Hello, my pen name is Mumei Mu.

This is my first fanfiction story and I decided to do a Naruto-Total Drama crossover to see how it turns out.

I tried my best to keep some characters IC but it's possible that some will be OOC. I also try to cram two episodes in one chapter with a new challenge. Some will following the cannon or not.

I want everyone to know that English is my third languages and I'm deaf so I may make a lot of grammar errors, since I still have problems with past, present, and future tense, which is common among deaf people. Plus I may get some of accents wrong and I would appreciate it if some people point some out and let me know what I should fix.

I would be thankful if you help me out with some tips since I don't have beta (No idea what it is) at all. I also admit that I'm not a good writer but we all know that's how some good writer start out with first fanfiction story. I tried my best, guys.

I will talk more about the reasons why I changed a lot of things about Total Drama at the end of the chapter.

"Total" – Talking

'Drama' – Thinking

"Island!" – Flashback

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First Chapter: The Island: The Campers, Tag, and Sharks!

"My little Naru-chan…I want you to…listen to me…Okay?" A red-haired boy nodded with a sniffle as he looks up to redhead woman in bed, "Please protect your precious ones…Be kind to everyone you meet…and most important thing…I want you to promise me that…"

"Naruto! Wake up, idiot!" He can feel someone shaking him roughly, "GET UP NOW!"

"Ugh, I'm up, I'm up." Naruto yawned before turning his head to his best friend, "Heat-chan, are we almost there?"

"Yeah…" There was a pause, "AND DON'T CALL ME HEAT-CHAN!"

(The Total Drama Island)

At the dock, a man in his mid-thirty smiled at the camera with a grin, "Yo! We're coming at you live from Camp Wawankwa! I'm your host, Chris McLean." He paused to let it sink in before speak up, "Dropping season one of the hottest new reality show on television, right now!"

Chris walks down the dock as if he was on a stroll, "Here's a deal, 23 campers have signed up to spend eight weeks right here at this crummy old summer camp." He halts his stroll in front of the camp sign, "They'll compete in challengers against each other then have to face the judgments of their fellow campers." Chris paused for a bit, "Every three days, one team will either win a reward or watch of their team member walk down the dock of shame and take a ride on the loser ship, never come back...Ever!" He grinned, gesturing at the dock.

(Campfire site)

"Their fate will be decided here at the dramatic campfire ceremonies," Chris thumbed at the campfire site, "Where all but one camper will receive a marshmallow." He grabbed a stick with marshmallow and take a bite before tosses it away, "In the end, only one will be left standing and will be rewarded with cheesy tabloid fame and a small fortune," Chris pulls a treasure crest out of nowhere before whispered to the camera with a light chuckle, "Let's face it, they will blow it off in a week or so."


Chris returned to the dock, "Every moment will be caught on one of hundreds of cameras situated all over the camp. Who will crumble under the pressure? Find out here right now on…" He takes a deep breath as he pointed at the camera with a grin, "TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND!"

Theme song

The intern behind camera gave Chris a signal, "Welcome back to Total Drama Island." He beamed, "All right, it's time to meet our vic…cough, eh, I mean campers. We told them they'd all be staying at a five star resort," Chris chuckled, "So if they seem to be pissed off, that's probably why." As if it was on a cue, the ship just pulled up as Chris turn to face the first camper with his infamous grin, "What's up, Beth!"

The farmer girl suddenly tackles Chris with a squeal, causing him to give her a weird look, "It's so incredulous to meet you!" Beth blinked, "Wow, you're much short in real life."

"Uh…Thanks?" Chris muttered with raised eyebrow before glancing to see a giant Jamaican walking up to him with duffle bags and greeted him, "DJ."

"Yo, Chris McLean. How's it going?" DJ gave Chris a high five before glancing at the scene, "Hey, you sure you got the right place here? Where's the hot tub at?" DJ asked the host, only to hear him confirming that it was the right place, "Hmm…Look a lot different on form…" He muttered, carrying his bags to other side of dock while glancing around.

"Hey, Gwen." The goth girl sighed.

"You mean we're staying here?" Gwen jerked her head at the rundown cabins.

Chris chuckled, "Oh, yeah! By the way, my crib is this trailer with A.C."

"I didn't sign up for that!" She growled.

"Actually, you did." Chris smirked, proudly presenting the contact before Gwen grabbed it and tore it in half, "…Good thing about lawyer is…that they make a lot of copies." Gwen growled again before picks up her bags.

"I'm not staying here!"

"You sure? That mean you have to swim back since your boat just left." There was sound of boat honking as it left the island.

"Great…" Gwen muttered with sarcasm as other boat pull up with a cowboy in pink shirt doing some kind of dance before he flipped off the boat.

"Wassup, Chris. It's an honor to meet you, man!" The cowboy greeted with fistbump.

"Geoff-ster! Welcome to the island, man!"

Geoff grinned, "Thank, man!"

"If they say 'man' one more time, I'm gonna puke." Gwen whispered to DJ and Beth, earning some concern looks from them.

Chris looks at the dock again before introducing the new camper to other campers, "Everyone, that is Lindsay." The blonde bombshell waved to everyone with a smile, "Not too shabby, eh?" Chris whispered to the camera as Lindsay walk up to Chris.

"You look so familiar!" Lindsay pointed at Chris as he grins at her.

"I'm Chris McLean." She blinked and stares at him with quizzical expression on her face, "…The host of this show?"

"Oh, that's where I know you from."

"Um…Yeah…" Chris blinked with dumbfounded expression on his face as he stares at Lindsay walk to the group before muttering something about not bright. He turns around to see two teenagers stepped on the dock, "Heather and Naruto. The queen bee and her childhood friend!"

Heather scoffed as she shoves Chris out of her way, "This idiot is not my childhood friend!"

"Look like she's on a warpath, hehehe." Chris smirked as he turns to Naruto, looking over him.

He stand at 5'8 feet and wearing an orange t-shirt with red spiral on his chest and a blue jean over orange sneakers, which must be customized since Chris was sure that there was no orange sneakers to his knowledge but what make him stand out was his spiky shoulder-length crimson hair, azure blue eyes and three lines on his cheeks like whiskers. Chris noticed that there was some kind of necklace on his neck but it was hiding under his shirt.

"Yeah, it's how Heat-chan is, dattebayo." Naruto chuckled, rubbing his head as he pick up his orange duffle bags.

'This guy must really love orange' was what everyone besides Heather thinking as they look at him.

"Hope you will be on same team because I would hate to see what would happens between you two." Chris snickered, 'which I plan to do, hehehe.' Naruto blinks as he takes a glance at Chris before shrugging.

"I guess so." He walks up to the group, take a notice that the farmer ran up to Heather and spitting something to her, "Hajimemashite." Naruto gave everyone a widened grin.

"Huh? Um…" DJ scratched his head, glancing at other campers. He was kind of great that he was not only one confusing about his greeting.

"Ah, I mean nice to meet you. Sorry, sometime my Japanese would slip up." Naruto chuckled.

