"No, Ron, you can't put that piece there," Hermione said exasperatedly. She'd already told him this at least three times. "See, it's got a side with an edge, it goes somewhere along the outside."

The two of them say at the kitchen table, a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle laid out before them. Rose and Hugo had helped work on it earlier, but seeing how long it'd take to finish, and seeing how determined their father was to finish it before going to bed, they decided to call it a night (they both left before the second hour).

Hermione only wished she'd been so lucky.

Ron had never put a jigsaw puzzle together, and at first, Hermione had thought it would be a nice thing for them to do together. Ron seemed a bit overwhelmed, but excited, as she emptied the box and a thousand little cardboard pieces covered the kitchen table. Claiming that these little pieces would hardly ever be able to form the picture on the front of the box, he had even attempted to assemble the puzzle by magic, at which point Hermione told him that that would ruin the fun and to put his wand away and help.

After completing a good portion of the top left corner and declaring that he wouldn't sleep until he'd finished, Hugo and Rose gave their mother identical, apologetic looks before mumbling something about being exhausted and needing to go to bed early.

Hours – it seemed to Hermione like days – later, she was holding the final piece in her hand. Ron met her eyes, raising an eyebrow and smiling, as though to ask "Can I do the honours?" Hermione giggled, handing him the piece. Pretending to go in slow motion, Ron moved the piece to its spot, fitting it into place and turning up to look back at Hermione, beaming.

"We did it! All one thousand pieces, can you believe it?"

She shook her head, grinning at him as she yawned. "Good work," she remarked, standing up, her legs stiff from sitting all night. "Time for bed, I think."

He followed her upstairs to their bedroom.

"Can we do another one tomorrow night?" he whispered once they were settled in bed, but Hermione didn't reply, and he assumed she'd already fallen asleep. Ron took that as a yes.


For the Ultimate Pairing Drabble Competition II (Pairing: Romione, Prompt: puzzle) and the Fanfiction Scavenger Hunt Comp (#36: A canon pairing)