking you to trust me now. All of you, and this school, they gave me a second chance. Now that's what I'm offering you, here and now. Will you lie down and accept defeat? Or will you fight, and maybe, just maybe, bring this school another day in the spotlight, and be remembered as the men that could?"

"YEAH!" The team chanted.

"ALRIGHT THEN!" Kenji said, "In order to do this, we have to trust our team members, and they have to trust us. Like it or not, we cannot do this alone. We have to band together with the members of the Sensha-dou and Hikouki-dou teams if we want to win this. I know that some of you don't like the idea, that you think they're untested. But make no mistake, when we asked them for help they came to our aid. They volunteered to help us, nobody forced them. Tested or not, they answered the calls for help from another down on its luck, no name school. How many of the other tankery teams would've one that, eh? So we need to trust them, and give them a reason to trust us. Can you do that? Can you put your differences aside for the greater good? Because if not, then you can walk yourself right out that door." Kenji said, gesturing to the door for emphasis.

The room fell silent as the students looked around at each other. Just waiting to see who the first person to leave was, and wondering if they would follow. No body left.

"Alright then. Now I want each and every one of you to remember what you all signed on for from here on out. We're going to train hard, and we're going to train fast, because in a few weeks, we will be facing the Australian team. This will prove to our allies, that we can hit just as hard as they can. That we can go the distance. And it will prove to ourselves, that we belong in this alliance.

"LET'S DO IT!" The students chanted.

"FOR OUR SCHOOL! BANZAI!" they all cheered.

"Australia, here we come." Kenji thought to himself.

Yes that's right boys and girls, Oorai is coming to Australia. I'm going to level with you, I have not been anywhere outside of the states, or outside of Hawaii and Cali. for that matter. So if any Australians who are reading this would like to offer a helping hand in therms of a setting for a battle, I'm going to have it in the outback. Also, this goes for anybody really, If this story goes to your country and I say or imply something that is offensive or incorrect, then feel free to PM me and set me strait. I don't want to offend anybody here. Obviously I'm going to have the characters saying a few insults at each other here and there, but hopefully nothing to extreme.

Here are the descriptions for 's OCs:

Akecheta Wolfclaw




-Short Black hair

-Blue eyes

-Native American (only non Japanese character)

-U.S. transfer student

-Courageous, but very shy and unsure.

-Tank gunner (preferably panzer IV, but its up to you)

Komoru Hiyahsi




-Ear length Black hair

-Black eyes


-Introverted, doesn't like to listen

-Tank loader

Daichi Fujimoto




-Short Brown hair

-Brown eyes


-Likes to boast, cares highly for himself, but holds great respect for his superiors

-Fighter Pilot

Sora Mizushima




-Dirty blonde hair, always in a ponytail, lower back length

-Green eyes


-Very, very shy, unsure and easily hurt feelings

-Tank Driver

Nozomi Mizushima




-Black hair, always in a bun

-Black eyes


-Has great care for others, Sora's older sister and protector

-Tank radio operator.

Rei Takahashi




-Orange hair, always like Elsa's in Frozen (sorry for comparison)

-Hazel eyes


-Always positive, see the good in people, helps people through their problems

-Fighter Pilot

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