"Oh, no worry, man." Geoff grinned at Naruto. The red-haired teenager was about to say something but a loud music cut him off as everyone look at the source to see a punk standing on top of the speaker before leap off the boat.

"Duncan, dude." Chris greeted the punk.

"I. Don't. Like. Surprises…" Duncan threatened with a scowl, palmed his fist.

"Yeah, your parole officer warned me about that, man." Chris chuckled, "He also told me to give him a holler anytime and have you send back to juvie."

Duncan shrugged, rolling his eyes, "Okay then." He picks up his bag and wink at Heather, "Meet you by the campfire, gorgeous."

"Ewww, I'll rather date the idiot." Heather thumbed at Naruto.

"Really, Heat-chan?" Naruto blinked at her.

"oh ye…HELL NO!" Heather snarled as Naruto chuckled at her, "I'm calling my parents now, Chris! You can't make me stay here!" Chris grinned as he pull out the contact and wave it around, meaning that she can't leave any time until it's about elimination.

The ship shows up, pulling a skiing jock in red jumpsuit, "Ladies and gentlemen, Tyler!" The said jock waved to everyone with one hand but it caused him to have a wipeout and flew over the group's heads before landed into the suitcases. Everyone winced as they watch a suitcase flew into the air before splashing into the water, soaking Heather in process, "Wicked wipeout!" Chris shouted to the jock before Tyler gives a thumb up from under the piles.

"Hey, buddy, you alright?" Naruto pulled Tyler out, getting a nod and smile from the jock. The host chuckled at the slight of soaking Heather before a heavy breath cut him off, glancing right behind him to see a nerd with some kind of keyboard.

"Um…Welcome to camp, Harold." Chris grinned while thinking that he was creepy for breathing so hard on his neck, who would do that…beside some of his fangirls. Harold stares blankly at Chris. That nerd is really starting to creeping him out.

"Um…what's he looking at?" Beth asked the campers, only to get shrugs and a few shivers. Chris hopes that Harold was not checking him out.

"You mean this show is at this crappy summer camp and not on some big stage?" Harold questioned Chris, a nod was his reply, "YES! That's more favorable to my mad skills."

"…I hope one of his skills is not jerking off in random place…" Naruto muttered lowly, gaining some chuckle from the campers.

"And now contestant number ten, Trent!" The host nods to the musician.

"Wish it was nine," whispered Trent, "Hey, Chris, just saw you on that figure-skating show. Nice work."

"Thank! I know I rock this show!" Chris boasted as they pound fists.

"I saw that." Beth inputted, "One of the guys dropped his partner on her head and they got immunity this week."

"Lucky! I wish I was dropped on my head." Harold said, earning a raised eyebrow from Naruto.

"Don't you have a plenty of these drops when you were a baby?" He smirked.

"Hey…" Harold sighed at Naruto before receiving a pat on back from the redhead.

"Sorry, Harold, I can't resist it."

"It's okay, I just walked into this one, I guess." Harold sighed again as Trent take his place next to Gwen before smile at her, causing the goth girl to turn away from him.

"Hey what's up?" Naruto blinked before look up to see a surfer girl walk up to Chris with her board…Wait…Is that orange on her board?!

"All right! Our surfer chick, Bridgette, is here."

"Yeah, nice board…" Duncan scoffed, "It aren't Malibu, honey."

"I thought we were going to be at beach." Bridgette asked.

Chris points at the polluted beach with a grin, "We are!"

"Oh, poor seagull." Naruto stares at the seagull that somehow get stuck with plastic soda holders before the water pull the bird away from the beach.

"Great…" Bridgette seems to be disappointed after seeing the polluted beach before bend down to pick up her bag, unawake that she just hit the host in head with her board.

"Ow, darn it! That hurt!" Chris groaned, rubbing his sore head. 'I hope it doesn't bruise. My poor pretty face…'

"Hi, I'm Geoff!" Geoff greeted Bridgette with eagerness in his tone as Bridgette turn to him, swinging the board. It was lucky that the boys duck under it.

"Watch the board!" Harold whined.

"Hi, I'm Beth!" The farmer waved as the campers ducks again.

"You really have an awesome board." Naruto chuckled, it was kind of fun to see everyone ducking under Bridgette's board and she never even noticed.

"Thank." Bridgette smiled, "I also like your dyed hair." Naruto blinked before rubbing his head with chuckle.

"Actually, it's my natural color…" As soon as he said that, everyone blinked before turn to him.

"Seriously? I never have ever seen an Asian with natural crimson hair." Gwen raised one of her eyebrows, DJ nods his head behind the goth girl.

"It's true. He got it from his mother." Heather deadpanned. She is starting to get tired of telling people that Naruto's red hair is natural.

"Well, I still think it's awesome." Bridgette smirked at Naruto.

"I agree with her!" Lindsay waves her hand in air.

"Ok, now we met the surfer girl and confirmed Naruto's natural color…Can we please get on with the show!" Heather growled, squeezing the water out of her hair.

"Did someone miss their double cappuccino macchiato this morning?" Duncan smirked as Harold snickered.

"Yeah, she did. Kind of my fault…" Duncan slowly turns to Naruto with widened eyes.

"Seriously? I was joking...wow…"

"…Idiot…Stop telling them things!" Heather growled, holding up her hands as if she wants to strangle someone's neck.

"Our…" The host winced as he touch his head, he just missed something that the campers was talking and he hope that someone got it on camera, what if it was a drama! "Our next camper is Noah."

"You got my memo about my allergies?" The bookworm asked the host.

"I'm sure someone did." He already got it but he tosses it in the trash can just before the show.

"Wonderful…" Noah said sarcastically, "Is that where we will stay at?"

"No, it's your mother's place and we're throwing a party." Duncan palmed his fist. Unnoticed to everyone, Naruto was about to say something, only to end up getting slap upside the head by Heather.

"Cute. Nice piercings, original. Did you do it yourself?" Noah deadpanned before Duncan grabs his lips with his hand.

"Yeah, you want one?"

"No thank…Can I have my lips back, please?" Duncan released him with a grin, "Thank…"

"What's up, y'all! Leshawna's in the house!" Everyone look up to see a black teenager waving at them and they can hear Harold gasping at her. "Hey baby, how you do?" She give Chris a high five, "Feel free to quit now and save yourselves troubles." She teased the campers as the campers chuckled at her jokes, "Give me some sugars, brother!" Leshawna raised her hand to DJ as he reply back with high five.

"I've never seen a girl like you in my life before!" Harold bubbled.

"Excuse me?"

"You're real big and loud!"

"What did you just said to me?"

"I'll get the shovel." Naruto whispered to Noah, the bookworm smirked as everyone winced at Leshawna yelling at Harold before Bridgette and DJ hold Leshawna back.

'Hehehe, we got a drama going on.' Chris chuckled, rubbing his hands. He can smell the paychecks coming in but he better stop them since they were going to waste the time and save drama for later. "SETTLE DOWN, CAMPERS! SAVE IT FOR LATER!" The host shouted at them, Leshawna huffed as she glared at Harold while fixing herself up.

Chris walks up to two new campers in matching clothes, "Ladies! Katie, Sadie! Welcome to your new home for eight weeks!"

