"I just can't believe your going to be here tomorrow," Blaine said, his face pixelated on Kurt's computer screen. It was late in Essex – where Blaine lived in the UK – so his hair was free of hair gel, curls all over the place and he had his big rimmed glasses on instead of his contact lenses. Kurt couldn't wait until tomorrow, when he'd finally get to run his fingers through those unruly curls.

"I know," said Kurt. "It just doesn't feel real."

Kurt and Blaine had been in a long distance relationship for exactly two years now. Kurt lives in America, Blaine lives in England. They met on Tumblr when Kurt wrote a post explaining how nervous he was for his NYADA audition the next day and Blaine messaged him, wishing him good luck. They continued to send messages back and forth, adding each other on Facebook when they'd reached that stage where they knew each other better. Eventually, Facebook turned into texting, and texting turned into phone calls, and phone calls turned into Skype.

Kurt was absolutely terrified the first time they Skyped. He'd seen pictures of Blaine; pictures of him in his school uniform, one picture of him at his brother's wedding, and a few random selfies here and there. And in every picture he looked so charming, dapper, and boyish, even in the ridiculous "double chin" selfies he'd send at 2am his time. But they could be fake or stolen off of someone's MySpace page – he's seen Catfish: The TV Show, he knows the signs. He just didn't want it to be a lie.

Kurt knew it was stupid, slowly giving his heart to a boy he's never met who lives 3478 miles away. But he was sweeter than anything, he had an English accent, he was so charming that he gave Cinderella's prince a run for his money, he had an English accent, he gave random compliments to Kurt just to make him smile, and he had an English accent! It was terrifying that all of this could have been a lie, he would have been heartbroken.

But the moment Blaine's face appeared on his screen for the first of many times, his breath was stolen from him.

"Oh my god, you're real." Kurt had breathed. Blaine laughed, and Kurt swooned. It was such a difference – an amazing difference – seeing the face and and hearing the voice at the same time. Kurt was able to see things he hadn't been able to in any of the pictures: Blaine moved his hands when he talked about something he was excited about; his eyes scrunched up in the corners when he smiled; his whole face would scrunch up when he was being suggestive; he rubbed and scratched at his chin when he spoke on days he forgot to shave; when he was mad, he looked more like an adorable angry puppy instead of intimidating (he'd get even angrier when Kurt would just giggle and call him adorable, but he'd always just roll his eyes and forget whatever was annoying him); and he had the most expressive hazel eyes. There was no doubt that he loved Kurt, it was obvious in the way he looked at him.

"I'm very real." Blaine had said. He had his hair gelled, wearing a light blue shirt with a dark blue bow tie with little anchors on them and Kurt couldn't get over how charming he was. If Kurt wasn't in love before, he definitely was now.

They never had the DTR (define the relationship) talk. They always knew they belonged to each other. They were always there for each other; Blaine comforted Kurt when he wasn't accepted to NYADA the first time and encouraged him to move to New York anyway. Kurt listened to Blaine when he told him how strained his relationship with his father became since he came out, and helped him through it by giving him advice. Because of Kurt, Blaine and his father were closer than they've ever been before and Blaine couldn't be more grateful.

When they told their families about each other, they weren't sure what to think at first. Cooper, Blaine's older brother, was supportive and asked how the phone sex was. But of course, any parent would be a bit unsure to find out their teenage son was in love with a boy who lived in different country and had never met in person. But the boys convinced their parents to Skype and to talk. Kurt's stepmother, Carol, and Blaine's mother, Holly, became instant best friends, exchanging cooking tips and talking about the Desperate Housewives. But Blaine's father, Jon, didn't get along with Kurt's father, Burt, right away. They would argue about which was better: Soccer (Jon refused to call it that, though, it was football) or American football. But they soon came together with their love for cars. Burt owned a garage in Ohio and Jon taught mechanics at the local college.

When Kurt moved to New York and got an apartment with his friend Rachel (who frightened Blaine the first time they spoke), Blaine sent him a couch cushion with the British flag on it as a house warming present, and Kurt laughed and put it in the centre of the sofa. When Blaine had finished his first two years of college (Kurt still couldn't believe that in Britain, they left school and went to college when they were 16), Kurt had sent him an old Michael Jackson record he had found at a local record store – Blaine had been collecting anything that was to do with Michael Jackson since he was a kid.

