Hey everyone! This is my first fanfiction, and I have have decided to share it with the world. I hope you like it! Its a gender bender of Fairy Tail. I do NOT own fairy tail. Wish i did, but I don't.

"Natsuni, Natsuni wake up! You don't want to be late for school," Happy says pulling on my hair. " come on, get up!" She complains.

I open my eyes and look over at Happy to let him know I'm up. "Thanks buddy," I say patting her head.

"your welcome, " She says hopping off my bed and out the door.

When she walks out of my room, I stretch my arms out walking myself up. I get out of bed and walk to my dresser. Take out a pair of jeans, an everyday t-shirt, and a warm jacket.

After I get changed, I walk down stairs to the kitchen. "Natsuni, can you heat up my fish for me?" Happy asks me.

"sure thing, just hand it over."

Happy hands the fish over to me. I take the fish and hold it by its tail fin. Slowly I start a fire in my hand, starting to cook it.

When it looks done, I hand it back to Happy. Happy take the fish in her paws, and starts to eat it.

" Thank you Natsuni"

" No problem, just make sure that to stay warm. Its going to be colder later on today." I tell Happy. She nods her head, still eating her fish.

After getting all of my stuff ready for school, I make me some hot chocolate. My breakfast is so small it makes me sad. Cleaning up the mess I made, I look at the time. I should be heading to school by now.

I walk to the door grabbing my backpack on my way out he door. Once outside I give a shiver from the cold. I heat myself up using my fire dragon slayer magic.

As I walk to school I take sips of the warm drink in my hands. Each sip fills my body with new warmth. Trying to fight to cold I clasp my fingers around the drink.

I hope school will go by quick today. I stayed up really late trying to study for a few of my classes. Also having to do homework that is due today, high school life is hard work. I cant even get a full good nights rest without thinking, do I have a test tomorrow or not?

I am lost in thought until I take a sip. Or should I say, a lick from my Popsicle. I look down at it with a sad expression on my face, wishing is was still warm.

I hear a laugh behind me as I look at my frozen drink. Turning around to see Yuki standing behind me laughing hard. She has a big grin on her face from what she did.

I look at her, an annoyed mark appears on my forehead.

" Thanks, I love having cold hot chocolate flavored Popsicle in the winter time." I say in a sarcastic voice.

" Your welcome." She says with a big grin on her face.

I shake my head grinning back at her, same old Yuki. I look up at her, she has rave blue hair, with some of it pulled to the side. Almost like a side pony tail. She wheres a dark blue t-shirt and tan cargo pants.

I cup my hands around my drink, and increase my body heat in my hands. Soon after steam comes out from my hot chocolate.

" Aw, Natsuni, don't you like your Popsicle? Yuki asks trying not to laugh.

" I would if it was summer, but since its not. No, I don't like it." I say trying to hold in a shiver.

" you know for a fire dragon, your just cold." Yuki says folding her arms.

" What did you say frost bite? I couldn't hear you." I say with a big grin on my face.

"Hot head." she says back.

We go back and forth at each other calling the other the best they got.

"Ice cube!"

"Fire breath!"

" Ice freak!"

" Fire brain!"

"Ice Prince!"


Well I really hope you liked it! I will update as soon as I can! tell me what you liked, what you didn't and yeah.