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---------The General and the Commander-----------

---------Chapter One-------------

From a distance, you would have though that the two ships flying side by side were friendly.

Upon closer inspection, you would see them in very un-friendly combat.

One of the ships, was a Jurai battle ship, while the other was unknown.

The cause of the fight was a mystery also, since there were no ships nearby to watch or try to break it up. [1]

All that could be said was that the two ships were getting battered and the crap beaten out of them. The Jurai ship was immensely stronger then the other, but

Unexpectedly the strange ship let out a very strong blast at its adversary, sending the Jurain ship back a little distance. The strange ship surprisingly started to fly away. [1]

The Jurai ship quickly recovered and immediately gave chase.

***Aboard the Jurai Battle Ship***

Inside the Jurai battle ship looked worse then it did outside. Not a single wall was unscathed and the ship kept rocking and shaking from the constant blasts coming from the strange ship that just fled.

Everybody was panicking and just plain running around yelling and screaming their heads off.

In the main bridge of the ship, the Commander shook his black topped head.

"And they call themselves soldiers." the man sighed.

His thoughts were disrupted by a huge crash as he toppled over from the sheer force of the attack.

"What just happened!?" The short, black haired man demanded the officer that was sitting down in front of the ship's map console.

"I do not know sir! The 'enemy' sent a considerably strong blast at our ship and the lower quarters have extensive damage and have lost all communications to us!" the officer yelled over the booms.

Suddenly, the officers eyes grew wide with horror.

"S..si..sir?" The officer stuttered, gulping inside, hoping to live after the following information was revealed.

"What is it?" The commander asked in serious tone.

" The General hasn't come out of the fleeing ship!"


The General of the Jurain Army limped through the hallways of the enemy ship, wondering if surviving was a possibility.

She was in pretty bad shape, considering she left tracks of blood wherever she went. Her arms both had scratches and bruises, but her left arm had a very deep and horrid gash from a few inches below her shoulder all the way to her wrist, which was being held by her right arm, trying to lessen the blood loss.

Her legs were almost the same, except both of them had a nasty gash on them. Her left ankle, however, was twisted in a horrific angle, which was causing her to limp.

Her face had a few cuts and bruises here and there, but there was another nasty cut going diagonal down from her left hairline down to her right area of her chin, blood flowing from it, causing her face features undistinguished. [2]

All these wounds were obviously caused by a battle, or several battles. In the General's case, both.

She kept limping, coming across maps of the ship every time she crossed an intersection of hallways. She was making her way to the escape vessels room, which would enable her to escape with her life.

But her wounds weren't helping.

Her breathing became for labored and cut off from the fact that she kept swallowing the blood coming from her grave wound.

"There she is!! Get her!!"

'She' raised her head to the sound of angry voices. She stopped and raised her head to look ahead of her.

A group of twenty or so soldiers were running in her direction, head on. They all had energy blasts in their hands, ready to be shot at her.

She groaned, knowing this was going to take away precious life energy.

She sighed and raised her battered hands, summoning a large energy blast in her hands. She kept it in her hands until it was just the right amount of energy.

She then finally released it, sending down the hallway, scorching the walls and pushing them wider for room.

The soldiers saw the attack heading toward them at an incredible speed.

"Retreat!!" The head of the soldiers yelled as he turned around and ran.

But they were too late as the energy blast swarmed them and their screams could be heard over the noise of the blast.

As soon as the dust settled, the General collapsed onto her knees, sweat dripping from her face, the blood trickling from her wounds at a faster pace then before.

She squinted her eyes in pain and anguish, and finally stood up again, stumbling at first, but finally getting her balance, went on limping again.


The commander face paled, going as white as a ghost. Then his face flushed red with anger.

"Give chase!! Were not leaving the General behind!!" the Commander yelled.

The officer nodded and passed the order to the main control room.

In a few seconds the Commander felt the ship lurch forward at an incredible speed.

"We are catching up to them Commander!" The officer said happily.

The Commander smiled.

"As soon as we come onto contact, send me a message through my communicator. I am personally going to save the General."

The officer immediately swung around in his chair.

"But Commander!! That is much too dangerous! We could just send a group of our best men to save her!" The officer cried.

The Commander loomed over the officer in anger.

"And what are our 'best' men doing right now!? Running around screaming their damn heads off!? They shouldn't even be part of this army!!"

The Commander then picked up a small object off his desk before running from the room

The officer sighed while watching his bosses retreating back. He swung his chair around again so that he was facing the console again. He rubbed his eyes before typing endlessly once more.

Work, work, work. Never any fun


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[1] The 'mysterious' ship had started the fight. That's why it was a wonder why it was fleeing. The way I put it was just a


[2] If you've ever played or seen Final Fantasy VIII then you might have an idea of what her wound looks like. It looks almost exactly like Squall's except its much longer. If you haven't played or seen Final Fantasy VIII, then just picture a scar that starts at the left area of her forehead all the way down to her lip. If you can't imagine it still, don't worry about it. There's a reason for that wound as you'll later figure out.


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