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As Bonnie Bennett walked through the Salvatore Boarding House her heart skipped a beat. She was actually going to do it. She was going to tell Damon Salvatore how she feels. She was going to do it before only to chicken out at the last minute. The story went a little bit like this:

Bonnie, Stefan and Damon Salvatore, Caroline Forbes and Elena Gilbert were sitting in the Salvatore boarding house discussing whatever it is that they discuss whenever they were there. From the 'high school' school drama to the latest issue of "Who wants to kill Elena this week?"

It seems like since the Salvatore brothers moved to Mystic Falls all of their time is dedicated to risking their lives to save Elena. What is this? The new Twilight? Where Elena is Bella Swan and every vampire is out to get her? Bonnie thought this thought every time she did something that would risk her life but she still did it because it was in her nature to. It was what she wanted to do. It was what she had to do. Don't get her wrong, she loves Elena. Elena's one of her favourite people in the world. But sometimes she feels like she doesn't want to give up her life for her. Yes, she is the "go-to" witch because she's part of their "inner circle" and every other witch that they know is either dead or hates their guts to the point where they want to kill them but she helps willingly because she doesn't want to see her friend die. Even if that means risking her own life. Stupid, right?

So, they are sitting in the boarding house discussing the return of the original vampire Niklaus Mikaelson, when Bonnie gets up to use the bathroom. Caroline on her heels. When she feels that they are out of hearing distance to the vampires she begins talking:

"Bonnie you have to tell Damon, or it's going to eat you from the inside out and before you deny it forget it. I see the way you look at him I know you like him." she said.

Caroline is one of Bonnie's best friend. Practically her sister. They knew each other all of their young lives so they knew everything that was going through the others mind even when they dirt really want to put it out on the table.

"Okay, I like Damon. He's this bad boy vampire and I find him really attractive. Am I gonna act on my feelings? No. Why you ask? Well the answer is one simple word. Elena."

"Elena? Bonnie what does Elena have to do with any of this. Elena has Stefan. Their is no reason why you can't have the other brother." Caroline asked oblivious to the reason why.

"Care, Damon loves Elena. He would do anything for her. He would rinse his eyes out with vervain just so that she can be safe. There is no way I can compete with that. Not that I'm trying to." Bonnie clarified.

"Bon, you would never know if you don't try. You really like Damon and I know that and as much as I hate Damon, you two are really cute together and you work well together and as your best friend I advice you to go and tell him."

"Okay. You're right. You are right. I would tell him" Bonnie said hugging Caroline.

Later that same day at the boardinghouse after hours of failed plans and no back ups, Bonnie walks up to Damon prepared to just come clean. However, when she saw them piercing blue eyes that she felt that she could drown in, she got tongue tied.

They looked each other over for what felt like different reasons.

God, she's so beautiful. I wonder what she will feel like in my be... Damon stopped the thought just in time.

"What do you want Judgy"? Damon asked.

"You're so annoying. What did I tell you about calling me that? What is up with the nicknames that you give me. Bon-Bon? Judgy? Little witch? What are you five?" She said while walking towards the door. "I hate you so much Damon." She opened the door walked out and slammed it shut behind her without another word.

That happened a month ago, and here she is again finally going to tell him. She looked around and when there was no sign of him she climbed the stairs to his bedroom door. She opened his bedroom door and gasped at what she saw and heard.

There on the bed was Damon with his pants down. He was rubbing the head of his penis while moaning "Bonnie!"