"Oh, my gosh! Look! It's a summer camp!" Katie gushed to Sadie.

"I always wanted to go to summer camp!"


"…Which one are Katie and Sadie?" Naruto asked Trent.

"…I'm not sure…" He responded with a shrug.

Chris rubbed his head before noticing the homeschooled farmer, "Ezekiel! What's up, man?"

"I think I see a bird, eh." Trent snickered as everyone look at Ezekiel with puzzled expression.

"Um…Dude, I know you're homeschooled whole your life and don't get out much…but please don't say too much, okay?" Ezekiel nodded with smile. 'For the first time, I worry about a teenager.'

"That's just…um…wow?" Gwen shook her head, dumbfounded.

"Cody! The Code-ster!" Cody flashed his gap grin as they high-fived.

"Psyche to be here, man!" He strolls up to the female campers, "I see the ladies have already arrived." He winked at them and everyone rolled their eyes. Cody turns around to say something to Leshawna but the sassy girl placed her finger on his lips.

"Save it, short stuff." Cody grinned at her before taking his place.

"Eva! Nice to see you here!" The bodybuilder girl ignored her host and walk up to the camper with scowl. Cody decided to give her a high five, only to get her bag on his feet as he yelped.

"What's inside? Dumbbells?" He whined.


"…You really like to work out?" Naruto blinks, watching Cody hopping on one foot.


"…Woman of few words?"


Duncan glances to DJ, "She's all yours."

"WOOO-HOOOOO!" Everyone jumped at the booming voice and turn to see the large teenager, "Chris, what's happening, buddy!" He giggled to himself, "That is so awesome! WOO-HOOO!"

"Owen, welcome!" The host greeted before he was grabbed into a bear hug.

"SO AWESOME TO BE HERE, MAN!" Owen tightened his hug, "Yeah, man, that is just so…" Owen paused, trying to figure out what to say.

"Awesome?" Gwen smiled at him.

"YES! Awesome! WOO-HOOO! Are you going to be on my team?"

"Oh, I sure hope so." Gwen muttered with sarcasm tone, rolling her eyes.


"…This guy is cool." Naruto grinned.

"Are you almost done?" Chris stared at Owen before the large boy put him back on ground, "Just in time to see Courtney." He pointed at the ship with the said girl who was waving at the group.

"Thank you." Courtney take Chris's hand and step down before make her way to the group, "Hi, you must be the other contestants. It's really nice to meet you all."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Owen!" He grabbed Courtney's hand and shakes it in his excitement.

"It's also nice to meet you, O…wow…" She trailed out, dropping her jaw at the upcoming camper. Everyone was in awe because the camper was really handsome that he would pass as a supermodel.

"This is Justin." Chris introduced him to the group, "Just to let you know, we just pick you based on your look."

Justin smirked at him, "I can live with that."

"I like your pant!" Owen pointed at Justin's jean.


"Because they look like they're all worn out. Did you buy them like that?"

"Um…No, just had them for a while."

"Oh…" Owen facepalm, "Stupid…"

"Hey, everyone! Izzy!" Naruto blinks, she have orange hair…is it dyed or natural?

"Hi, Chris!" She waved before slipped off the ship and hit her chin on the dock.

"Ouch! That's bad wipeout!" Tyler laughed and Courtney ran up to her but Naruto beat her there and pick Izzy up.

"You're alright?" Naruto asked, watching Izzy shook her head.

"Yeah, that felt so good…besides hitting my chin."

"I'll say, maybe you'll get a bruise or not." Courtney said as Izzy grinned at them.

"So that is summer camp? Do you have papier-mâché here or lunch?"

"That is good call! We need lunch!" Owen perked at the mention of foods.

"First thing, we have to get a group photo for a promo." Chris chuckled, "Everyone on the end of this dock!" With that, the campers gather at the end of dock and take their positions, Naruto stand right next to Heather with good guy pose. The host leap on the ship with camera, "Okay, one…two…Whoops, forget the lens cap. Now hold that pose…Hang on, card filled!"

"Oh come on!" Leshawna muttered, "My face is starting to freeze."

"Everyone say, 'Wawanakwa'!"

"Wawanaka…WHOA!" Everyone cried out as the dock break down, sending them into the water, "Okay, guys, dry off and meet at the campfire pit in 10."


"That is Camp Wawanakwa, your home for the next eight weeks." Chris waved at the scene, "The campers sitting around you will be your cabin mates, competition, and maybe even your friends." The campers glance at each other, "You dig? The camper who manages to stay on Total Drama Island the longest without getting vote off will win 100,000 bucks."

"Excuse me," Duncan smirked, "What will the sleeping arrangements will be, because I'd like to request a bunk under her?" He thumbed at Heather.

Heather gasped in disgust, "They're not co-ed, are they?"

"No." The host shook his head, "Girls get one side of each cabin and dudes get the other."

"Good thing since he's not your type." Naruto chuckled, ruffling Heather's head. The queen bee slapped his hand away, "Idiot, don't mess with my hair! We're on nationwide show!"

"Gomen, gomen." Naruto grinned, rubbing his head.

"Excuse me, Kyle?" Lindsay raised her hand, "Can I have a cabin with a lake view since I'm the prettiest?"

"Yeah but that's not really how it works here…" Chris sighed, "And it's Chris."

"But I have to be with Sadie or I'll die!"

"Yeah and I'll break out in hive! It's true!"

"That cannot be happening." Gwen groaned before Owen grabs her and Tyler in headlock, "Aw come on, guys. It'll be fun! Like sleepover!"

"I agree with big fella." Naruto chuckled, patting Owen's back, "Well beside the sleepover part…."

"At least you don't have to sleep next to him," Tyler whispered to Gwen, nodding to Duncan holding a deer in headlock as he grinding his fist on the head.

"Hmm, originally I was going to split you in two teams but we have odd number of campers so guess what?" All of the campers shake their heads in synchronize, "We are going to have a challenge right now! One of you will get instant elimination, which would even up the numbers of campers!"

"WHAT!" Everyone cried before Courtney stands up with scowl, "But we just got here!"

"Too bad!" He singsong, "Now for our first challenge, it's going to be…" Chris pulls out a black ball behind his back, the competitors can see that there was some kind of timer on the top of the ball. "Paint bomb tag! The rules are similar…The person who hold this ball is the 'it'," He toss the ball up and down, "there will be no tag-backs, the new 'it' have to freeze for ten seconds, there are no safe zones…With me so far?" The host paused to make sure that everyone understands, "As you see, this ball have a timer, which is the exact number of time limit and it will exploded at the end and the loser will be cover in paint. The eliminated camper will have to walk down the dock of shame, no shower at all!"

"No shower?" Beth gulped, that would be so humiliated to go out on the first day like that.

"So…Anyone want to be it?" Chris wiggled his eyebrows, "By the way, it is one hour time limit."

No one said anything unless someone speak up, "I'll do it!"

"Thank, Naruto. I'm glad that you step up." The ball soared over everyone's head and landed in the redhead's hands, "Push the button on the timer to start the game on my command…"

"Got it, dattebayo."

