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Ayeka let out all the air in her lungs in shock.

Damn!! I didn't know this was Azusa's ship!!

Ayeka glanced over her shoulder to make sure her men were sound. They were all currently picking themselves up. They had all fallen over in shock after seeing Azusa.

She turned her attention and fear back onto him.

Azusa's reputation wasn't an exaggeration. He had long purple hair, just like Ayeka's, except it was grizzly, as if he had never brushed it before. It was even burnt in some places. He wore a gray and black mantle over his shoulders, while he wore a complex combat outfit with at least nine other colors, including a dark red and midnight blue. His face was like it had been carved out of wood by a very unskilled sculptor. Its chiseled features were exceedingly intimidating and horrible to look upon. He had a dark tan and his eyes were almost a pure black, sending a chill up and down Ayeka's spine. He was a giant in stature, reaching almost seven feet. He loomed over Ayeka, staring at her and taking up her features as well.

He cracked a grin. "So, the Great General has come to fight me I see."

Ayeka immediately broke down into a fighting stance, as did the others.

Azusa raised an eyebrow and Ayeka's reaction. He grinned even more in response.

"No gun? I've heard your very handy with one General. But your smart enough to know that a little gun isn't going to defeat me." Azusa laughed and then extended his arm slightly in Ayeka's direction and shot forward a small energy blast.

Ayeka raised her arms also and crossed them in front of her to block the attack. The blast, however, passed her face by a few feet. Ayeka then turned around and yelled, " Move!! Don't let it hit you!!"

The soldiers, who were still behind her, were quick to her word and leaped aside seconds before the blast made its impact on the wall behind them.

Azusa half-smiled.

"Well, lets see how you deal with this."

The pirate extended both of his arms upward, his palms making an 'o' shape. He then shouted, summoning power from within him. He then opened his fingers, changing the 'o' shape to a 'v'. Out of them shot out twenty blue balls of energy, each floating above his head. [1]

Azusa smiled wickedly and snapped both of his arms down, sending his energy balls towards each of Ayeka's men.

"Dodge that." Azusa crossed his arms and merely watched.

Each ball was at least eight feet in diameter, making them bigger then every single one of them. They closed into a group while heading towards Ayeka's men.

"Move!! Dodge them all!! They will kill you if they hit you!!"

Each ball then separated and headed to an individual soldier. Right when they were a few yards away from them, Ayeka yelled, "Now!!

Every soldier instantly jumped to the left or right, narrowly dodging the energy balls. They flew past them, but them stopped right before they would have made impact with the same wall that Azusa's previous attack hit. They hovered for a few seconds before flying back towards their targets.

Azusa grin was replaced by a slight frown. His eyes unfocused and roll into the back of his head, showing the lighter shade gray of his eyes. He raised his arms, then snapped them forward again.

The blue balls reacted instantly and went faster.

Ayeka's eyes widened in shock.

There is no way they can dodge them!!

Ayeka then took action, launching herself at Azusa. She sent her fist, which had become flaring gold, flying into his face.

He fell back from the blow and stumbled slowly to regain his balance. He growled and glared at Ayeka.

"You!! You ruined my concentration!!"

Ayeka smirked. "I have that effect on men."

Had the soldiers not been fighting for their lives, they would have probably have laughed at the General's humor.

Azusa's face went red in rage. "I will not be made a fool of !! What makes you think you can beat me!?"

Ayeka's smirk quickly disappeared from her face.

He's right. I can't beat him. I'm going to have to retreat.

Ayeka shouted shortly, summoning a huge amount of energy. A gold aura flared around her. Her immense energy cracking the ground she stood upon. Dust and small rocks were blown away and some of the dust surrounded her.

She grinded her teeth, before turning around and heading towards the nearest energy ball conjured by Azusa. Before it could touch its target, she grabbed it and pushed towards herself, looking like she was hugging it. She then started constricting it, making it thinner and thinner. as soon as it was half its original size, it exploded, sending Ayeka careening backwards into the wall.

