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Chapter 45: Epilogue

(The Aftermath of TDO)

Naruto stare at the women with nervous expression as Heather, Blaineley, Amy, Gwen, Bridgette, Izzy, Dawn, Zoey, Sky and Ella seems to be arguing with each other and in the background, everyone was watching the screaming bloodied host get beat up by Chef, wielding a frying pan.


The redhead attempts to calm the women down as he gets close to them and they were staring at him. In the background, Igor was attacking Chris with its' talons and the cooker suddenly lift a large rock up with angry expression as if he was about to smash it down on the poor host.


The women shout at the redhead as if they were telling him to stay out of it and Naruto hold his hands up with cold sweats. Chris drag himself across the ground with his good arm in the background, begging for mercy as Chef and Igor carry a large metal pole and the travelers just laugh at the host.


Naruto drop his jaw with widened eyes as the women shook hands together, still glaring at each other and the travelers just raised their eyebrow at the sight. Maeve was poking her grandpa with a long stick in the background.

After a long discussion, we agreed to share and date Naruto. Poor Naruto didn't have any said in this discussion and Chef was so mad at Chris for a while.

(Cody and Katie's Wedding)

Cody and Katie were kissing in front of the cheering audience. Naruto, Duncan, Noah, DJ and Justin were standing right next to the groom and Sadie, Gwen, Zoey, Beth and Jo were at the bride's side and they were clapping with a smile.

The next day after the final episode, Cody and Katie just had a wedding day. Naruto was the best man and Sadie was the maid of honor.

(Bar With Total Drama Cast)

Brick, B, Eva and Rodney were chugging the mugs and the cast were cheering for them.


Dave screams out with franticly expression as Shawn shove him into Ezekiel, it turn out that the feral man was covered in some kind of jell-o slimes.


Alejandro, Naruto and Duncan were sitting together, eating the Buffalo wings as they watch the sport game on television.


Everyone pull the confusing redhead away from the alcoholic drinks and he raises his eyebrow at his screaming friends.


Harold pass out on top of the table, surrounding by Scott, Cameron, Mike and Lightning as they pose together after draw several drawings on the nerd's face with a black marker.


The bar was in mess and almost everyone passes out on the floor, tables and chairs. Several of the people raise their eyebrows at the snoring bookworm, Noah was hanging upside down from the ceiling fan.

A night out with the cast! It was kinda wild and everyone have a great time, we still can't figure out who was the one that hang Noah up but we think Naruto, Duncan or Izzy have something to do with that.

(Chef's Cook-Down Show)

Chef stand behind the counter with a flaming fry pot as he hold a large cleaver up and several cookers stare at the large glaring cooker nervously.

Chef got his first show as a host and a judge. Poor cookers wannabe, they don't know what they just got themselves into.


Beardo stand in the middle of a studio and there were a lot of microphones as he speaks into them with a headphone.

Beardo somehow get a job as a professional human-soundboard…


The human soundboard was holding hands with a geeky black woman and she was carrying a toddler boy.

And he starts a family, which was odd since he spoke to them in sound effects language.


Harold sits in the café with a buxom blonde woman and they were flirting with each other.


Baby was holding the screaming nerd up by his collar as the muscular man holding his fist up as if he was going to hit the nerd in the face and the woman just smack her face.

Harold just met someone from a school where he works as a teacher and she later becomes his wife. It turn out that she is the young sister of Baby.

(Naruto's Ten Days of Wedding)

Naruto and Heather were standing in the middle of the church and the redhead was putting a ring on the smiling queen bee's finger as the audience watch on. Alejandro glance at the front row nervously from the groom's side, it turn out that Chris was trying to hold Chef back with everyone's help.

Naruto and Heather's wedding take place in the church and Alejandro is their best man. Good thing that we took Chef's cleavers away at the entrance.


The redhead was standing in front of a gothic castle with Gwen and she was wearing a gothic wedding dress. They were smiling at Maeve as Duncan gilded her up to them and she was carrying the rings. In the background, the protesting cooker was in a straitjacket and he was chained to the cartwheel, courtesy of Chris.

Naruto and Gwen's wedding at Bran Castle. Maeve is the ring-bearer and Duncan was chose to be the best man. We have to tie Chef up so he won't try to stop the wedding, such a mother hen.


Bridgette and Naruto hug each other under the wedding arch at the beach as Owen throw the uncooked rice at them with a tear in his eyes.

