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King Arthur of Camelot loved his wife Guinevere more than anything in the world. Her long wavy soft hair, her beautiful loving eyes, her intelligence, and her perfect caring nature. She was a wonderful wife, a talented Queen, and she had the makings of an amazing mother. But that was where Gwen found herself stuck; she was a barren woman. No matter how much apparent love was shared between herself and Arthur, she could never give him a child. She begged Arthur to find another woman, marry her, and get the heirs he needed as King. But he refused, how could he just leave her after everything they had been through? The wars, the losses, the betrayals. They had both suffered through it all and come out the other side together. There wouldn't be another like her and he was willing to allow Camelot to be left without a Pendragon heir if it meant staying with her. He refused to fall the way his father fell. But Gwen would still cry silently at night to herself. She didn't deserve someone as kind and loving as Arthur.

However, little did she know there was one thing that could change all that. But the price she would pay would be greater than she could ever imagine.