Author Note : Hey everyone this is Sodafan-2603, author of Change and The Outsiders: The Greasers. I've been thinking about this story for awhile, and I think this can be a good one. I will not stop working on Change, I'll probably just put one chapter every two weeks cause I really want to finish Change. I know I haven't updated The Outsiders: The Greasers in a long time, and I will be getting back to that soon!!Promise!! Well this story is connection with The Outsiders and the TV show Higher Ground. If some of you guys don't know what Higher Ground is, it is a show about teens going to a special school called Mount Horizon. Teens go there when the have problems with drugs or behavior. Just to give you an example theres one character name Scott ( talking about the TV Show) he was molested by his step-mom and turned to drugs and had problems at school and such, so he ended up at Mt.Horizon where hopefully he could get help. Other teens had problems like cutting themselves and such. Well anyway hopefully you guys know about Mt.Horizon now!!LOL!!Well anyway I will be using the same characters from the show, but I will add Ponyboy, Sodapop and the rest of the gang. Ponyboy is the one going to Mt.Horizon. well I don't know what else to say. Oh yeah also there is a certain group with the main characters in it. Its called Cliffhangers. So Cliffhangers is the name of the group Ponyboy is joining at the school. They also have certain things they do in a group like they pass something around and the say whats on there mind or something. Also if someone does something bad at Mt.Horizon they get on a punishment called Shuns. They either have kitchen duty or have to keep a journal and write something what happened to them everyday. Ok I think that's enough information!!Hehe!! Anyway I will put the first chapter up soon!! Please stay tuned!!! Remember to review, PLEASE!!!!