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Kita Chiyo

Age: 14

Grade: 8th

Theme Color: Purple

Gender: Female

Alter Ego: The Protector of Unknown Magic, Cure Jinx

RelationShips: Chie; Best Friend since 7th Grade

Tomoko; Girl in her class whom she doesn't really know but end up really good friends

Cream; Nothing Special, just friends

Enzira: Girl she Hates

Puff: Puff has a crush on her but she doesn't know, FOR NOW...

Kato Chie

Age: 14

Grade: 8th

Theme Color: Red

Gender: Female

Alter Ego: Unknown At The Moment :P

RelationShips: Chiyo; Best friend since 7th grade

Tomoko; Girl in her class she doesn't know but admires really much

Cream;Just friends, but they tell each other almost everything

Puff; nothing Special; Just Friends

Tsukino Tomoko

Age: 14

Grade: 8th

Theme Color: Yellow

Gender: Female

Alter Ego: Figure Out Next Time :P

RelationShips: Chiyo; Girl in her class who she becomes really good friends

Chie; Girl in her class who she doesn't know or mind

Cream; Has a Crush on him, but doesn't make it obvious

Puff; Nothing Special, Just Friends


Age: (Not really aging but in human form) Looks 16

Grade: Attends 10th

Fairy of: Kita Chiyo

Gender: Male

Disguise Name: Aino Puff

RelationShips: Chiyo; Has a crush on her, her fairy

Chie: Just Friends

Tomoko: Nothing Special; Just friends, but he trusts her a lot

Enzira: Girl who doesn't leave him alone XD

Cream; Best friend, both from Glass Land, they act like fraternal twins at school


Age: (Not really aging but in human form) Looks 16

Grade: Attends 10th

Fairy of: Tsukino Tomoko

Gender: Male

Disguise Name: Aino Cream

RelationShips: Chiyo; Nothing Special Just Friends

Chie; Just Friends, but they tell each other everything, like how he does with Puff

Tomoko; Has a slight crush on her, her fairy

Cream; Best Friend, both from Glass Land, They pretend they are twins at school

"Gomme, Gomme!" said 14-year-old Kita Chiyo.

"How many times do I have to tell you this Kita-san, every day you are late, you get extra work." The angry sensei said.

"Gommenasai Sensei." Chiyo said repeatedly.

"You can sit down now." The teacher said turning back to the chalkboard.

Chika sat next to Chie, her best friend since last year, since she was the new kid last year, "Were you going Precure Searching again?"

"Hai!" Chiyo said happily.

Chie sweatdropped, "I thought we talked over this, Precure doesn't exist-"

"Kato-san, it's rude to talk over the sensei, am I correct?" The sensei said; her glasses reflecting the light.

Chie stood up and bowed, "Gommenasai Sensei." Then sat down shooting Chiyo a death glare.

Hai! Precure Magic!

Ring! Ring!

The bell for the last class rang.

"See you later Chie, I'm going to go search for some miracles!" Chiyo said waving goodbye to her best friend.

Chie sweatdropped, What am I going to do with you Chiyo. She thought as she headed towards the tennis field to practice.

Chiyo first decided to do what Cure Happy did, turn and expect something 'Ultra Happy' to happen, but at her first tries nothing happened. Then at the last street she saw a necklace, first she thought someone dropped it then she was it glowing. She knew that it was related to Pretty Cure, so she put it on.

She had a doki doki sensation. She felt as if her heart was urging to blow up in happiness so she began searching every single place for a fairy or another necklace.

Then it started raining. So Chiyo started running and decided it would be best if she hid under a roof. She decided to hid in the shortcut to home/school because it had big houses with big roofs right next to it.

Without thinking she went full speed because she didnt want her uniform to get wet causing her purple hair to fly behind her as if she was in an commercial and when she was about to turn the shortcut, she ran into someone.

Commercial Break: In their chibi forms, Tomoko is poking Cream (Cream is in his human form), then Chiyo comes in chasing Puff (Puff is in his fairy/real form) crashing into Tomoko who falls on Cream, taking both of them out. Tomoko and Cream have swirly eyes while Chiyo is sitting on top of them scratching the back of her head, confused. Puff is sweatdropping.

Commercial Break is Ending: In their chibi forms Puff (Puff is in his human form), is giving Chiyo a piggy back ride while chasing a dreamie with Tomoko behind them with Cream (Cream is in his real/fairy form) on her shoulder, Tomoko has a butterfly catching net.

"Gomme! Gomme!" Chiyo said repeatedly bowing. She had stopped right when both of them were going to fall.

"You say 'Gomme' a lot." The guy stated. The rain had stopped.

