Derek went to the kid's house, He was fat it wasn't gonna be easy...

After, Placing the dollar he ran outside

The other fat guys (Tracy and Ziggy) Congratulated him, They said how well he did with defeating the dream crusher

So, They drank some beers and hanged out on the stoop

But, When they asked "How are we gonna lose this weight?" Derek stopped

"Let's go to the fairy gym!" Replied Derek, Meanwhile someone was watching them

The Derek robot was watching them from a tree, He said: "I'm gonna fatten them... Or... I'm gonna find this fairy world..."

"First, I'm gonna stop them from doing my crimes..." Said the robot clone, He jumped down from the tree

He lunged at Derek, The robot held Derek down and got his feeding tube

"It's the same feeding boys, This time it's blue berries..." The robot said, He stuck the tube into Derek's mouth

The robot revealed 2 more tubes, He dragged the two down and stuffed tubes in their mouths

They began to bloat like no tomorrow, They began to gain 60 pounds Then 90

Their butts grew bigger, Their bellies were holding them down

They were now 100 pounds, Their butts were 900 in size

"BURRRPPP" came from the obese trio, They couldn't move

They were too fat, Their fat was holding them down

The robot disappeared, He left a note:

"Dear fatties, I'm going to fairy world (Your job) and i'm going to fatten your friends,

Don't try to stop me- Robot Derek"

They were scared, Their skin started to turn blue

"The berries!" Said Derek, "Their multiplying!"


The berries were morphing into more berries, They were going where the boobs, Butt, and belly were


Derek and the gang began growing fatter, Until the berries stopped...

The berry trio sat, They tried to move... No use...

The father saw the trio, He called the cops

They arrested them, Not all them just Derek

The robot made a quick stop to Derek's girlfriend's house, Carly's house...