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The Forgotten Primarch of Chaos

By Montymouse

Prologue – The Dark Founding


"If I have seen further than other men it is only because I stood upon the shoulders of Giants."

Quote – Isaac Newton


Far, far into the future, somewhere nears the 41st Millennium . . .

"There cannot be peace among the stars, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter throughout the entire universe."

Since the first man stepped out into the cold of space four hundred centuries has pass and mankind has spread throughout the galaxy. There has always been a constant struggle for domination and survival since then. Everywhere the enemies of humanity gather their strength, plotting the downfall of Mankind. Wars have been fought over countless worlds and interstellar battles ravage the galaxy for hundreds of centuries. Human and aliens alike fought each other for reasons long forgotten. In an era where millions of innocent people might lose their lives in a single moment, worlds destroyed in a blink of eye. It is all common in a galaxy filled without remorse, unrest and savagery.

In the heart of the Imperium of Mankind rests Ancient Terra also known as Earth. Somewhere near the northern hemisphere of this blue white planet stood the massive grand palace of the Emperor of Mankind and seat of power of the Imperium. Deep within the white walls of the grand palace and the protection of the Adeptus Custodies resides the Golden Throne, the Emperor's final resting place. The Emperor's shattered body was carefully kept in check by a life preserving stasis field, fully aware of the events happening around him but unable to do anything. His broken body was beyond all restoration and technological advancements. Despite being unable to move physically, his mental and psychic powers survived.

It is twelve thousand years since the Emperor gave his life battling to save the Earth from the Warmaster of Chaos during the last terrifying days of the Horus Heresy. When he was first integrated into the Golden Throne, the Emperor was able to communicate semi coherently for brief periods of time to his loyal servants and Primarchs. Since then, the Emperor has lapsed into a complete silence, which has remained undisturbed now for almost twelve thousand years. The Emperor has watched in silence, the enduring struggles and battles of his people against overwhelming odds. The Emperor's psychic spread throughout the Imperium along a narrow corridor of subspace referred as the Emperor's beacon was one of the few things he could do. He continued to watch the Imperium forces halting another chaos Incursion that had emerged from the eye-shaped swirl of star cluster known as the Eye of Terror. Where the fabric of the material and immaterial universe meet and broken down to be consumed by the Warp.

In his silence, the High Lords of Terra rule Imperium on his behalf, and it is they who send the Imperium's fleet to war and who direct the Imperium's inexhaustible armies. Their task is to interpret and enact the Emperor's Will.

As the Emperor sat motionless on his throne with his thoughts, there has been thought that continued to plague his mind ever since the creation of the Primarchs and the Space Marines. The Emperor could see there was strength and determination in Mankind and every day they had to endure constant wars both internally and externally as new threats and dangers emerged from the shadows and the past to test the resolve and vigilance of the Imperium.

Since the Age of Strife when the Emperor was able to move freely, he had begun a secretive highly classified project to create genetically engineered godlike mortals. The Emperor wanted these divine beings to lead his vast armies across the galaxy to free mankind from alien infestation and reclaiming lost worlds in the name of Mankind, declaring that all humans as citizens of the Imperium willing or not. In order to do this the Emperor ordered many experiments to create these beings by usage of early techniques and dark arcane technology in gene alteration before moving into his grand project where he hoped would be the solution in combating the Ruinous influences of Chaos.

These living mortals would be designed to have power far beyond the reach of mortal men. Godlike mortal would be ten hundred times stronger, faster and wiser than any normal mortal could achieve except the Emperor himself. Their psychic abilities would be unmatched. Together with his scientists, the greatest minds of that age, the Emperor slowly unlocked the secret of life, unravelling the energies of the warp and refashioning in bodies of living beings. These living beings would be known as Primarchs. Samples of genetic tissue taken from the foetal Primarchs were used to create the genetic banks that would provide the blueprints of the very first gene seeds that would lead to the creation of the race of superhuman warriors, the Space Marines. At the age of the Imperium when the Space Marines of the Adeptus Astartes helped forged the Imperium from the scattered remains of humanity. These Primarchs would then play a vital and crucial role in the early history of the Space Marines and the Imperium.

Imperia records and databanks recorded officially at the height of the Imperium that the Emperor created a supposed twenty of these Primarchs in order to reclaim the lost galaxy. Unofficially for reasons unknown, the actual number was twenty one instead of the supposed twenty super human creatures whose powers equalled or in some respect exceeded the Emperor in some way. It was during the final stages of creating the first of these saviours of Mankind that the Emperor was struck down by a vision of the future that something terrible would happen to the Imperium he would create. He had been given hindsight into what would happen to the Imperium and that he would be helpless to act. Taking his vision as one of the possible things to come of the future, he decided to take some precautions. One of these precautions was to secretly proceed to create an heir in case something was to happen to him. By splicing up his own genetic code and DNA onto one of the unborn infants, he would create a successor.

