She had always loved red color, the ancient and pure crimson, and now blood gave her life over death; instead of corrupted, she felt purified. Gina knew that the peasant girl felt the same; unlike the old Baroness, horrified of her existence, they both rejoiced their new life and it´s pleasures.

After the night when their Master had died, Gina and Marie had not escaped far. Chateau Meinster, abandoned and neglected, was perfect hiding place; the peasants avoided it, Van Helsing was gone, and neither Gina nor Marie hunted too close home. They had chosen two rooms for themselves to live; they were splendid mix of red and pastel, velvet and satin and and rich wood, and their incorruptible cleanliness suggested that the castle was a living entity, protecting it´s own.

Too bad Van Helsing had taken ravishing Marianne with him. Such beauty than Marianne´s could not just fade, Gina thought; it was time to draw her to this new and wonderful existence.