"Get ready…" The campers scrambled, "Set…" Naruto smirked, his finger hover over the button, "TAG!"

Timer: One hour

"Can't wait to see someone gets a new coat of paint." Naruto laughed, walked off to find the hiding campers. He decided to check out the boathouse since it's close to the campfire, maybe some of campers would be there.


The jock was emptying the large box before diving into the box, placing the lid over his head, leaving a small gap. "The game is so mine." Tyler laughed, only to cut off as the lid lifted to reveal Naruto staring back at him.





"Boathouse was close…that and you were laughing so loud…" Naruto handed the ball to Tyler before taking off, "Sorry buddy."

"It's cool, man." The jock sighed as he rubbing his chin, try to figure out which place to check out for any hiders.


The nerd decided to take a refuge in a bathroom, using one of the stall. 'This is a perfect spot, no one would find me here.' Harold snickered to himself before the stall door opened, "ACK!" The person turns out to be Duncan and Harold was kind of relived that he doesn't have the ball with him.

Duncan smirked at him, "Well, well…That's not a bad spot, mind giving it to me?" Harold crossed his arms with narrowed eyes, "No way, Duncan! Go find another place, gosh!" The punk's smirk become a grin before he grab Harold's collar and pull him up close, nose to nose.

"Want to reconsider it?" Duncan holds up his fist.

"Um…Yeah, hehehe." Harold chuckled nervously before Duncan toss him out of the stall, slamming the door on Harold's back. "Gosh, that was my spot in first place…" He sighed before run out of the bathroom to find another hiding spot.

Timer: 52 minutes

Tyler gulped as he glances at the timer, running up to one of the cabins. Early, he saw one of the campers rushed into the cabin before chose the boathouse and he hope that the camper was still there. As soon as the jock gets closer to the door, he tripped on the step and barreled into the door, slammed upon the floor.

"Ouch! That'll leave a mark!" Tyler groaned before look up to see concerning DJ, "Are you alright?" The giant asked, only to get a ball. He blinked once, twice, and third time before groaned, "Oh man…" The jock gets up with another groan before run off while shouting his apology to DJ.

"Hey, why did Tyler take off?" Harold muttered, checking inside the cabin only to see DJ with ball. "Um…Never mind…" The nerd quickly disappeared before DJ has any chance to tag him.


Izzy humming, swinging her legs as she scanned the ground from her seat in the tree. She blinked, notice a redhead, Naruto, start to climb up a tree in front of her. Izzy grabbed the vine and grinned before swing into his tree.

"Huh?" Naruto blinks as he felt something flew past his head before look up to see a hand reaching out to him and pull him up. "WHOA!"

"Hehehe, hiya!" Izzy giggled.

"O-O-Oh, Izzy, right?" The crazy girl nodded and Naruto grinned at her, "You scared me. Thank for the help."

"No problem." Izzy stared at him, making him little uncomfortable. He rubbed his head for a while before Izzy speak up, "Are your whiskers tattoo or scar?"

"Oh, nah. It's my birthmarks, something that my kaa…" Izzy's hand on his cheek cut him off, start to rubbing them and the result was something that makes Izzy more excited.

"You just…" Naruto swatted her hand away lightly with red face.

"NO, I DIDN'T PURR AT ALL!" He purred again before hold her back, "D-D-DON'T!"

She kept giggling and attempting to rub them again.


The punk scowled as he scanned the area, juggling the ball in his hand. The next time he see that dweeb, he'll give him a piece of his mind, meaning his fist. Somehow DJ managed to tag Harold after a while then this nerd just come back to his hiding spot and tagged him. It really took him aback, gave Harold a chance to run off before Duncan think of hit him.

"Ugh, that sucks…" He growled, tightening his grip on the ball.

Timer: 41 minutes


Somewhere in the woods, Gwen was crouching inside a bush. She sighed before stiffen as she hear a sound of footsteps getting closing. 'Who would it be? It or…?' Slowly the goth peek out and sighed, it was just this blonde girl, Lindsay if she recall. "Shall I just tell her that she kept running in a circle?" Gwen whispered to herself before shrugged, "Nah, I'm sure she would figure it out."

She was wrong and has to watch Lindsay run around for the rest of time.


"See ya!" Duncan chuckled, walk away from the new it.

"Wonderful, I'm so happy that I'm it now." The bookworm shot back, glared at Duncan's back as he retreated to whatever he come from. Maybe he won't have decided to hide behind that boulder to read his book. Noah sighed before wandering around, taking his time and making plans in his head. If he decides to wait until the last minute and hand it to someone, this person will be out right away because of no tag-back rule and he have a lot of time to kill, according to the timer…After a another glance, correction, he have to find someone soon.

Timer: 29 minutes

(Cody and Trent)

The duo was hiding right behind the Arts and Crafts Center building and was chatting about music and what kind they enjoy.

"Really? Never pegged you for a fan of classical music. No offense, Cody."

"Yeah, it's okay. I really never understand why everyone would ever think that I'm into electronic music, it's not this good."


The queen bee was filing her nails without any worries. She was sitting on top of the sink in the communal bathroom and glance at the door to make sure that it's still locked, what if someone have skill to pick a lock like Naruto always does when he pull some of pranks.

'Ugh, the idiot better not get himself kick off.' She blows her hair up, 'I need him for the alliance since he's more useful than anyone here.' She snapped out of her thought at the sound of doorknob jiggled.

"Hey, let me in!" Heather raised her eyebrow at the voice, it sound like that fatty before resuming her filing. "…Awwww…" Heather blinked, "I'm it now? But I'm so bad at it!" Oh, did that fatty get tag by someone? Oh well…

Outside the bathroom, Owen pouting as Noah pats his back.

"If it helps, I noticed some campers hiding over there in the main camp, where the cafeteria would be." Noah offered, feeling little bad for Owen since it seems that he is nice guy.

"…Thank, little buddy!" The loveable oaf give Noah a bearhug before rush toward the cafeteria.

"Ugh…I think my ribs just cracked a little…" The bookworm groaned, Owen really don't know his strength at all...Noah rolls his eyes, again everyone on this island are living example of stereotype.

(Bridgette, Eva, Courtney, and Ezekiel)

The girls growled at Ezekiel as Eva grabbed Ezekiel's neck.

"What did you just said?!" The reason why the girls were mad at Ezekiel right now is because he just made some sexist comment and it doesn't sit well with them. "Tell me what did you just said!"

"I just said that it's good that you have me protecting you since girls are weak, eh." Eva growled, "Pa said that I have to watch out for the girls since they need a lot of help, eh." Courtney joined Eva, "Plus, boys are smarter than girls so we have to help you a lot…" Bridgette growled as she open the door.

"Toss him out…" The surfer gritted her teeth and Eva smirked before throw him out, slamming the door as Ezekiel skidded on the ground before stop in front of someone's feet. Slowly, he looks up to see Owen with the ball.

"Um…Sorry…" The oaf chuckle nervously as he placed the ball in Ezekiel's hand before darting off as if a devil was chasing him…Why is he screaming? The homeschooled boy takes a good look at the timer and widened his eyes.

