Percy was currently battling Coeus, the only titan left. In case you're wondering how Percy is doing this, he's in Tartarus. Zeus banished him there for the murders of unclaimed demigods that Percy hadn't committed. Now he was stuck there, forced to fight for survival against all odds. After he was exiled, Percy managed to make it to Damasen's hut, which he had made his new home. He managed to find a shortcut to the Hermes altar, which is how he got his food. He had even managed to use the river Styx to make himself a shotty stygian iron sword.

Anyway, Coeus wasn't going to let Percy beat him.

"You may have defeated my brothers, but I will not fall so easily." The north titan said.

Percy just glared at him and struck again, feeling the effects of the firewater he'd drank earlier wearing off. He had to finish the titan before Tartarus finished him.

Coeus managed to knock him down and as he fell, Percy's hand seemed to glide down the blade, charging it with some kind of green energy. Percy didn't have time to think about it however, he simply just stuck upwards, releasing the energy from the blade with so much force, it actually shattered the weapon, but to great effect, for it vaporized the titan easily.

"That's new." Percy said, right as the fire water wore off and he began to choke on the poisonous atmosphere. His legs gave out from underneath him and he collapsed. The last thing he saw before his vision went dark was a huge flash of light and then a gold and silver city.

Elysium. Percy thought to himself before he fell out of consciousness.

When he regained consciousness, His surroundings were different. Now it looked like he was laying down in a comfortable bed inside what looked to be a camp cabin.

"Am I in Elysium?" Percy asked groggily, then he noticed his clothes. His old torn up ones were gone. Now he was wearing a pair of blue pajama pants and no shirt.

After he found the strength, Percy got out of the bed and went to the bathroom.

"I must be dreaming." Percy said to himself, pinching himself.

"Nope, it's real." He said to himself going to the closet, where he found pair of jeans and an orange t-shirt.

He put them on and then headed outside.

"This has to be a dream." Percy said, squinting at the sunset, even though it was getting darker, Percy could tell he was back at Camp Half Blood.

He figured that everyone else was probably still at dinner, so he took the opportunity to go to the beach to try and convince himself that this was real.

"Annabeth, are you going to check on Percy?" Piper asked as they finished dinner.

"Yeah, he should've woken up by now." Annabeth said

"Have fun." Jason said with a grin as he and Piper headed towards the campfire.

When Annabeth arrived at Cabin 3, she was surprised to see it was empty.

"He must've come to during dinner." Annabeth said, immediately heading for the beach.

Sure enough, when she arrived, Percy was sitting in the sand, putting his feet in the water with his eyes closed.

She walked up to him cautiously, hoping she didn't trigger any battle reflexes.

When she put her hand on his shoulder, he tensed up, but didn't attack.

"Percy, how are you feeling?" Annabeth asked, sitting down next to him.

"This all feels too good to be true, I swear, when I open eyes, this will all have been a dream." Percy said, opening his eyes.

When he realized that he really was out of Tartarus, he turned to see the real Annabeth sitting next to him.

"Annabeth, please tell me I'm not really dreaming." Percy said.

"If this feels real to you, than I can assure you that you aren't dreaming." Annabeth said, kissing him.

Percy smiled and kissed her back.

"Yeah, it's real." Percy said.

Annabeth smiled that she had her seaweed brain back.

"Annabeth, you realize it's going to take some time for me to adjust to being back in the above world." Percy said

Annabeth nodded and she didn't care. All she cared about was that she had her Percy back and no matter how long it took, she knew he was going to adjust back to this reality eventually and she was determined to help him do so in any way she could.