Title: The Time Has Come
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Chapter 1: An Understanding

                Rolling on her side, Emma's dreams rushed with images of tortured people, filling her entire being with pain and fear. Waking up suddenly, Emma sat as the tears slowly rolled down her face. The images… the feelings… they aren't mine, but so familiar. Thinking, Emma struggled with how she knew that pain. Ooh. Startled to remember the images originated with her, Emma wiped the tears away. They were the same thoughts she sent out to the soldiers closing in on her and Jesse's location while they were in Kovackistan trying to get the Double Helix working again. Climbing out of bed, Emma walked out of her room and wandered down the hall. She had created the visions and feelings to save them both, but she was not the one who brought them back up again tonight.

                As she moved down the dark pathways, she unconsciously sent out calm feelings as she walked to the source of the unsettled and pain filled emotions. Entering Jesse's room, Emma's heart broke as she saw the fear and pain contorting her friend's face. As she walked closer Jesse began struggling with his imagined foe, twisting the sheets until they completely encased him.

                "Jesse… Jesse" Emma called softly, moving slowly to his side and sitting on the bed so as not to frighten him more. "Jesse, wake up." As the soft voice penetrated his nightmares, Jesse awoke with a start. Wrapping her arms around him, Emma felt his strong body shake in terror. Oh Jesse. Ashamed at her attempt to cover up her new ability, Emma couldn't help but wonder why it didn't work permanently. She had only been trying to help him, to forego this moment where she was the comforter and protector and he was the one to be comforted and protected. She was scared the role reversal might displease him.

                "Emma, Emma, what happened? Why?? I… I don't understand." Jesse's voice filled with confusion and fear. Sighing, Emma just hugged him closer.

                "I'm sorry Jesse. I was only trying to help by blocking that memory. I never meant to hurt you. It was the only way to get rid of the soldiers. There were too many for you to try and fight. Even with the both of us fighting, I didn't want you to get hurt." Hugging Jesse closer still as she remembered her concerns for his safety, she felt his shaking subside.

In that moment, she began shaking. Emotions rushed through her, like old friends the memories came back to fill her. She felt all the familiar emotions from before; they came swiftly and were followed by similar emotions that had not been her own. Trying to sort through the feelings, Emma felt the concern and determination Jesse felt that day to keep those he cared for the most safe. With the threat the soldiers presented to them first on his mind, Jesse's first inclination was to react. If they threatened them, he would just fight them off. Emma understood his line of thinking well; she grows to know him better everyday.

In the end, she decided sending out the psionic pulse had been the only way. Oh Jesse, I just didn't want you to get hurt. As his shaking subsided considerably, Emma squeezed Jesse tightly. Releasing him gently, Emma looked at his face. Not wanting to read him without his permission but desperate to know how he was feeling, Emma looked for any sign of understanding. As she looked at him, he slowly lifted his head to look into her eyes as he carefully unraveled the sheets that trapped him.

"Have you always been able to do that?" Jesse asked, wondering if he really knew her as well as he thought he did. Worried, Emma slowly shook her head.

"No, I… my powers have been growing recently. Adam is the only one who knows. My genes seem to be speeding up the mutations. I've only known about this for a few weeks." Emma answered, allowing Jesse time to process the response. When Jesse remained silent, Emma leaned in to look him in the eyes. Almost getting lost in the blue of his eyes, Emma forced herself to focus. "Jesse, please don't tell anyone. I… you guys are the only family I have. I never meant to hurt you that day, I would never hurt any of you on purpose."

Shocked, Jesse raised his head slightly. Is that a tear? Why is Emma so sad? Reaching out and lifting Emma's chin, Jesse slowly wiped away the tear that threatened to fall from his friend's face. "Emma, it's okay. I won't tell anyone. I promise." As Jesse gave his word, he sealed their fate. Looking intensely at each other, both friends hugged each other. The secret would remain with them, and in so doing, would bring them closer together. At first teammates, then friends, now Jesse and Emma have something more than friendship. Emma knew that she had someone other than Adam that she could talk too. Someone who understood what she was going through, and someone who could share openly with her. That night, things changed. It was a slow, gradual change. Nothing miraculous occurred, nothing so overt that Shalimar and Brennan or even Adam noticed. During the next few weeks, the team dynamics slowly take on a different spin.

As the two clung to each other, they slowly lowered themselves as the minutes continued to pass by. Tired, hopeful, and at once unafraid, both fell into a deep and even sleep. As they slept, emotions slowly passed between the two. From a distance, they looked like two lovers reveling in the recent aftermath of their love. Up close, they looked open, and innocent. Fully sharing themselves, in their sleep they found a closer connection, a time of peace, when all the boundaries and defenses were down. Dreaming peacefully, a link slowly formed as they innocently slept.

The next morning, Jesse turned his head and grazed his mouth against Emma's hair. Having her there felt natural, as if that was how it was meant to be. Looking down, seeing the closed eyes and steady breathing, he knew that this woman was stronger than anyone else he knew. Even Shalimar, who he loved dearly, with her quick wit and protective instincts and feral gifts, did not compare to Emma's beauty and selfless nature. Stirring, Emma opened her eyes to look into Jesse's blue ones. The light shining from them made her smile. Sensing his mood, she understood his contentment as it matched her own. Slowly, she sat up and stretched. Words unnecessary, both moved to get ready for the upcoming day. Emma left for her own room, mischievously calling first dibs on the shower. As Emma left, Jesse smiled.