Owen, the best man, is so emotional during Naruto and Bridgette's wedding and he just throw the rice at them so early before they have a chance to kiss each other.


Naruto stare into Zoey's eyes as they stand in front of an old Cathedral and Cameron raise his eyebrow at Chris. The screaming host was running away from Igor in the background, waving his arms around to block the parrot's talons.

Zoey and Naruto have fulfilled their childhood promise and Cameron is their best man. We still can't figure out how Igor always find Chris.


Sky kiss Naruto in front of the Niagara Falls and DJ just blow his nose with the tissues, wiping some tears off.

Naruto and Sky's wedding at the Niagara Falls was so wonderful that DJ, their best man, can't hold it together. He went through so many tissues this day.


Ella and Naruto were standing in the middle of the castle's Great Hall and it seems like that the wedding's theme was a fairy tale. Cody glance at his right side with a yelp, it turn out that there was a horse in the Great Hall and the creature was chewing on the geek's shirttail.

Naruto and Ella's fairy tale-theme in the Great Hall and Cody was their best man, we have to buy Cody a new tuxedo after their wedding.


Noah cling on the tail of the biplane with a frightened expression and the screaming redhead hold Izzy on top of the biplane as she spread her arms out with a giggle.

Noah regret that he agreed to be Naruto's best man for Izzy's wedding and we all don't knows that the wedding would take place on top of the flying biplane.


Dawn and Naruto stand in the middle of the forest, holding hands as if they were giving each other a vow and Justin glance nervously at the bear in tuxedo with a confusing expression.

Dawn and Naruto's wedding in the forest. Justin, the best man, still questioned Dawn's decision to invite Teddy the bear to her wedding to this day.


Amy pull the redhead into a deep kiss by force as she grope him in front of everyone at a large courtyard and in the background, B just cover the confusing little girl's eyes with his hands.

We're glad that B, the best man, cover Maeve's eyes during Amy and Naruto's wedding. We don't want to explain about the grope to her at all.


Blaineley hug Naruto tightly as the redhead flailing his arms around, it turn out that the excitingly blonde woman just buried the redhead's face into her cleavage and Max, the best man, just smack his face with a shaking head.

Blaineley was so exciting on her wedding day that she don't know that she almost suffocated her new husband with her breasts. Max was glad that he is the best man at a normal wedding day instead of some crazy wedding days.


Trent sits on a chair in a living room with a toddler girl on his laps and there were two golden records on the wall right behind the musician.

Trent follow his dream and become a professional musician, won a several awards for top-selling songs. He hooked up with one of a groupie and they have a daughter, Melody.

(Sugar and Leonard)

Leonard glance over his shoulder nervously as the bulky man aim a shotgun at his back and the wizard wannabe was standing right next to Sugar in front of a priest.

Leonard knocked Sugar up and they had a shotgun wedding when her father found out. We heard that they live on a dirt farm, raising a son and a daughter.

(Cody and Katie)

Katie scanned some clothes in a store as a little girl attempt to climb out of the playpen behind her and the tanned woman was smiling at the kid.

Katie bought a building and she turns it into a clothing store with a daycare. Sometime she would bring her daughter, Jessica, to her work.


Cody types the codes into a computer and he was glancing at another monitor to check the graphic of a video game.

Cody becomes a game developer and he later becomes a CEO of his own video game company.


Shawn peek out of his bunker nervously with a little boy and the said boy roll his eyes with a sigh.

Shawn still believes that the zombie outbreak will happen and he has been teaching several people about surviving the outbreak. His son, Carl, kept asking us how his parent ended up together and we still have no answer for that.

(Jo and DJ)

Jo point her index fingers at the sweating people with a glare as she bark at them and the people look like they want to beg her for something.

Jo owns a gym and the members regret the day that they decided to buy a lifetime membership because Jo won't allow them to quit right away.


DJ stirs the soup in the pot, wearing a frill apron and he was smiling at two children as they play with the pots.

DJ becomes a stay-at-home dad while Jo bring some bacons home and he is very happy with his son and daughter, John and Carla.


Topher gesture at the stage with a microphone and the judges just sit there with bored expressions.

Chris decide to give Topher a chance at the host gig and let's say that he's pretty bad than Chris but we hope that Topher will get better at it. We heard some rumors that he is seeing Staci.