Another measure in order to combat the forces of the Chaos was to issue an Imperial order for a project based on Titan, one of the moons of Saturn deemed classified, a founding project to be carried out at the beginning of the 31st millennium.


For all the secrecy and discretion in the creation of the Primarchs, the Emperor's plan was not unknown to the Ruinous Powers of the Chaos Gods. They saw that if the Emperor succeeded in creating these creatures that were immune to their insidious influences, then the Emperor would become invincible. It was the Chaos God Tzeentch who united the three Chaos Gods in sole objective in preventing it from happening.

As history unfolds, an unspecified disaster occurred during the final cycle in the creation of the Primarchs, resulting in all twenty one Primarchs in their infant stage to be scattered across the galaxy before they had the chance to become fully grown.

As Imperial historians recorded and followed the armies of the Mankind in the early years of the Imperium. The Emperor began the Great Crusade with his vast loyal armies to reclaim the galaxy for Mankind. As more and more of worlds were reclaimed and bought into the Emperor's light, he eventually came across the lost Primarchs. As each Primarch was discovered on reclaimed or rediscovered worlds, he had found that most of them had invariably risen in status and power due to their powers bestowed upon them. At the closing end of the Great Crusade, the Emperor was able to reclaim all the Primarch with the exception of one.

The last Primarch was never discovered by the Emperor.

Unfortunately the Emperor made the mistake of selecting the Primarch of the Lunar Wolves as his chosen one and declared Warmaster of the Imperium. To be tasked with carrying out the Great Crusade. With his favoured son at the helm of his mighty forces, the Emperor didn't know that Lunar Wolves Primarch had already been corrupted by Chaos, corruption deeply sowed into him.

It was a mistake that continue to haunt his mind forever as he sat upon his Golden Throne.

The Great Crusade lasted for about two hundred years where some of the bloodiest and fiercest battles were fought between the Emperor's finest and alien forces. Words were rediscovered by the Emperor's armies that had been cut off from Earth for millennia. Some worlds were found to have degenerated to barbarity while others continued to struggle, developing into sprawling hive worlds. It was soon discovered that a majority of worlds were found to be under the domination of aliens or fell into the influence of Chaos. It took the combined efforts of the Emperor, his Primarchs, Space Marine Legions, Imperia Guards, Adeptus Mechanicus and the Imperial Navy to complete this mammoth task for the Mankind.

The Ruinous Powers of the Chaos Gods waited for the moment to strike the Emperor and the Imperium at their weakest point. Allowing them to reclaim more and more worlds, stretching the armies of the Imperium thinly across the galaxy, knowing that the Warmaster of the Imperium carefully planning and carrying out their wishes.

Around about the 31st Millennium, THAT opportunity arose. The Warmaster of the Imperium turned against the Emperor in an unforgivable great act of treason and betrayal. A civil war erupted within the Imperium known as the Great Heresy as nearly half of the twenty Primarch and their respected Space Marine Legions turned their weapons against their battle brothers. With the full support of the Ruinous Powers, the Warmaster of Chaos was confident of victory.

In the end, the fate of the Imperium and Mankind wasn't decided by the massive fleets or vast armies of both sides.

It was decide by a single duel.

The Warmaster of Chaos, Primarch of the Lunar Wolves against the Emperor of Mankind.

The stakes were high and terrible. The outcome would decide who would be the undisputed ruler of Mankind. The duel would be fought in both the material universe and the warp as their bodies and spirits battled for survival. The Emperor knew that defeat would lead to the irrevocable end of humanity and to the destruction of the very fabric of the universe.

The Emperor won ultimately but at a terrible cost.

The total consequences of the civil war left the once mighty and powerful Imperium shattered into ruins and chaos. It has taken the Imperium ten thousand years for the Imperium to regain its stability. The war continued where mere survival is justly hailed as victory against the overwhelming odds.

Today . . .

The Emperor now lives solely on the immeasurable force of his supreme will. His broken body and decayed body preserved by the Golden Throne. His immense psychic powers reaching out to his people, enveloping and protecting mankind across the Imperium. His consciousness wanders through the eternal planes of existence and the immaterial universe known as the Warp. He continues an enduring never ending fight against the hordes of daemons that resides there in sole purpose of preventing the daemons of the warp from spilling freely into the material universe.

Despite all of this, a single thought continues to pass through his mind.

"What has happened to my son?"


20th Century . . .

Somewhere in a little seclude area of relatively large island formation called Japan. A young woman wearing a fine and elegant printed kimono stood on her porch of her private summer house. She had gleaming dark crimson coiffure hair and white skin enhancing her beauty. The woman looked out to see a three year old boy playing in the courtyard at the far end, being watched by his assigned tutor who was reading a book. The young woman couldn't help but smile as that little bundle of energy was the joy of her life.

