This is my first fan fiction I hope you enjoy


O.K. I really want to meet this Percy dude 'cause he is all the whole camp talks about, but they never talk about what he did. Though one time I heard Annabeth say that he was the hero of Olympus. Just from that I could tell that he was an awesome guy I mean who has saved Olympus here hum? Show of hands, exactly.

So I'm working on the Argo 2 and Annabeth is annoying me telling me to finish up when red light engulfs me.

Jason's POV

I am really sick of this Percy kid and everyone who talks about him I mean what could he have done that every single kid at camp talks about him 24/7 and the way Annabeth talks about him you would think that he's half god….. Oh wait he is.

Any way me and Piper are on a date and even she seems excited to meet him! something along the lines of "Percabeth reunion." here we are arguing about Percy, a guy who probably some weird stuck up kid that gets everything the way he wants when I'm overcome in yellow light.

Percy's POV

Hazel, Frank, Nico, and I were having a heated conversation about Greeks being better than Romans because they were. "At least we are not all tense and know how to have fun" Nico spat "you. Have fun? What?" Hazel cracked up.

That's when Nico was gone in a flash of black. "WH-" Hazel was overcame in Gold "HAZ-" Frank gone in red and then *FLASH* all I saw was blue.

Sorry for shortness I promise on the river styx tis will be my shortest chapter