LOL Okay so I was reading chapter 64 of Princess Jellyfish and I started tearing up at these panels. Then I got this insane idea to do a drabble on his inner thoughts so hahahah... (sosorryifitsucks)

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He would be lying if he said his heart didn't drop and smash into a billion pieces when it hit the floor of his stomach.

"...Huh?" Was the only conceivable word that he could come up with. 'Did I just hear what I thought I heard? What happened to making dresses together? Didn't I say everything would be okay? Don't you trust me?' He could only watch as she fiddled with her fingers as she kept her face pointed to the ground.

"You..? Tsukimi?"

Hey, Kuranosuke

"I-I'm sorry everyone. I…Well…I thought if I did this than Amamizukan and all of you would be safe…" 'Tsukimi, why? Why are you so damn…'

Selfless, considerate, and kind.

Do you have someone by your side?

Beautiful in every aspect of the word, quirky, and passionate.

'Are you going to leave me?'

Is there a woman you love?

Kuranosuke was conflicted. He wanted to grab ahold of her and never let go, but he couldn't will his body to move.

'Is another person I care for the most going to leave me?'

And does that woman love you a whole bunch?

'Please don't…Mama, what do I do? How do I stop her from leaving? Nothing is coming to my mind! My thoughts are racing and I feel like my heart is about to jump into my throat. I can't concentrate!'

'I'm so angry I want to knock some sense into the amars! I want to wipe that stupid smirk off that landshark's face! I want to punch holes in the tires of that Chinese lady's car and smash her windows in. I want to make Tsukimi see she isn't alone in this! I want-'

'I want to cry.'

Is there a woman who will stay by your side in my place?

This cannot be happening. Please, tell me you're joking.

'Mama, I was powerless to stop you. I let them hold me back from chasing after you, but I've grown up and I'm not powerless anymore. I refuse to let anyone hold me back. I'll be damned if they keep me from her.'