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I know a lot of you really liked Code Blue, so I am going to do a sequel under the name "Eyewitnesses Account: Code Black", which is being written and will have the first chapter up within the month.


Even after almost twenty years since he was last seen in the outskirts of the great Earth Kingdom, the very mention of his name sends shivers of fear down their spines and a plea to the spirits that he never returns. Who is he? He is the Blue Spirit.

I hope you are all eagerly awaiting this new installment and, as a special treat for all of those who liked this story, here is a snippet of Code Black.


The villagers watched the stranger warily as he walked through the town. There was nothing that made him stand out, but the mere fact that he was a stranger made them cautious. Just a few years before the Blue Spirit had passed through their town and his effect had not yet been forgotten. They had not been fond of unknowns in their town since.

Strangers were uncommon as well. They were a small town, hardly anything worth seeing or even passing through. They didn't live near a water source and as such trade was scarce. Their little isolated community was cut off from almost everywhere, and that was how they liked it.

Straw hat pulled low the stranger stopped to buy some fruits from a few of the vendors, using his voice as little as possible and keeping his face covered. This only made the townspeople even more nervous.

"So . . ." one vendor asked as he counted out the required grapefruit for the stranger, "What is your name, stranger? We don't usually get any newcomers around here."

The unknown man hesitated for a moment before replying, fiddling slightly with a necklace that had three pendants on it, two miniature Dual Dao on either side of a black raven's feather, "Kanan, and I'm just passing though."

The vendor nodded and counted up the price, "That will be six copper pieces."

Silently the coins were handed over and the vendor accepted them with narrowed eyes, watching as the stranger walked away. There was something about the newcomer . . . something not quite right about him. He was too still when he stood in one place, never fidgeting when others would have. His silence was unnerving and the feline grace that he seemed to walk with just screamed dangerous.

No, this stranger couldn't be trusted, not one bit.

The town would be glad to see him leave.


Well, there's your snippet. I hope you liked it. Keep a look out for the next installment and keep reading!