In the wee hours of the evening, a sleepy eyed woman drags her feet across her driveway, carrying a trash bag behind her. Yawning, she stops in front of the trashcan near her fence and drops the bag inside, making a rattling sound across the quiet neighborhood.

Suddenly, there was a loud meow from inside the trash can. The woman jumped but regained herself as she tugged her robe on tight. She slowly lifted her trash bag back up and peered inside the darkness of the can.

Down in the darkness were two glowing yellow eyes, blinking up at her. She lifted the creature out and found herself looking at the most scraggly cat. It was hard to see what it looked like, but she could see hints of stripes on it. The cat meowed at her, and purred as it leaned it's head on her hand to snuggle.

"Oh what is a shookoms like you doing in a trash can?" said the woman, pursing her lips in pity. Captured by the cat's affection, she decided to hold it closer in her arms and carried it to her house. "You're not like most of the darned cats around this neighborhood! Now I know exactly what to do with you. I'm going to give you a nice home for ya."

The woman went inside her house and propped the cat down. It seemed to take in its surroundings before laying back onto the ground. Unable to flick on the lights due to her grogginess, the woman closed her door and went back up her stairs. She mumbled along, "I'll get you cleaned up tomorrow, so just stay," she yawned, "put."

The cat on the ground waited for the woman to go into her room. Once he heard the door close, he lifted himself back on his feet and stretched. He yawned, showing a sharp array of teeth, and tints of red on his lips. Smiling, he began to lick his dirty blood-stained paws, hidden in the darkness from the human eye.

Cleaning his fur, he chuckled softly to himself, "Hmm, other cats huh? Well, looks liked I picked a good placeā€¦"