"Ranma," a single word escapes her delicate lips.

The young boy was her pride and joy even thought she wasn't related to him by blood. She always regarded him as her own son and never looked back upon her decision to adopt him ever since she discovered him abandoned in the wilderness during one of her tour. Although some questions were asked about her son by some of her family members, she was able to come up with a reasonable excuse given the age of the boy that she had him in secret.

The woman was surprised at how well Ranma seemed to have adapted to her way of life, understanding basic Japanese language and maths problems at incredible rate. There was something about him that she just couldn't quite place her finger on it. Despite the extensive private inquires into the boy's origins and past, nothing had turned up. One thing for sure, there was no way on earth she was going to give up her claim on Ranma if someone turned up now that Ranma was part of her life. She would fight tooth and nail for custody for him if it happens.

She smiled even further when the young black haired boy turned and waved enthusiastically at her before returning back to what he was doing. His tutor stood up immediately and bowed realising that the 'mother' was there. She was about to step out onto the courtyard when she heard someone calling her from inside the house.

Sighing lightly, the young woman waved to her son and nodded to his tutor that she would be joining them shortly. She turned around and entered the household.

Meanwhile . . .

The female tutor smiled gently at Ranma and told him to his mother would be back.

Ranma nodded enthusiastically.

The three year old child was keeping himself amused like he usually did by throwing a yellow ball against a high wall and catching it over and over. Some of the maids and servants couldn't help notice the extraordinary dexterity and agility he was displaying for a child. It was clear from the display that he possesses great balance and eye coordination, never tripping or fall over himself, much unlike other children his age.

As he turned around, he was surprised to see that his tutor was nowhere in sight which was odd as he would have heard her leave or something. He was sure that his tutor would get into trouble as he happened to overhear not to leave him out of her sights or else by his mother, still . . .

Little Ranma shrugged and continued to do what he doing and turned to face the wall.

It was at this point that a huge shadow cast over him. Thinking it was his tutor coming back from wherever she disappeared from. Ranma turned around and was greeted by man in white martial arts attire. He was wearing glasses and smelt funny.

The man smirked, adjusting his glasses. "Boy, you're coming with me."

TBC . . .


Ranma 1/2 Timeline: Somewhere before the events leading up to Lord Saffron and the battle at Mount Phoenix. It is noted that Ranma has fought and beat everyone e.g. Pantyhose Taro, Prince Herb, Ryü Kumon except for Saffron and Kiima.

Author Notes:

The story is set in alternative universe. In attempt to explain how Ranma could have defeated the Phoenix God, Saffron at the end of the Manga series. Although I stated that Ranma have not fought Saffron yet, as a Primarch, he would the strength and prowess to match the Phoenix God King if the encounter did arise. As I recall the Primarch of the Blood Angels, Sanguinius fought and defeated a Bloodthirster, a Greater Daemon of Khorne at the gates of the Terra Palace during Horus Heresy.

Now, the original Ranma in both the Manga/Anime series wouldn't have a chance in hell if he took on a Greater Daemon especially those from Khorne or a Saiyan from Dragon Ball considering his level of skill at his peak. An impressive feat for a mortal likes Ranma but there no chance against overpowered character. Remembering that Ranma is still a mortal so no matter how much training he does, not of the magical kind, it wouldn't do him any good against a powerful Daemon, Saiyan or God/Demon more powerful than Class 3 limited which is stretching it a bit. I know that the Sailor Scouts do have their magical powers to rely upon when they battle monsters in Juuban on a daily basis.

The way I planned for this piece of fanfiction to be written is for an excuse to power up Ranma Saotome power levels to match a God/Demon. Anyway in my opinion I think Saffron was a Demi God rather than a full fledge ass kicking one and I think Ranma had the wits and edge to win out, just barely. Other stories I have read just made Ranma a God outright (some are very good) but making Ranma mortal being with God-like power would be just right for me. Anyway I wanted to see more Warhammer 40,000 crossover stories as there is very little around. Just expect Ranma to be quite different from the normal Ranma, higher intelligence but character may vary according to his surrounding and who he comes into contact. Although I did notice that Ranma kinda looks like the Emperor according to some books released by White Dwarf and Games Worksop. At least it would explain why Ranma doesn't look like Genma no matter how much I picture it.

Final note IF I cross this story with Dragon Ball Z then Ranma would have a very good chance at laying the Smackdown on those overpowered characters rather than becoming a Saiyan himself as a mortal Ranma would be impossible for him to achieve. Also Ranma could be matched up with Bra or Pan or other female characters, as there are very little stories around that have this matchup due to their power levels.

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