Ayeka stepped out of the hole she had made and wiped small amount of blood that came from a cut at her cheek. She than went airborne again.

She went after another energy ball. Instead of constricting it like before, she summoned an energy ball of her own. Almost the exact size of Azusa's ball. She then threw it at the ball. While it was flying, however, Ayeka still sent energy into it, making it bigger at it flew. The collision sent Ayeka and five other soldiers careening backwards almost like before, except Ayeka managed to collect herself before she hit the wall again.

She looked around, taking in her surroundings. She had eliminated two of Azusa's twenty energy balls.

She clenched her fists in frustration. There was no way she could get rid of them all and still have enough energy to get away from Azusa

There was only one other thing she could resort to.


"Go!! Go now!! Run!! We have to escape!!" Ayeka immediately flew off towards Azusa.

Azusa seemed to be back into the same state as he was when Ayeka punched him. He didn't even notice Ayeka and her men fly passed him. [2]

His balls, however, gave chase and flew past Azusa as well. His hands and arms were there only part of his body that were moving in his trance. As the balls blew past him, he turned with them, facing Ayeka's and her men's fleeing backs.

Ayeka sensed the energy behind her and sped up.

"Hey!! General!! WAIT UP!! Not all of us have seemingly unlimited amounts of energy!!"

Ayeka glanced over her shoulder yet again and saw that her men couldn't keep of without using precious power.

Ayeka rolled her eyes and slowed down enough that her men could follow her.

Ayeka then turned her gaze back to her front and made sure she was going to right way.

She could still feel Azusa's energy behind her. She could also tell that he was in the same spot still.

His energy balls were still chasing them, not relenting or slowing down at all.

Ayeka's furrowed in frustration again. She couldn't seem to think of a way to get rid of them.

Wait! I could still find the spot we were transported to and try to be transported back to the ship without having to destroy all of them. Eradicating them will stop the trance that Azusa is in. I could buy some time while my men contacted HQ!!

Ayeka grinned and put her plan into action.

After five more minutes they finally found it. [3] Ayeka stopped in her tracks and turned around to her men.

"Ok!! One of you needs to get into contact with the ship and have them transport us back there!! The rest of you have to help me fight off those to buy us more time!!"

Everyone responded to Ayeka's commands quickly and swiftly. The navigator, who had led the way when they first got to the ship, took up the more safe job and tried contacting the ship using Ayeka's communitive device. He failed miserably the first time and tried again, only to receive static.

"General!! Its not working!"

"Try again! Keep trying until it works!! That is our only way our of here alive!!"

Ayeka then felt a chill go up and down her spine. She paled and turned to look down the passage they had just flew down.

There, going down the center, were Azusa's conjured energy balls, going one by one since the passages weren't big enough to contain them safely.

"Here they come!! Each of you pair up and take on one!! If you need help, too bad!! Your screwed then!!"

Everyone nodded their heads and each paired up with another. They all then put their palms together, as if they had four hands.

In each one of their connected hands appeared massive energy balls. They all then bent down into fighting stances again, knowing their task wasn't going to be easy.

"Wait!!" Ayeka yelled, making sure they all shot their blasts at the exact moment.

The round objects of energy came racing towards them at incredible speed.


They came closer at an unbelievable pace, yet it seemed like it was taking them forever to get there.


Each soldier began to feel fear well up inside their chests. Ayeka was an exception.


Azusa's energy balls finally came into a close vicinity of the group of Jurains, looming like the impending doom they might bring upon each of them.

" *NOW!!!!*"

Each one of them screamed a war cry, before launching their objects of power.

The impact was so powerful, each of them were sent to the ground, covering their eyes from being blinded by the bright light that enveloped them all.

For a few minutes nobody could see a thing. All they could do was listen to the sound of destruction around them.

