Author's Note: Hey, guys! I'm back! :D I know the title is kinda corny, but this'll be an epic story! You'll understand it in a chapter or two. I'm combining the next few ideas I had into one, so there'll be way more chances to review! Thanks to everyone who reviewed Humans? !

Full summary: Perry and Pansy are back with their most epic adventure yet! With what starts with Perry getting amnesia, Pansy finds out something about her husband that changes everything. Soon after, she finds out the shocking discovery that a child is on the way! And to top it all off, Pablo, her long-lost brother, along with Pansy, Perry, Pinky, Peter, Patricia, Catherine the Cat, Doofenshmirtz, Major Monogram, and Carl get lost in the forest, thanks to one of Doof's -inators. But Pablo isn't exactly... happy about the pregnancy. Perry finds out that Pablo is, er, more than a little overprotective of his baby sister. Especially after Pansy's abusive first-boyfriend several years before. Will Pablo ever accept Perry, even after he saved the group from a grizzly bear? What will Phineas and Ferb do to help get their pet's back home? What will the new arrival's name be? What does Perry's subconscious look like? Will you ever know the answers to these questions?

The answer is; Yes. Yes you will. XD Just stick with this crazy story and everything'll be revealed. :)

Since THAT'S done...

The beginning of this isn't the absolute best, but oh well. XD Hope you guys like it!

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Perry's POV

"Peter." I sighed in annoyance. "Stop playing with the -inators! Some of them could actually do a fair amount of damage!"

"Sorry..." Peter climbed down from the pickle-slice-inator.

"Thanks." I kept walking through the hallway of -inators. "We have strict orders to find the amnesia-inator and bring it straight to Monogram. So stop fooling around."

"Fine..." He muttered.

"Perry!" Pinky exclaimed. "I think I found it!"

"Good." I ran over. "Now we have to mov- Peter!" The panda was aiming the -inator randomly around the room.

"Peter." Pinky sighed. "Stop it. You're going to do something you'll regret..."

"I'm being careful!" He rolled his eyes. "Have some faith in me!"

Pansy crossed her arms. "That would be a gigantic mistake. No offense."

Peter glared at her and stuck his tongue out.

"Come on." I sighed. "Let's take it back already, okay?"

"Just a minute." Peter tried to turn it back to how it was when we found it and accidentally sent a beam in my direction. I felt myself falling into unconsciousness, and the last thing I heard was a gigantic BOOM!

"...think he's waking..."

"...very disappointed in you, Agent P. Our best agent won't remember..."

Agent? I thought to myself. Like a real estate agent?

" hear me? Are you okay?"

I lazily opened an eye. I was in a hospital room. A brown female platypus with a small pink flower on her head was right beside me. I had to admit, she looked really good...

"Perry!" She breathed in relief and kissed me right on the beak.

"What the..." I shot up, blushing like crazy. "Wh- who the heck are you?"

She stared at me. "You don't remember?"

"Agent P!" A tall man with a white mustache and an olive green jacket and pants exclaimed loudly, making my head hurt even more. "Do you remember anything at all?"

"I..." I closed my eyes and focused. I tried to think of any past memories. "Nothing! Now, uh... Who exactly am I?"

Everyone in the room stared at me. There was the big man who called me "Agent P", a boy with curly red hair and purple glasses, the girl platypus who kissed me out of the blue, a tan chihuahua with a fedora, and a panda bear with a lighter brown fedora. I didn't recognize any of them.

"Well..." The brown platypus sounded shaken up. "You're a secret agent..."

"A secret agent?" I grinned. "Awesome!" I felt the top of my head and took off a fedora. "I'm guessing that all secret agents have a fedora like this... So the chihuahua and panda must be secret agents, too!"

"...Yes..." The girl platypus stared at me more. "I'm one, too. I just don't usually wear the fedora..."

"Tell me more about me..."

"Well... your name is Perry..." She looked at me more. She was really making me uncomfortable.

"Perry...?" I said in distaste and raised an eyebrow. "Isn't that a girl's name?" The panda snickered, earning a shove from the chihuahua.

The girl platypus looked like she wanted to laugh. "It can be either gender, I think..."

"Okay..." I blushed. "Well... You seem close to me... Are we dating or something?"