The audience were snoring on the chairs as Staci hold her index finger up with a open mouth as if she was still talking and an twitching actress was sitting right next to her, looking like she was about to explode.

Staci somehow lands a job as a talk hostess and we feel a little sorry for the guests because they barely get any words out during her ramble.

(Leshawna and Rodney)

Rodney run in though the cornfield as he carry two little boys on his shoulders and they were all laughing together. Leshawna was right behind them with a young girl on her back, it look like she was chasing them down with a water balloon. It turns out that Leshawna and the little girl was wet, courtesy of the boys with the water guns.

Rodney and Leshawna inherited a farm from Rodney's grandfather and Leshawna work as a secretary for a company. They have two sons, Bobby and Dean, and one daughter, Robin.


Lightning hold a huge trophy up with a cheer and he never notice that he just knock his teammate out with the trophy by accident.

Lightning is a NFL player and his position is running back for Atlanta Falcon. He won an MVP award and he was so exciting that he just knocked few players out by accident!


Scott run out of the altar, shouting at Fang as the mutated shark carry the buxom brunette bride and the bride look very happy for some reason.

Scott decide to stay as a farmer and he was about to marry his girlfriend but Fang just crashed the wedding day and he ran off with the bride. It turn out that Scott's girlfriend have a thing for Fang, poor guy.

(Alejandro and Jasmine)

Alejandro lean against his comfy chair with his legs up on a desk, wearing a gray suit and he was smirking smugly.

Alejandro decides to become a ambassador in Australia and he married Jasmine in this country. They have a little girl, Alona.


Jasmine run out of the ruined temple with a relic in her arms and she was screaming out as the large boulder roll out of the temple's entrance.

Jasmine travel around the world as an adventurer and she have discovered so many ancient relics. She becomes so famous that some people are talking about making a movie about her adventure.

(Dakota and Sam)

Dakota hold her index finger up as she speaks into her cell phone and a group of people attempt to show her the profiles, showing that the sales were doing very well.

Dakota is a CEO of Fashion Company and it make her richer than ever. Good thing that she has Sam to hold her down to the earth instead of her gaining a huge ego.


Sam play a fighting video game with his toddler girl and it look like the little girl was winning the game, she never notices that Sam barely touches his controller.

Sam got his dream job as a game tester and he always bring new video games home so he can play games with his daughter, Peach.


Duncan sits behind a desk in a certain office and he smacks his forehead as a police woman led a boy and girl up to him. The children wore punk clothes and Duncan was wearing a suit with a jacket.

We were surprised that Duncan become a detective. Funny thing is that his son and daughter, Reggie and Emily, are rebelling against the system and get in a lot of trouble like he used to.

(Lindsay and Owen)

Lindsay and Owen sit together as they fed each other a slice of cake and a little boy make a gag gesture behind their backs. What make it odd is that they all were in a restaurant's kitchen and several cookers glance at them with a raised eyebrow as the head cooker roll his sleeves up with a glare.

Lindsay pursues her career as a fashion designer and Owen actually work as a chef. The head cooker regrets that he decides to work with Owen because he has to stop Owen from eating the customer's foods. They both have a son, Ray.


Brick salute at the Canadian flag in his military uniform and he have a lot of medals pin on his uniform as the military salutes behind his back in the background.


Naruto was holding Brick in headlock with a grin and several cast members was patting the laughing cadet on back with a cheer.

Congrats, Brick, for getting the promotion. We don't know that you would become the general.


A young girl smack her face as Ezekiel chase the screaming clown around in the circus and a brunette bombshell give the little girl a sheepishly smile.

Ezekiel's daughter, Jane, still can't believe that her mother married Ezekiel. Some of us still can't believe that a hot nurse, Duncan's words, would marry Ezekiel because he is still in a feral state.

(Samey and Tyler)

Samey was reading a children book to a toddler boy in her lap and the boy glance up at her with a coo.

Samey enjoy her free time with her son, Manson. She is a kindergarten teacher and she really loves it.


Tyler trip over a dumbbell and several people run away with bloodcurdling screams as the weights flew over their heads.

Tyler is a personal trainer at the gym. Some people stick with him, even if he accidentally sends them to the hospital! We hope that they'll make it to their goal.


B receives a box from a man in suit and they were shaking hands with a smile as the audience applauses for the silent man.

B has received a Nobel Prize for his work in robotic science. We are all proud of him.