They celebrated each other's wins – Kurt getting an internship at Vogue; Blaine becoming an uncle; Kurt going to NYADA; Blaine getting a job teaching music to kids. They comforted each other when they lost – Blaine not getting accepted in a University in London; Kurt's father getting cancer (but thankfully, it was cured); Blaine losing his flat and having to move back home with his parents; Kurt getting gay bashed.

They were together, through it all. Even if they were thousands of miles apart.

It wasn't easy, being in a long distance relationship. Being able to see and speak to that person but never able to touch them, feel their warm skin, kiss their lips, hold them close, be intimate with them. Sometimes Kurt would wish he had never met Blaine, wished he could have met someone in New York and fallen in love with them. But then Blaine would text him one of those annoying Harry Potter pick-up lines and he remembers that it's all worth it, because he wouldn't want anyone but his charming (and sometimes lewd) English boy.

Their parents had come together behind the boys backs to put together a two-year anniversary gift: a plane ticket for Kurt to go to England for the summer. They won't be spending their anniversary – which was in April – together though, Kurt won't be leaving until July because he couldn't miss time off school and this way, they'd get the whole summer together. Neither of them could quite believe it – Kurt actually cried a little when he found out. They had been planning and getting ready (Blaine made fun of the fact that planning to Kurt meant shopping until he was broke) for weeks, and now the day was just hours away and it still didn't seem real. Kurt's plane will be taking off from JFK airport midnight tonight which means he won't be landing at Gatwick airport in London until two in the afternoon. Blaine will be there to pick him up, of course, and drive him back to Essex.

"Have you finished packing yet?" Blaine asked now. Kurt looked over his shoulder. Four large Marc Jacobs suitcases, two smaller ones and a large brown Louis Vouton bag filled with his shoes sat by his closet along with his messenger bag, and one last suitcase lay on his bed, open and half packed. Kurt had warned Blaine that he would be bringing a lot, not enough to fit into his little car. Kurt loved Blaine's car! It was a turquoise 1961 Volkswagen Beetle with a wheel that matched the colour of the car, white leather seats and a white top that could come down. Blaine had inherited it from his grandfather when he died last year. It was in terrible shape and couldn't go five miles without breaking down; Kurt suggested that Blaine and Jon work on it together and now it was good as new. But it wasn't big enough to hold all of Kurt's stuff so Blaine has to borrow his dad's jeep.

"Almost," said Kurt, turning back to the computer. "I just have one suitcase left."

"You know you're only staying for the summer, right?" Blaine grinned. "As much as I'd love you to, you're not moving in."

Kurt rolled his eyes. "Don't start," he said. "You know how I am."

"And I wouldn't have you any other way." said Blaine. "I feel like I've said this a lot over the last few weeks."

"Because you keep telling me I'm bringing too much stuff." Kurt told him.

"Cause you are!" Blaine said with a laugh. Kurt sighed, a sad smile on his lips. This was one of those moments where Kurt wishes he could just lean forward and kiss the grin off Blaine's face.

"I should get to bed." Blaine said, rubbing his eyes under his glasses. He yawned and smiled, the tired and loving smile that he saved just for Kurt before he went to sleep. "I've got a long drive tomorrow. I'm picking up some diva American guy from the airport who over-packs."

"Hmm," Kurt hummed. "He sounds hot. But I gotta go too, I'm gonna be meeting some English weirdo who doesn't ship Snily and just, ugh."

Blaine laughed, "Oh my god, don't get me started! He was a creepy stalker!"

"He loved her!"

"Oh my god!" Blaine groaned, throwing his head back in frustration. "I hate yooooouuuuu."

"No you don't." Kurt sing songed.

"You're right, I love you." Blaine sighed. "Even when you're stupid."

Smiling, Kurt touched the screen where Blaine's cheek was. "I love you, too."

"Can you believe that tomorrow we'll be able to have this argument in person?" Blaine said, and Kurt's heart skipped a beat.

"I can't wait."

"Me neither."

"Goodnight, Blaine."

"G'night, Kurt."

And then the call ended. Kurt got up and finished packing. In just three hours, he'll be on a plane, on his way to meet the love of his life for the first time.

So hi! This is my first Klaine fanfic and I haven't done fanfiction in a while and thought I'd try to get back into it:)

I know this chapter is short, I'll try to make the others longer.

I got the inspiration for this story from my favourite YouTubers, Kaelyn and Lucy, who are a in long distance relationship and do montage videos of the times they see each other. You should check them out, if you don't know them! They're adorable!

I just want to say, I didn't make Blaine from Essex because Adam said he was from there! I'm actually from Essex and it would just make it easier for me to write what I know! I'm lazy!