Chapter 1


I was running, running fast I didn't know where I was running to or where I was running from. "Run, Run as fast as you can" a voice called I recognised it, after a minute or so I realised it belonged to my mother "you need to get to Luke's. I want you to be safe Clary, I need you to be safe. I love you baby, okay I'll be back soon I promiseā€¦" she called to me she turned around and ran back into the mist. "Mommy, no "I cried out I didn't understand I needed her I loved her. Why would she leave me?

I woke with a start I glanced at my clock 4.15am. "Again, really?" I muttered to myself. I had have that same dream for the last year or two. I got up and went into my bathroom. I glanced at myself in the mirror. What I saw disgusted me I saw a small red-head girl with green eyes with flushed skin and sweat pouring off her. I took a deep breath, it was the first day of school which meant, new people, and new thing to learn and people to hate. "I wish you were with me now mom..." I whispered to myself. I left the bathroom and looked at my clock again 4.30am. I walked to my closet and took out my ripped white skinny jeans and a baby blue tank-top. I placed them over my desk chair and went back to sleep. My alarm went off at 7am later that morning I pulled on my jeans and my tank-top. I put on eye shadow to create the smoky eye look, I put on my eyeliner to finish my eyes and straightened my hair. I pulled on my leather jacket and stepped out into the hall "Luke?" I called into the empty hall. "I'm out front clary" he called back. I stepped into the bookshop. Luke and I live over the book shop my mother disappeared when I was 6 years old and 10 years later I was still here living with Luke. Luke was a tall man he had brown hair and blue eyes, his hair was scruffy and he was 5.11. I looked around for my black doc martins. "Looking for these?" said Luke. I turned around and there he was holding my boots he smirked "thanks "I whispered. I walked to the back of the shop and grabbed an apple and my keys to my motorbike." Good luck at school "called Luke. I smiled, even though he wasn't my father he kind of acted like one. "Here we go again, time for Flucking School" I thought as I put the keys into my bike and it roared to life.


"YOU CAN'T HIDE FROM ME BOY,COME OUT OF THE SHADOWS!" an angry voice called "YOU JUST WAIT TILL I GET MY HANDS ON YOU" the voice boomed I walked out of the shadows I was really and truly shaking in my boots "YOU ARE NO SHADOWHUNTER YOU ARE A COWARD" the voice yelled at me " I am a shadowhunter " I whispered once I said it I believed it and I wanted the voice to believe it " I AM A SHADOWHUNDER " I yelled at the voice. A man in a white suit smirked and said "It's time for people to mourn you Jace "he slowly walk towards me and he pulled out a knife. "No, you can't kill me you're not a murder" I was shaking I was shaking so much that I fell to the ground.

*thud* "damn" I thought after I fell out of my bed and onto the floor. I looked up at my clock 6.45am "grrr" I thought as I got off the floor I looked in the mirror my hair looked like a blonde bush so I combed it. I was considering putting in my blue contacts but then I could smell bacon so I decided against it and threw on jeans, a white tee-shirt, shoes and ran downstairs when I got to the kitchen I saw Izzy (my adoptive sister) in a very short skirt and thigh high black boots and wassporting a white button up shirt (like a real school girl) "oh, no Izzy please tell me you didn't cook the bacon "I groaned.

She whirled around and glared at me "no I didn't I am just watching over it while mom gets max up". As soon as she said that I was relived even though I loved Izzy very much the girl couldn't cook even if her life depended on it. I heard a groan from behind me and I knew it was my brother Alec "is that bacon I smell, ughh I need coffee" he grumbled I laughed "Izzy didn't cook it mom did" I told him. He sighed with relieve. He looked very tired "Were you out with Magnus last night Alec?" I asked him. He shot me a death glare so I chose to say nothing. Other than me all of the Lightwoods are similar. Alec has jet black hair and piercing blue eyes he is the oldest (he thinks he is so awesome because he's older but he is only 18) and he is dating a guy named Magnus for about two months now (or so we know). Izzy has jet black hair like Alec but she has chocolate brown eyes and dates anyone who our parent's disapprove of (she is 16 and a badass). Max is the youngest and has brown hair and pale grey eyes he loves comic books and toys (then again what kid doesn't he is 9). I am Jace Herondale I am 16 years old and I have become a Lightwood over the years. Oh and I'm the new kid to school as well as my brothers and sister