(Anne Marie and Mike)

Mike was talking to several people in a circle with a smile and in the background, there was a whiteboard that read, 'Group Meeting'.

Mike becomes a therapist to help people understanding their MPD and similar conditions.


Anne Marie cut a person's hair as she sprays it with a can and there was few people sitting on the chairs, waiting for their turn.

Anne Marie decides to work as hairdresser. Mike and Anne Marie have a son named Johnny and we found out that Anne Marie is pregnant with their second child.

(Justin and Beth)

Justin gives the camera a beaming smile as he hug Beth from behind and the blushing woman was holding a toddler girl, standing in front of the beach.

Justin and Beth on vacation with their daughter, Gem. Justin is now a famous supermodel and Beth is a dentist.

(Courtney and Max)

Courtney shouts at the scared jury as she slams her hands on the rail and the judge facepalm at the sight.

Courtney is a lawyer and she has a good rate of winning the cases but she still need to work on her temper. We think that some of jurors were scarred each time she takes a case.


Max gesture at the world map, littered with black flags, with a evil laughter and a young boy just stare at him with a deadpan expression as if he was getting used to it.

Max is still plotting to take over the world and his son, Dexter, feel like he is not the only person that questioning his parent's odd relationship.

(Cameron and Scarlett)

Cameron wear a white coat and he write something down on a clipboard with a smile.

Cameron becomes a doctor and we were surprised by his chosen career. He later becomes a CEO of his hospital.


Scarlett pours some chemicals into the vial and she was glaring at the sweating scientists as if she was telling them to stay away from her.

Scarlett is a chemist and she have two daughters, Betty and Natalia. They both inherited their mother's personality and we kinda feel sorry for Cameron.

(Eva and Geoff)

Eva and Geoff was sitting on a sofa in front of the audience as they talk to several celebrities and the bodybuilder have a bump on her stomach, meaning that she is pregnant.

Eva and Geoff still work as talk hosts and they has their own talk show, Late Night with Geoff and Eva. They are expecting to have a son pretty soon.

(Noah and Sadie)

Noah wave his clipboard around as he bark order at the cameraman and several workers were hauling the equipments around.

Noah is now a director and he have produced several movies. Some of his movies grossed over millions of dollars.


Sadie was playing a patty-cake game with a little girl and a baby was sleeping in a crib.

Sadie is a housewife and she has a daughter and son, Hope and Malak. Noah hope that they won't end up with a big family like his parent did.


Dave wipes the counter with towel and squinter in the store, he never notices that a bulky man was crossing his arms with a deadly glare as he tap his foot on the floor.

Dave become the manager of his local store, Best Buy. Sometime, he'll get a lot of complaints from the customers because he always takes too long to clean one counter.


Chris grins at the camera as he gestures at the stage set and he has several grey hairs.

Chris is still hosting some reality show and game shows. We all refuse to sign any papers that he gives us each time he see us.


The host screams out as Igor attack him from behind and several people were running away from them.


Chris punches Igor right in the beak.


Igor bit Chris' finger and the host cried out in pain.


The host throws the parrot against the wall with a shout.


The parrot flew into Chris' groin and the host screamed out in pain.


Chris and Igor lie on the ground with bloodied faces and many bruises all over their bodies.

Chris and Igor's feud still went on for a long time and we think that their feud won't end until their death. We were surprised that Igor has been living this long past the average parrot's lifetime.

(Uzumaki Family)

Heather holds a toddler boy in her arms with a smile and the boy was giggling as he plays with a stuffed bunny.

Heather with her son, Boruto. Heather is a CEO of a electronic company that have sell a lot of products around the world.


Bridgette laugh at the camera as she pushes two girls around on a large floating platform and the girls were splashing waters at each other with a squeal.

Bridgette with her daughters, Pearl and Cordula. Bridgette is working as a marine biologist.


A soul floats out of Naruto's gaping mouth as he stares at Izzy in the bed with comatose expression and he has a good reason for his shock. In the foreground, Izzy was grinning at the camera as she hold eight sleeping babies in her arms.

Izzy have octuplets and Naruto was pretty shocked that he didn't snap out of it for a few weeks. She has five boys and three girls. The boys' names are Aaron, Draco, Victor, Peter and Yan. The girls' names are Daisy, Ula and Fairy. We bet that the park rangers will be shocked like Naruto when they found out that their fellow ranger have give birth to eight children on the same day.