Ayeka could feel the floor below her rumble, rock, and shake. Almost twice she hit her head on accident against the stone floor, causing a bruise to appear almost instantly on her forehead. She clenched her eyes shut. Not even with them closed could she not feel the bright white light burn her eyelids.

After the said few minutes, everybody could feel everything calm down around them. As soon as they heard silence, felt no disturbance in the ground or air, and just had the general feeling of calm around them, they all opened their eyes, and stood up slowly, taking in the sights.

They could tell that after the initial collision, all eighteen of Azusa's power manifests were blown to different parts of the room. The ending result: plenty of enormous craters, each taking their spot on the walls or floors.

Ayeka guessed the only reason that the entire room, including themselves, were still intact, was because their own blasts had taken a significant amount of energy away from each of the balls, more then likely leaving them with only a quarter of their energy left.

Other then the craters, huge boulders of stone from the walls surrounded them. They seemingly fell from the ceiling from the impact of the blasts.

Ayeka looked around, but was bewildered to see none of her men around her, or even in her vicinity.

I had felt their life energy not even a few seconds ago! Where did they go? They couldn't have been transported without me knowing!!

Ayeka squinted her ruby eyes and searched the room for both her men's possible corpse's and/or their energy wave.

She couldn't feel their life force anywhere near her, let alone their bodies.

"So. Your wondering where your men are aren't you? Well, lets say they are in a 'better' place. I can only tell you that your screwed."

Azusa's deep, scratchy, yet booming voice reached Ayeka's ears, making her feel weak in the knees.

She turned around to find Azusa standing their, a pile of bodies laying in front of him.

She wanted to disappear that moment. Unfortunately, she hadn't the power to do such a thing. Instead, she felt Azusa's fist connect with her face, sending her flying into the center of one of the craters.

Azusa laugh, and floated upward into the air. He then flew slowly to the hole where Ayeka was assumed to be.

"Come out!! I know your stronger then that!! Even after that massive amounts of energy you used, I know your capable of fighting me. With no hope of winning, of course."

Ayeka shot out of the hole, heading straight towards Azusa, surrounded again by a golden aura. She aimed her fist for his abdomen, but Azusa caught her fist before it reached his stomach. He grinned maliciously, and then sent his knee into her stomach.

Ayeka's widened with pain. She opened her mouth in shock of how immense the pain was for just one blow. Blood flew from her mouth, almost in slow motion.

Azusa then brought his fist to her face, smashing it against the side of her head, knocking the wind out of her. He then pinned her to the wall next to the second hole she had made using his energy, and starting hitting her in the face, stomach, arms, and any other place higher then her hips. He was relentless with each hit, giving no mercy, and making the next hit harder and more powerful then the first. He then grabbed her arm, and twisted it. a loud snap echoed across the room.

He finally stopped, and let her fall to the ground with a thud.

Ayeka's eyes were both almost completely swollen shut. Bruises were seen everywhere where he skin was exposed.

She coughed out blood, and then faced the wall. She breathed pain and stood there for a few seconds before gritting her teeth and slamming her shoulder against the wall, letting out an agonizing cry. [4]

She held her now no longer dislocated shoulder, while limping away. She looked up at Azusa, square in the eye.

She let out a howl and summoned a perfectly silver energy blade. She held it out in front of her, in a defensive manner.

Azusa chuckled, summoning his own dark red and black blade.

"We'll see how long you live General, we'll see how long you live."

He grinned and lunged at Ayeka.


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[1] If you're a fan or at least watched a few Dragon Ball Z fics then you'll understand most of everything in the battle scenes.

If you don't watch Dbz, then just picture Ryoko's energy balls, except much bigger and blue.

[2] Pretty much he's directing where the balls are going. I got the trance idea from a show I watch.

[3] The only reason they found the spot faster was because they were flying much faster this time, being that their oblivion

was following them.

[4] Azusa had twisted Ayeka's shoulder, thus dislocating it. She was just putting it back into its joint.

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