Timer: 10 seconds

A flashback went off in his head.


Chris tossed the ball up and down, "The new 'it' have to freeze for ten seconds…"


Suddenly everything was in slow motion…Ezekiel gulp slowly


Owen kept screaming as he run.


The girls in the cafeteria duck under the table…


Heather checks her nails for any dirt, ignoring the scream of the campers…


Chris takes a sip out of his coconut drink as he smiled, watching the scene unfolded with his binocular…


DJ peeked out of the cabin with Leshawna and Beth before duck back inside…


Gwen gives another sigh, feeling a little bad that she don't tell Lindsay that she was still running in circle.


Ezekiel takes a deep breath…


"Hmm, did you hear it?" Geoff and Justin turn to Naruto with puzzling expression, "I swear it sound like someone screaming, did the paint bomb just…"


They dropped their jaws, watching a huge pillar of multicolored paint shot up in air in the distance before it splash back.






"…AWESOME, DATTABAYO!" Naruto laughed, drawing their attention before joining him in laughter.

"My, my…" Chris shakes his head, "Ezekiel, only if you don't say anything, you won't be out of the game but you just did." Ezekiel sighed, attempting to wipe the paint off his face.

"Service him right." Courtney muttered, crossing her arms in front.

"Now, since it is instant elimination challenge and you lost…that mean you have to take a walk down the dock of shame!"

"Can't I take a shower before I go, eh?"

"Ye….Noooooo." Chris drawled, "Don't want you to track paints all over my island and why would you waste a good coat." He snickered, earning another sigh from the prairie boy.

(Dock of Shame)

Ezekiel sighed in dejection as he walk up to the boat and take his seat. Everyone watch the ship take off and disappear into the horizon.


"Was it fun for you guys? Did you just have a taste of the challenge?" Chris asked the campers and speaks up as he pulls up a clipboard, "Don't answer! Now we're gonna to spilt you into two team since we have even numbers now."

"Idiot, if we're on same team, you better be in alliance with me." Heather whispered to Naruto, "Don't worry, Heat-chan." She nodded before snarled silently, realizing that he just call her with nickname.

"If I call your name out, go stand over there." Chris gesturing at the right side of the campfire before calls them out, "Gwen, Noah, Leshawna, Heather, Geoff, Harold, Lindsay, Beth, Trent, Sadie, and Izzy."

Everyone stand up, never noticed that Heather's eyes widened. The host did not call idiot's name, which mean he's on the other team.

"You are officially known as…" He paused, swipe his hand in air as if he was posting something, "The Screaming Gophers!"

"It's so…Amazing, gosh!" Harold grinned as he takes a look at their green flag.

"Wait, what about Katie?" Sadie gasped in horror but Chris ignored her.

"The rest of you, over here." He pointed at his left and calls them out by their names, "Bridgette, Justin, Naruto, Eva, DJ, Duncan, Tyler, Courtney, Katie, Owen, and Cody." He waited as the rest take their place.

"But Sadie is a Gopher! I want to be Gopher!" Katie cried.

"There, there. Katie, is it? Come on." Country escorts Katie to their group, "It'll be okay."

"It is so unfair!" Katie sobbed, "I'll miss you, Sadie!"

"I miss you too!" They must be really close, Naruto guessed, it was kind of same with Heather but knowing her, she will never admit it at all because she have her pride or something like that.

Chris toss them a red flag, "You guys will officially be known as…" Owen grabs it and unfurled it, "The Killer Bass!"

"Wooo-hooo! I'm a Bass!" Owen cheered, grabs everyone in a group bear hug with a huge grin on his face.

Naruto blinked, "Um…Did you give us red flag on purpose since I have red hair?"

"…Nah, just a coincidence…" Somehow Naruto don't believe Chris because his eyes just shifting side to side, "All right, campers! I'm not sure if I already told you that but you and your team will be on camera in all public areas during the competition and confession…" Everyone blinks, confession?


"You'll also be able to share your innermost thoughts or make video diaries any time you want to." Chris grinned at the camera inside the outhouse as the flies flew around him, "Let the audience at home know what you're really thinking, or just get something off your chest."


"Um, okay…" Gwen deadpanned, "So far this sucks."


"I don't get it…" Linday stand in front of camera with her back facing it, "Where's the camera guy?"


"Um…Honestly, I'm not really in for money." Naruto lick his lips and scratching his head, "Heat-chan kind of forced me to sign up and well, I also have my reason for coming here."


Somehow a duck was putting on a pink lipstick and quacks at the camera.


"Hey guys, check that out. I have something important to say" Owen placed his hands on his hip before farted loudly. He giggled to himself.

"All right, any questions?" One of them raised their hand, "No? Cool. Let's find your cabins." The host clapped his hands, lending them to the cabins.


"Gophers, you're in east cabin." Chris point at the east cabin, "Bass, you're in the west. Grab your stuff and settle in!" The teams walk to their cabins as Chris watches them.

After entering the male side of cabin, Naruto take a good look around before walk to one of the bunk beds at the back of the room before asking his male teammates, "Who's going to bunk with me and which one would you like?"

"Hmm, is it cool with you if I take the bottom?" DJ asked with gentle smile and Naruto nodded as he tossed his bags on top bed.

"Hai, it's cool with me…DJ, right?"

"That's right, Na…Naruto, did I say it right?" The gentle giant find it little harder to say his name since it's something that he never heard it before and worried that he may get it wrong but his concern was erased after Naruto give him a nod with grin.

"Want to talk to guys, getting know each other since we're going to see each other a lot?" DJ agreed with Naruto after placing his bags on his bed. As soon as they walk out to talk to the teammates, Naruto turn his head around before asking, "Um…Where's this little guy, Cody?"

"Aaaaahhhh!" Cody flew past them before landed on the ground with a thump.

"…Geek decided to hit on chicks in Gophers' cabin…He just walked inside their room…" Duncan chortled, watching Cody pick himself up.

Courtney was about to say something but a loud cry cut her off before everyone glanced to see Lindsay wailing for some reasons.

"I'm glad we're in our own cabin with just guys. You know what I mean?" Owen chuckled as the boys starting to give him a look, "I-I-I mean no, I didn't mean like that!" He stammered, "I love chicks. I just don't want to sleep near them...No, I…I…I mean…"

"Riiiiight…" Duncan rolled his eyes.

"Excuse me, Chris." Geoff shouts out to the host with a wave, "Is there a chaperone of any kind in this facility?"

"You're all sixteen," Chris look little nervous for some reason, "As old as a counselor in training at a regular summer camp." He grinned, "So other than myself, you'll be unsupervised."

"Actually, we are…Isn't that what cameras are for?" Naruto raised his eyebrow and Chris muttered something about wiseass.

"Anyway, you've got a half an hour to unpack and meet me back at the main lodge starting now." Chris turns around and went to the main lodge to talk to his co-worker and get things ready. It wasn't long enough until Lindsay screamed in terror within the Gophers cabin, startled everyone before they take a look inside to see her standing on the chair, pointing at a roach scurrying around.

