A/N Okay, so I have this friend named Kishia Simani, and the song used in this? All rights go to her, she made this song for her book Dear Sister of Mine, its on wattpad, you should check it out. But basically I decided it would be really cool to have it as part of this possible one shot, you guys tell me if you want me to make it something more... Also, check me out on Wattpad, I have another Ghost Hunt story there. The song is called Warrior Inside, and it's a really good song, she even sent me a recording of her playing it. I would upload it, but she only wants the lyrics to be revelled, so sorry :'( Anyway, heres My fic, Warrior inside, Based off of the first verse.

My sword shines,

through the night,

My armor, glitters,

under the, moons, hold...

What if Genes body was never found? What if, Naru never left? Then maybe I wouldn't be recieving these angry glares now, or having to explain, why I left too. I had a deal, one simple deal, I could help fix the wrong that was made in the most descreet way possible, and when it's complete, I have to leave, and come back to the Black Knights. I chewed the bottom of my lip while looking at everyone, and I couldn't help the small smile that threatened to appear on my face, that reasuring smile that I always gave to these people, this wasn't a time for reasument, and even if it was, with the news I'm about to give I don't think there can be any reasurment. I spent to much time playing nice, and these nice habits were starting to become natural.

Can I fight,

This battle inside,

Will I, let go,

Of this hold...

"Mai?" Ayako said, looking close to tears. Everyone did. After Naru left I had stayed as my cheerful self, but I felt slightly sad, not just because he was gone, but because that ment I had to disappear as well. Mai Taniyama couldn't exist, now that Eugene Davis was announced to be dead. The lines would be drawn to quickly, it would cause trouble not only for me, but for everyone else. "Where were you, what happened to you? You look so... Different?" I let out a small chuckle at the word choice, different is definitely a word I would use to describe me, but rough, that might be a word to better describe my appearance. It's been three years since I last saw SPR, and in that time I had bounced back into "training" and was no longer as small as I use to be. My muscle was highly noticed, due to the uniform I wore. A white tank top, with black shorts, and a pair of knee high black leather boots, with a slight heal. I came in with a trench coat, but it was currently slung over the side of my chair. The symbol of the Black Knights, an inky black shield, with a silver moon behind it, on the left leg of the shorts, and the back of my shirt. My hair had grown longer, know its dark brown locks were interlocked in a braid that made its way down to my knees, and the bangs were swept to one side, covering one of my chocolate brown eyes, and half of my face. I only had a long knife on me, and two guns, both of which were hidden in my boots. My figure had shaped somewhat, but I had only grown slightly... To a B cup. My face had lost its childish roundness (which ment no more innocent child approach) and now consisted of stronger, sharper facial features. Looking around the table that I was seated at, I saw that the others changed, but probably not as much. Ayako had grown her hair out, so know, it hung loosely down one side, stopping just under her lower back. Monk, hadn't changed at all. His long blond hair still stayed in its usual pony tail, and that childish mirth in his eyes was still present. John. No longer looked so young, he had buffed up somewhat, and his hair was only an inch longer than it use to be. Masako had let her hair grow down to her mid back, and no longer wore kimonos, instead, she wore a pair of white wash jeans, and a blue tie-dyed tank top with a white ruffle at the bottom of it. Yasu, same old Yasu, only slightly (maybe a speck) less mischievous, and the two stoic men who sat directly across from her hadn't changed a bit.

"Well Ayako, that's one way of describing it, but, I have some important news, regarding the reason I came back," I said, a serious, no nonsense, look on my face.

"What is it Mai?" John said, being the second to speak since I walked in. Sighing I pulled out a file that was in the coat.

Will I contain the rage,

Will I go hide?

Or shall I unleash,

The, untamed, Warrior, Inside...

"Eugene Davis' death was not an accident," before anyone could interrupt I continued, "It wasn't a simple hit and run as we've al thought."

"I saw what happened, it looked like an accident to me," Noll, also known as Oliver Davis, or better yet, Naru, said.

"That's where the hard explaining comes in, tell me, has Gene ever vanish without any explanation, and return looking worn down and tired?" I asked him, looking him dead in the eye and challenging him to lie to me, or come up with some supposedly smart and scientific answer, instead he remained silent, giving me the answer I needed.

"Tell me, what do you know about the Black Knights?"

Warrior... Inside...