Dawn crouching down to a toddler boy as he shows her a worm and he has a blank expression likes the petite woman.

Dawn with her son, Gaara. Dawn decides to be a housewife and she always spends her time in the forest in the backyard when she has free time. We still have hard time reading Gaara and Dawn's expression and only Naruto know.


Gwen draw a sketch in her sketchbook as a toddler girl sleep on her laps and she was smiling at the toddler.

Gwen is a professional artist and she have another daughter, Phoebe.


Ella dance in the living room with a young boy and the young girl just roll her eyes on the sofa with a bored expression.

Ella has a son, Inigo, and a daughter, Rapunzel. Ella is a famous writer who has wrote several children's books. Inigo has inherited his mother's love for fairy tales and Rapunzel act like she is only one who is mature instead of her mother and brother.


Blaineley relax on the lounge chair with a baby bump and a toddler boy was cuddling up on her side as they sleep under the shade of the umbrella.

Blaineley enjoy her relaxing time with her son, Sora, and she hope that her second child will be a girl. Blaineley is still a hostess in several shows and she always refuse to work in any shows with Chris.


Amy was cooking a dinner and she kept her eyes on an identical twin, both girls, as they play with dolls.

Amy cooking dinner for the family and she hope that her daughters, Elaine and Jackie, won't fight with each other like she did with Samey. Amy is a professional cheerleader.


Sky holds her gold medal up with a giggle and the giggling toddler boy attempt to snatch the medal as he jump up in air.

Sky with her son, Rain. Sky is an Olympian and she just won a gold medal in the Olympic.


Zoey lean over the table as she checks some answers on the paper and a young boy look very nervous.

Zoey help her son, Ichigo, with his math homework. Zoey is a fashion designer and everyone really love her retro designs.


Naruto yelp as a teenager girl jump on his back with a wide grin and she was wearing a frilly gothic clothes.


The teenager hold her hand out to the redhead and Naruto glance around nervously as if he want to distract her with something.


Gaara walk into his father's sight.


Naruto suddenly hand Gaara over to the teenager and the young boy just stare at her with a blank expression.


The teenager pout as the redhead run away with a yelp and Gaara still stare at her.

Maeve is now in high school and she still want to marry Naruto, even if Naruto tried to make her give up. Maeve really has a father complex and Naruto was right about his fear becoming reality.


Naruto stand on the stage with an Oscar award in his hand and he was grinning at the camera with a wave.


The redhead scratch his head with a sheepishly chuckle and there was several Oscar awards on the podium.

Naruto get more famous as a actor and he just won five Oscar award on same night!


Chef holds Rain up in air with a grin and in the background, Chris run around with a scream as the octuplets chase him around with the corncobs. The Uzumaki family was laughing at the poor host.

Chef spend some times with his godson and Chris still wish that Naruto don't teach his children the corncob pranks because they all keep targeting their grandpa, Chris.


Naruto stand in front of a large mansion with his large family and he glance at his wives nervously as they stare at him with a coyly smirk.

The Uzumaki family's new mansion. Let's say that Naruto don't have any time to sleep for a few days.

(Total Drama Reunion)

The Total Drama cast posed together with their children and they all were smiling happily.


Chris ran past them with a bloodcurdling scream as Igor attacks him and the cast raised their eyebrow at the sight. They didn't notice that Chef was laughing evilly at the host.

We really love our Total Drama Family!

Maeve closed the photo album with a smile and she glance at her father as he rub his chin in front of the computer. "Daddy, how long are you gonna stare at the computer for?" Maeve pouted, "We're gonna be late for dinner, nya! You know how moms will get if your dinner get cold, nya."

"Goman, Ma-chan." Naruto chuckled nervously, "Just give me a few minutes, dattebayo. I need to come up with a title for my autobiography book."

"..." The teenager girl tapped her chin for a while, "…Oh, I got one, nya! What a Dramatic Life!"

"…What a Dramatic Life?" The redhead rubbed his chin before he smile at her daughter as he typed into his computer, "Yeah, that's a good title, dattebayo."

"Now you're done with the book, let's go before they get mad, nya!" Maeve suddenly drag her father out of the den.

"Hai, hai." Naruto chuckled as he turned the light off and the moonlight shine up on the photo album's picture cover. The picture was Kushina sitting with a smile as she hug Naruto on her lap and the toddler was grinning at his mother with a squeal.

What a Dramatic Life…Fin

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