"Oh man, that white girl can scream." Leshawna said before the roach crawl toward DJ, draw an unmanly scream. He jumped into one of the bunk bed and breaks it by accident.

"That was my bed…" Gwen deadpanned, can't believe it. It's official, the universe must hate her right now. The rest of campers stomp around, trying to kill the bug before Naruto quickly catch it in his hands and smiled at the roach.

"Come on, guys, don't be cruel to little fella." He lightly pets the bug's back, "Poor guy was just curious, I'll release him outside."

"B-B-But it's gross!" Beth shivered.

"Maybe but it is alive. Let me know if you find any bugs, I'll just catch and release them outside." Naruto smiled, walk outside and put the roach on ground gently. "Here you go, fella." The roach crawled off his hand before turn around, everyone blinks as it rub its shell on his hand with a purring before ran away.

"…Did this roach just purred?" Noah blinks, he know that bugs don't purring at all…What the hell is that? Naruto chuckled before look to see Duncan with ax, it would be overkill if he doesn't get roach in time.

"Sorry, bud, maybe next time." He chuckled, patting Duncan's shoulder as he walk back to his cabin to unpack his stuffs. Duncan shrugged, he doesn't mind it as long as he has to keep this sweet ax that he stole…borrowed…found…ok, he just stole it.

(Main Lodge)

"Listen up, I serve it three times a day," The chef shouted at the teenagers, early Chris introduced the camper to Chef Hatchet and some of campers was little afraid of him. Chef roared at them, "And you'll eat it three times a day! Grab your tray, get your food, and sit your asses down now!"

"E-E-Excuse me," Beth stuttered, "Will we be getting all the major food groups?"

Chef ignored them as he scooped the foods into their tray before Harold speak up, "Yeah, 'cause I get hypoglycemic real bad," Chef's eyes twitched once, "If I don't get enough sugar…"

"You get a lot of shut the heck up!" The chef roared in Harold's face, send him running to the table in fear. Why does he have to cook for the damned kids, they kept whining about his foods!

Owen whispered to Noah with smirk, "Have a cow."

"What was that?" Chef snarled and beckoning him over, "Come closer, fat boy. I can't hear you."

"Um…I didn't really say anything important." Owen nervously chuckled, grabbing his tray. It's better to have something to eat than nothing.

"I'm sure you didn't…" Chef growled before ordering Noah, "And you scrawny kid. Give me your plate!" He dropped another scoop of food, only to have it jump back in his scooper. He growled, whacked it down before Noah walk off with weird look at his food.

'That's impossible…food can't be sentient…can they?' Noah gulped, he swear that the food just growled at him.

"Next!" Naruto take his tray and give Chef a cheesy grin. The cooker dropped the foods into the redhead's plate.

"Thank, Chef!"


"Finally! Someone with respect!" Chef grunted, crossing his arms. "Do you know how rare it is to find a teenager who actually respect and eat my foods without making any complains about my cooking?" He sighed, rolled his eyes.

"I think my food just moved…" Gwen stared at her food before Chef mashed it with blank look on his face, "…Right…"

Meanwhile, the Killer Bass team stares at Naruto eating his foods without hesitation, hell, Owen really hesitated to take a bite out of the mystery meat. He blinks, finally noticing their widened eyes and asked, "What? Do I have something on my face?"

"Aren't you worried about eating those foods?" Cody poked his food with fork, only to have it eat the fork, "…Um…Nope!"

Naruto chuckled and grinned at them, "Nah, they're really good! I really like it!" He takes another bite, ignoring the faces of his teammates turn little green. How the hell does he like it?

"I guess he don't have taste bud…" Courtney muttered before their host walk inside the main lodge.

"Welcome to main lodge." The host smirked, placing his arms behind.

"Yo, my man." Geoff look up from his tray, "Can we order a pizza?" A cleaver flew past Geoff's head and cut into the doorway above Chris's head. "WHOA! It's cool, G! Brown slop is cool!" The party boy cried as Chef growled, causing most of campers cower.

Chris chuckled, "Your next challenge begins in one hour."

"Another one? But we just had one early!" Leshawna stood up.

"So…?" Chris smirked before turn on his heels and walk out.

"What do you think they'll make us do?" Katie whined.

DJ placed his hand on her shoulder, "Don't worry, I'm sure it won't be bad. Maybe it's going to be a relaxing challenge."

The teams found themselves on top of a tallest cliff that loom over the lake. "Oh, fuck!" No one know who said it but it was good thing that there will be editor to censor the cussing out. Chris really wishes that they would leave it there but nooo, the producers want it to be PG.

"Today's challenge is three-fold." Chris clapped his hands to get their attention, "Your first task is to jump off this," He point at the edge of cliff, "1,000 foot high cliff into lake."

"Piece of cake." Bridgette whispered to Tyler and Naruto.

"If you look down, you will see two target areas." Everyone did look down, there was one wide arc of water buoy rope with a small circle, also made by water buoy rope. "The wider area represents the part of the lake that we had stocked with psychotic…" A shark leap out of water with a snarl, "Man-eating sharks!"

"Is that legal?" Naruto muttered to himself.

Chris continued his explanation, "Inside that area is a safe zone. That's your target area which, we're pretty sure is shark free." He ignored Leshawna's plead, "For each member of your team that jumps and actually survives, there will be a crate of supplies waiting below."

The camera zoomed to crates on the lakeshore, "Inside each crates are supplies that you'll need for the second part of challenge…" Chris throws his arms in air, "Building a hot tub! The team with the best one gets to have a wicked hot-tub party tonight! The losers will have no hot tub! It's a reward challenge, which means no one will be kicked out this round."

"Why can't we kick off someone?" Lindsay tilted her head.

"…Because we already did early and it won't bring us a good rating if we kept kick people out in one day." Chris grunted, wish he can kick a lot of people out for fun. "Anyway…The Killer Bass, you're up first."

"Oh wow!" Bridgette peeked over the cliff to see how far it is, "So, who wants to go first?" She asked with a smile, no one said anything until Naruto step up with a grin.

"I would go unless you want to." He can hear Owen telling them that it's cool since the reality show always test any stunts with their interns.

"Hmm, if that's cool with you, I like to go first…" Naruto nod as Bridgette look at his black t-shirt over his orange-red board short, "Um…Aren't you going to take the shirt off since it will get wet?"

Naruto make a small wince that no one even noticed, "I…I like to have shirt on when I go swim." He replied and Bridgette shrugged.

"See you at bottom." She smiled at him before turn to the teams with frown, "It's really no big deal, just an insane dive into a circle of angry sharks." She takes a dive as everyone ran up and looks at her diving into the safety zone. Bridgette come out and wave to everyone, showing that she was fine.

"My turn, dattebayo!" Naruto ran and jump off the cliff with cry, "Cannonball!"

"Idiot…" Heather mumbled, not even worried about Naruto's safety. The said boy landed in the safety zone with large splash before his head shoot up from the water.

"That was fun!" Naruto turned to the sharks before call out to them, "Hey sharks, mind gives me a ride to the lakeshore. I'll give you some meats to eat if you like?"