"Gomme, it's a bad habit." Chiyo said embarrased looking down.

"Well, I think it's kawaii." The guy said laughing.

Chiyo blushed. "You wouldn't, wait I mean you couldn't think that if you knew me."

The guy tilted his head, "Why is that?"

"Well..." Chiyo began. "I kind of believe in this magical girl anime called Precure..."

The guy's eyes widened, "Precure?! As in Cure Black, Egret, Mint, Aqua, Milky Rose, Heart, Princess, Ace, Shiny Luminous, and all them?"

Chiyo smiled, "Hai!" Then her eyes widened, "You know them?! Have you ever seen one of them?!"

The guy grinned, "Hai, I do!" and then a puff of smoke turned him into a cat. Not just any cat, a cat like Hummy but it was cream-colored with brown ears, a brown tail, and brown paws.

"EH?!" Chiyo exclaimed jumping. "You, you're a fairy!"

The cat bowed, "Watashi wa Puff~puff."

Chiyo smiled really big and had another doki doki sensation, "Watashi wa Chiyo! Pleased to meet you!"

Puff gasped, "You're a Precure~puff! You have the necklace~puff!" He said pointing at the necklace Chiyo had found earlier.

"EH?! ME? Precure?!" Chiyo said pointing to her self.

Puff jumped onto Chiyo's shoulder. "Let me be your fairy~puff! Dozo~puff!"

Chiyo faked a smile, "Ehehe. No."

"NO~puff?! NANI~puff?! WHY~puff?!" Puff said jumping on her head.

Chiyo laughed forcefully, "I don't know how to fight, or even transform in any manner."

Puff did the I'm not amused look and turned back into his human form. "Well then we'll get Tomoko to teach you."

Chiyo blinked, Tomoko... The name sounded so familiar to her.

Then Puff grabbed her hand and ran. When Chiyo noticed she blushed but knocked it off.

Puff opened the door to Drawings Ettiquette it had about 5 customers, and then there was a man in the cashier, who reminded Chiyo of Coco, Yes Precure 5 GoGo's mascot, but instead he had black hair, green eyes, and a green hoodie. He looked up from the book he was reading. "Konichiwa Puff!" He got out of the cashier registers place and came next to Puff. "Did you find her?"

Puff nodded proudly, "Hai." and stood aside and when Chiyo saw him her eyes widened, "Are you related to Coco?!" Chiyo said running up to him and bouncing, "See I'm the next Prett-" Cream and Puff both covered her mouth. Chiyo gave up in defeat.

Then Enzira, a snobby rich girl, from Chiyo's school came up to Puff, twirling her hair. "Konichi-wa Puff!" She said practically hugging her in front of Chiyo and Cream who wrinkled their face in disgust.

When Puff pushed, literally pushed her off, Enzira acted as if she didn't notice and wrinkled her nose to Chiyo. "What's up with the creature?"

Chiyo, who had a reputation of having bad temper clenched her fists, "Wait, hold on, How come we are both creatures, when YOU have 5 tons of make-up on your face and I have nothing except lip balm?" and Chiyo folded her arms giving her the Ha Bitch beat that face.

Cream and Puff looked at Chiyo in awe, then Enzira left fuming. "Don't ask me, it runs in the family." Chiyo said siting on the chair near the cashier register. Then Cream called to Tomoko from the stairs when all the customers left, he turned to his fairy form which was a fox, he was beige, with white ears, white legs and paws, and his tail's tip was white, too.

"Wow," Chiyo said exclaiming when she put her hand on her head and looked at the ceiling. "My life just turned into Yes Precure 5 GoGo Next Generation."

Puff sweatdropped. "It's more like HeartCatch and Suite if you ask me."

Right when Chiyo was going to ask how, Tomoko came downstairs. She had Lightly tanned skin, elegant brown hair to her hips, and green eyes, like Cream's only lighter. "Nani?" She asked Cream raising one eyebrow.

"We have a new Precure!" Puff said turning into his fairy/real form which revealed Chiyo. Then Tomoko turned her head towards Chiyo causing both of them to gasp.

"Chiyo/Tomoko?!" Both Chiyo and Tomoko said at the same time but, Chiyo said Tomoko and Tomoko said Chiyo.

Hai! Precure Magic!

"Tomoko was Precure?! The Birth of Cure Jinx!

(Chiyo's POV)

Eh?! Tomoko was Precure? How come she never told me?!

Wait! Puff's my fairy but how are we connected? This is so confusing!

Wait! Who the heck is Manquen, his name sounds like Mannequin! Wait why is he attacking us?! I want to help too! The Protector of Unknown Magic, Cure Jinx!


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