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Everleigh Rollins was having a rough morning. She was 9 months pregnant, uncomfortably large, and missing her husband. The fact that he, along with a few of their friends, would be landing shortly was beside the point. Hormones and frustration at the press of people at the airport had Everleigh pacing at the gate Seth, Roman, Dean, and Kaila would be coming through. She was too tired and achy to even think about sitting down. She wasn't entirely sure that she could get up by herself even if she did. Getting up at the crack of dawn to feed horses, clean stalls, and get her family had kicked her butt. Everleigh saw that she still had a few minutes before their plane would land, so she got some coffee before her husband came and denied her the pleasure of the temporarily forbidden drink. Again. "Stubborn man, after three years he should know not to get between me and my coffee." Happily drinking her caramel flavored coffee, she began thinking about her relationship with Seth.

For some reason, people were always amazed at the differences between Seth and Everleigh. He was tall at 6' 1". He was muscularly built, but not in that over the top, I've been pumping steroids way. He was a serious Crossfit junkie. He had wavy black and blond hair with gorgeous brown eyes. Everleigh on the other hand was short, standing at just 5'6". She had a curvy body that pregnancy just accentuated in a very good way. Her waist length hair was a deep russet red. She had bright blue eyes and porcelain skin dotted liberally with freckles. she kept in shape by dancing and working her folks said they didn't see what attracted them to each other. Seth's answer upon being asked that question was "It doesn't matter why, it just matters that we are." Usually the people asking that question were fans of Seth or The Shield, so that answer was plenty in Seth's eyes.

Everleigh and Seth met by literally running into each other at a bowling alley three years before. Her best friend Dimitri had ditched her for a hot girl after he was supposed to meet her for their monthly tournament. Everleigh had been a little ticked off and wasn't paying attention to where she was walking (neither was Seth; he was too busy cutting up with Dean) and they plowed right into each other. They apologized to each other and Everleigh asked if he and Dean wanted to bowl a game with her as a peace offering. Seth and Everleigh spent the majority of the night talking and the rest is history. They were married a year later.

Everleigh snapped out of her memories as she heard the announcement that Seth's flight had landed. She stood up straighter as she moved to a safe spot to watch the passengers leave the plane. Good Lord above, I can't wait to see him!