"W-W-W-What! Are you crazy! They're psycho! Man-eating sharks!" The teams cried out in unison, only to stand in shock as one of the shark swim up to Naruto and bring him to the shore, holding on the fin.

"Thank, Fin!" Naruto rub the shark's back, "Will any kind of meat be fine with you?"


"…I'm not going to make any comment about that…" Noah muttered with blank expression.


"He even named this shark…" Gwen deadpanned.


"Is it me or did this shark purred? Since when they can purr?" Justin blinks, unsure if he just imagined it before adoring himself in mirror.

Everyone turn to Heather since she's his childhood friend and hope she will answer their question.

"I stopped trying to figure him out years ago," was all Heather can say.

Tyler shook his head, clearing up the shock and said, "I'm going next!" He take a few steps back and ran off the cliff, "Cowabunga!"

"Oh!" Bridgette and Naruto groaned, witnessing Tyler's body clashed with one of the buoy's tower before he slid down into the safety zone. One by one, Duncan, Eva, and Cody dived and made it to the safety zone. DJ stares at the lake with fear written on his face.

"Unh-unh! No way, man!" He gulped, take a step back. "Not even going to jump."

"Scared of height?" Chris smirked at DJ.

"Yeah, ever since I was a kid!"

"That's okay, big guy…" Chris walks up to the giant and putted a chicken hat on DJ's head, "Unfortunately, that also make you a chicken! You'll have to wear this for the rest of the day."

"Aw, man. For real?"

"Bawk, bawk, bawk!" Chris clucked, "That mean a chicken path is this way!" He pointed at the escalator that mysteriously appeared on the cliff's side. DJ sighed as he rides it down.

"Excuse me, Chris. I have a medical condition."

"What condition, Courtney?" He never heard anything about her having medical condition.

"A condition that prevents me from jumping off cliffs."

"You can chicken out if you want to," Chris smirked at her as he checking his nails, "But it might end up costing your team the victory. And then they'll hate you!"

"It's a calculated risk." Courtney gazed at the Gophers, "I've seen the other team and I don't think most of them will jump."

"Alright, here's your chicken hat." The host chuckled before turn to the remaining Bass teammates, "So who want to go next?"

"I'm not jumping without Katie!" Sadie cried.

"We have to be on same team!" Katie cried with her before get up closer to Chris' face, "Please! Can we be on same team? Can we? Can we? Can we? Can we? Can we?" They chanted together.

"Oh, for the love of…Fine!" A loud squeal almost deafened him, "W-Who want to switch?" He cleans his ear with pinky.

"I'll switch places with her." Izzy raised her hand and Chris nodded, writing it down on his clipboard.

"Sadie, you're Gopher and Izzy, you're Bass now." Izzy grinned before dived into the safety zone.

"Did she switch place with Sadie?" Duncan said to Naruto and he gives a little nod with unsure expression on his face.

"Now, Justin?" The model smirked before dived but landed in dangerous zone. Everyone screamed as the sharks zoomed into Justin but they stopped and take a good look at him. Justin smiled at them and they fall in love with his look, one of them carries him to the shore.

"Wow, his handsome really come in handy." Chris chuckled before turn to Owen, "Now…Will you jump or chicken out? Maybe your jump will bring them win…No pressure, man." The large boy gulped before put on his water floaters. The Killer Bass team cheered him on as he inched closer to the edge. He takes a deep breath before closed his eyes.


Owen gulped, look at the corner. "See, the thing is…I'm not that strong a swimmer."


Geoff smirked at the camera, "I looked at this guy and thinking, 'There's no way he's going to make it'."


Bridgette rubbed her arm, "I was really worried about Owen, I thought he gonna die."

Owen walk a few meters back, "Take a good run at it, buddy. You can do it." It was really surprised that Chris was encouraging him on.

"I'm going to die now…I'm going to freakin' die now…" He takes a deep breath and screaming on top of his lungs as he ran up to the edge and jump off with a scream, "OH CRAP!"

Owen landed in the safety zone, causing a huge wave that knocked the Killer Bass team down and some sharks landed in Naruto's arms.

"Fin, Fang, and Jaw…Are you alright?" Naruto asked them, only to have them shivering in fear of their near-death expression.

"Um…Break time until we get the sharks calm down and have them back in the lake." Chris blinks at the sight.

"And we're back!" Chris grinned before he turns to the Screaming Gophers team, "Now it's your turn to jump. We'll throw in a pull cart to put your crates on."

"Nice!" Trent grinned a small grin, "Okay, guys, who's up first?"

"Us! Us! Us!" Katie and Sadie chanted before they ran off the cliff, holding their hands and landed in the safety zone.

"I'm sorry, there's no way I'm doing this." Heather crossed her arms with her nose in air.

"Why not?" Beth asked.

"Uh, hello, nation tv? I'll get my hair wet."

"You're kidding, right?" Gwen asked, not believing what the queen bee just said.

"If she's not doing it, I'm not doing it." Lindsay said, looking in Heather's eyes.

'Hmm, possible alliance.' Heather smirked in her thought, only to snap out of it as Leshawna growled to her.

"Oh you're doing it!"

"Says who?"

"Says me! I'm not losing this challenge 'cause you got your hair day, you spoiled little daddy's girl!" Noah smirked, seem to be amused by their fight, the boys gulped as Lindsay step back in fear.

"Back off, Ghetto-glamour, too-tight-pants-wearing, rap-star wannabe!" The girls gasped.

"Mall-shopping, ponytail-wearing, teen-girl-reading, peeking in high school prom queen!" Leshawna shot back.

"Well, at least I'm popular." Heather smirked, oh snap! Everyone gasped, watching them fighting.

"You're jumping!"

"Make me!" Leshawna decided to do what she said and pick her up before throw her down, watching her landed in safety zone, "Leshawna, you are so dead!"

"Hey, I threw you into the safe zone, didn't I?" Leshawna shout back before whisper to herself, "Now I just hope I can hit it too." She jumped off with a scream and landed next to Heather in safety zone.

Lindsay glanced at Chris, "I thought this was going to be a talent contest."

"Yeah…" The host laughed, "No."

"Okay…" Lindsay gulped before dive with a scream, making it to safety zone. Gwen also joined her before Geoff jumps, swinging his hat around and wooing. Both of them made it to the safety zone.

"I-I-I-I can't do it…" Beth looked nervously at Chris, "I'm too scared." The host pulls out chicken hat, "I'm sorry!" She cried to her teammates.

"This is, like, so lame, right?" Lindsay turns to Heather with smile.

"Fully lame." Heather agreed with her before someone call out to her, ruffling her hair in process.

"Oh, Heat-chan, did you make friends? I'm proud of you!"

"Idiot! How many times do I tell you to not to!" Heather swatted his hand away as he chuckled. His eyes glanced to Lindsay and give her a smile.

"Lindsay, was it?" The blonde bombshell nodded with smile, "I'm glad that you're friend with her, I know she can be very tsundere so please get along with her."

"I-I-I'm not tsundere!" She cried out with red face.

"Yeah, I will, Nate!" Lindsay nodded again with smile.