"Uh..." She blushed, too. "Sort of..." She shyly showed me a teal ring on her hand.

"Wait... we're... married?" I blushed even more and put a hand on my forehead. "Jeez... Why can't I remember that?"

"You were shot with the amnesia-inator..." The chihuahua scowled. "Because of an idiot named Peter the panda."

"What the heck is an amnesia-inator?" I groaned and put a paw in my forehead. "I'm so confused..."

"So you don't know who any of us are?" The brown platypus frowned.

"No..." I sighed. "It's pretty embarrassing that I don't even know my wife's name..."

She swallowed. "I'm Pansy..."

"Oh..." I still didn't remember anything. "Uh... Nice name..."

The brown platypus named Pansy smiled sadly. "Thanks, I guess..."

The man with the mustache interrupted. "We have to get Doofenshmirtz to rebuild the amnesia-inator, since it self-destructed... Why don't you two go and ask him? Maybe it'll bring back Agent P's memory."

Who the heck is Doofenshmirtz? I thought to myself.

"Sure." Pansy looked relieved. "Come on."

"Okay..." I climbed out of the hospital bed and followed her out.

Pansy's POV

Right, so Perry was shot by the amnesia-inator and didn't even remember my name. Not the best morning in my life.

"Whoa, is this my secret agent hideout?" He looked around his lair in awe.

"Yeah..." I sighed and walked over to his hover car.

"You're incredibly pretty..."

I blushed. "Thanks..."

"I really wish I could remember you..."

"Me too." I turned back to the hover car and thought to myself, this is just like starting over! Why did Peter have to mess with the stupid amnesia-inator?

Soon, we arrived at DEI. Perry was really curious about who Doofenshmirtz was. I desperately hoped his memory would come back when we saw his nemesis.

"Doof?" I called out once we landed in his apartment.

"Coming!" His muffled voice came from another room. Then he walked in to greet us. "Hey guys! Are you here to see my latest -inator?"

"Oddly, no. Perry... has amnesia..."

"Perry the platypus?" Doof stared at him. "You don't remember me?"

Perry looked at him for a few seconds. "No... Are you the guy named Doofenshmirtz?"

Doof frowned. "It is amnesia, isn't it..."

"We were wondering if you could re-build your amnesia-inator and add a reverse switch..."

"Amnesia-inator? I think I'd remember building something like that..."

I rolled my eyes. "Can you just build one?"

"I'd need a blueprint... My guess is that if it isn't the exact same as before, it won't help it at all. That's how -inators work."

"Really?" I sighed. "Great. We can check with Phineas and Ferb next, I guess..."

"Phineas and Ferb..." Perry thought again. "I feel like I should know who they are..."

"Jeez, it is bad!" Doof stared at Perry.

"Yeah..." I sighed again and walked back to the hover car. "Let's go, Perry."

"Um... Okay..." He followed me into the hover car.

"Can I help?" Doof asked. "Please, please, please, please, pleasey-weasey-"

"Ugh, fine..." I rolled my eyes. "You could probably help Phineas and Ferb somehow. Climb in." He grinned and got in the back of it.

"Phineas, Ferb!" I called as we went into the backyard. Their friends and them were sitting under the tree.

"Hi!" Phineas smiled. "Wait... Why is your nemesis here?"

"Whoa!" Perry chuckled at him. "You must have a hard time putting on your shirt in the morning! And why does that other kid have green hair?"

Ferb blinked and Phineas blushed a little. "Uh... Is he okay?" Phineas asked me uncomfortably.

"No... He was shot by the amnesia-inator, and now he can't remember anything." I explained.

"I see..." Phineas frowned at him. "How can he get his memory back?"

"We don't know. That's why we came here!"

"Well..." Phineas rubbed his chin. "We could rebuild the machine we used to go into Candace's head... Then we could try to find the memories he lost and hopefully get them back..."

"Is it dangerous?" Perry asked suspiciously. "And aren't you kids a little young to build stuff like that?"

"Man..." Phineas sighed. "It is bad..."

I nodded solemnly. "I know."

"Let's start building right away!" Phineas stood and took out his toolbox.

"Ferb… I know what we're going to do today!"