"Hahaha, it's Naruto. See you two later, I have to go back to my team." He waved at them before go back.

"Hmm. Hanna, what's tsundere?" Lindsay blinked but Heather doesn't even answer her question at all. They both turn back to see that Noah and Trent already jump off and made it safe.

"Okay, campers…There's only one person left." Chris nudged Harold, "You guys need this jump for the win."

Harold gulped, "I can do it, gosh…" The nerd rubs his neck, peeking over the cliff and don't even hear his team cheering while other team eggs him on to chicken out. "…Okay, I'm going to jump now…"

"Good luck!" Chris chuckled, watching Harold ran and jump off with cheer.

"…Um…shouldn't he keep his legs together because…" Naruto attempted to say before winced as Harold landed on his family jewelries with a high-pitched scream that make all males to winced, feeling the phantom pains.

"Oooooh~" The sharks also winced.

"Oh, hate to see that happen." Chris chuckled, taking pleasure in witnessing the nerd's pain. "But the winner is Screaming Gophers!" The said team cheered, Harold also gives a weak cheer as he hold his crotch.

The Killer Bass team watches on as the Gophers loaded their crates on the pull carts and walk back to their cabins, singing about something.

"Ow! I think I just got a splinter." Courtney winced in pain as Eve walk up to her and pick her crate up, scared Courtney.

"Shut up and pick up your crate…" Eve slammed it down, "Chicken!"

"Hey, I'm the only one here with CIT camping experience here, you need me!"

Meanwhile, Bridgette struggled with her crate before someone asked her from behind, "Need help?"

"Oh, Naruto?" She blinked, it sound like Naruto before she nodded, "Yeah…" She turns to him, only to stares at him widen-eyes. He was holding up two crates while balancing the third one on his head. "Um…On second thought, it would be harder on you so I would do it…"

"No worries, no worries…I'll put one of the crates on your crates and we'll push them together, cool with you?" Bridgette rubs her arm, thinking about it before nods, "Great! Don't worry about the third one, Tyler will get it when he get back after finishing up something."

"Oh, that's good." They both push the crates together while getting knows each other a bit.

"Naruto, Naruto! Let me rub your whiskers! Let me rubs your whiskers!" Izzy giggled as she ran up to him with crate on her back. Naruto paled as he takes a step back from her.

"Um…Why do you want to rub his tattoo?" Bridgette blinks.

"Hehehe, it's really his birthmark and if you rub his whiskers, he will…"

"O-O-OI, d-d-don't tell her tha…A-A-A-A-Ooooooooo…" He was cut off by Bridgette's stroke on his cheek out of curiosity before she pulls her hand back with odd look and a little pinkish tint on her cheeks.

"Did you just purr?" Bridgette laughed, find it a little cute.

"N-N-No, I do-O-O-Ooooooo…" This time it was Izzy stroking his check with giggle.

"Hey guys, you're falling behind…" Chris pulls up on his motorbike, only to blink at Naruto purring before laughing, "No way! I can't believe it!"

"What's going on?" Chris turns to see Courtney with swollen eye and he yelped at the sight, "…Is he purring?"

"I-I-I don't purr at all!" Naruto cried, pushing their hands away lightly before pick their crates and ran off, leaving dust behind. Bridgette and Izzy giggled before telling Courtney why they was rubbed his birthmarks.

The Bass team made it back to the cabins and Heather noticed that Naruto was blushing hard. "Why is the idiot blushing?" Both of the teams turn to him after hearing Heather's question.

"Heather! Heather! Did you know if you rub his whiskers birthmark, he'll really purr like an animal!" Izzy giggled, she doesn't even see Heather froze up.

"O-O-OI! I don't! She's lyin….O-O-O-Oooooooooo!" He purred, melt into Courtney's hand since she want to see it herself.

"No way…" Trent chuckled.

"S-S-Stop it!" Naruto stuttered with red face, why does everyone wants to feel his whiskers! "Listen up, my birthmark is of….O-O-O-oooooo!"

"Lindsay, I think you should leave the poor boy alone." DJ look very concerned about him.

"Why?" Lindsay tilted her head before scratching it lightly.

"W-W-Wait! Don't scratching it!" Heather yelled but it was too late. Naruto froze up at the action with widened eyes.

"Whoa, are you okay, man?" Geoff asked as he poked Naruto, not getting any reaction.

"Um…Is he okay?" Lindsay looks worried since it was kind of her fault. Suddenly Naruto purred in bliss and cuddle into the close person, turn out to be Duncan.

"Dude!" He cried, try to prying him off.

"Don't bother. Idiot will be out of it for a while." Heather snorted, "It always happens when someone scratches his cheeks and he won't remember anything in his bliss. It will take him to snap out in about thirty minutes."

"Um…How long will he be on me for?"

"Oh…About few minutes before he will switch you with someone." The queen bee rolled her eyes, "And he really has iron grip so don't bother if you want him off."

As soon as Naruto snapped out of his bliss mode and does not remember anything, the teams agreed on unwritten rule and that's not to scratch his birthmark until you want him to cuddle on people…Even Chef was victim of it when he try to pull him off Chris on his order.

Courtney decided to put herself up as leader of Killer Bass team and no one really said anything so they were fine with it.

It was obvious that the Screaming Gopher team have a good teamwork, something that the Killer Bass was missing as they attempts to building a hot tub. It took them hours to finish up before Chris show up and look them over, first he walk up to Gopher's tub and hummed.

"…This is an awesome hot tub!" The team cheered and he walks up to the Bass' tub as the Bass team gasp in worry. He pokes it gently before it falls apart, watching a seagull that somehow got in their tub, float away. "Well…It's obvious that we have a winner here!" Chris glanced at each team before shouting, "The Screaming Gophers! Enjoy your party with the hot tub, which you will keep for the rest of summer!" The Gophers cheered more and the Basses groaned.

Chris turned to the Killer Bass team, "And you guys will have no party. Suck to be you…"

"Well, at least, no one is kicking off this round." DJ tried to cheer his team up.

Chris stood on the dock with grin, "Now it has been a crazy episode. We have seen our farmer boy get a new coat, a lot of screaming, purring, and a lot of weird things…Most around Naruto for some reason…" Chris tapping his chin with his index finger, "I wonder what would happen next time on…"




Naruto yawned, decided to turn in early and he wasn't alone because some of them were tired after a long day. So far today was interesting and fun beside some strokes on his cheeks. He got to know a few campers here and hope he will know everyone before the end of this show, maybe they will become his friends.

He unzipped one of his bags and takes out his sleepwear, something inside catch his attention before he picks it up. It was a large thick envelope. Naruto sighed softly with saddened expression before place it back inside.

'I still have a lot of time…Better not worry about it until later…' He glance around the room to make sure that his teammates don't see him before take his shirt off to reveal a large scar on his chest, over his heart and quickly put a black shirt on. He rubs his hidden scar, want to forget this incident before shake his head as he put on his orange ramen-patterned pajamas pant.

"I wonder what tomorrow will be like…" Naruto muttered softly before he closed his eyes and fall asleep.

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